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    So we have 2 states to choose from Wisconsin and Illinois and since Wisconsin is a 7 ½ hour drive compared to Illinois 6 hours, that pretty much makes up our mind. As for the deck me and by little bro spent the last month perfecting our Magmortar list so I buy the cards off eBay to do a double of it but of course the stuff came a day late. So we have a Magmortar deck and a G&G deck, we both feel pretty comfortable with either deck so I go to bed thinking I’m going to play G&G but the next morning me and Tim play test in our hotel room(thank God we drove up the night before) and he is just owning me with Magmortar combine that with the fact that I really didn’t feel like playing the Mirror Match all day, really made up my mind that I was going with Magmortar. It was a pretty standard list except I went with Milotic DF over Delcatty for a few reasons 1.)

    On to my Report

    Round 1 Vs. Poke Mom (?)
    I start with Cyndaquil against her Treeco, Turn 1 attach, Tackle, Turn 2 Attach GG


    Round 2 Vs. Brandon Magmortar/Claydol with Cess and Crystal Beach

    I start with Stantler and really get set up, he takes the first prize and I make him pay for it with scramble, after I kill his first Magmortar it takes him a while to kill mine and by this time I have a full set up and he just can’t keep up with my normal energy drop plus Firestarters versus his one energy drop. he just can’t keep up and I run straight through him. This really was a pretty easy win for me and afterwards he asks for a rematch I said yes, I got absolutely destroyed he starts with Magmortar drops a Cess and Beach and I just can’t get set up he destroyed me worse then I destroyed him in the tournament, I got up feel much less confident then I did before but wished each other luck and joked around that we would see each other in the finals.


    Round 3 Vs. Rob Downs with Donfan/Weavile/Mr Mime/Dugtrio/Half a
    Dozen other techs

    So I look at the pairings and see I’m at Table 1, so I’m like yes and then I see I’m playing Rob Downs, which I knew would be interesting and tough since the last time I played Rob was in Top 4 at Nationals so I knew he was great player looking for revenge. Amazing deck and he gets a great start with Weavile and starts piling on energy, once I finally catch on to his strategy, I realize the best way to beat it is just to stay ahead in the prize war since he had to two hit KO most of my guys versus my OHKO his. He goes up quickly on prizes and uses Donfan to try and disrupt my set up, but I have 2 Magmortars set up so forcing me to switch does very little and scramble lets me very quickly get back in this, I get a key Flamebuster off to kill a Donfan with four energy on it, just a turn before he gets his Dugtrio in play, and once I get 2 Typhlosion set up, I’m have just to many energy drops and I’m able to kill whatever Donfan brings up while I keep switching between Magmortars. GG Rob


    Round 4 Vs. Blissey/Weavile/Darkrai

    I get set up much faster than he does with Stantler but he plays it smart and refuses to give me the first Prize instead he keeps using Weavile to grab energy out of the deck and throws it all under a Chansey, I think he got like 7 energy under it. So it’s my turn if I can kill the bench Chansey I pretty much win easily if not this could really drag out, Sadly I just can’t seal the deal that turn but know I can do it next turn if he can’t top deck something with his next draw(I was checking his hand every turn with Milotic so I knew he had nothing, but he top decks a TV Report which in turns gets him a Blissey, but instead of retreating and giving me the 50/50 shot of killing it next turn(100+Burn Flip) he leaves it benched and grabs two more dark throwing them under Weavile. My turn I have a very tough decision to make I finally decide to go for it, retreat for Magmortar, LV up and Burn Weavile and hit Blissey for 100, he hits me for 80-90 with Weavile, and with a another tough decision I finally decide to retreat Magmortar LV X for a regular Magmortar that I had been powering up with firestarters and attached my in hand energy to the level X slowly healing it. I do a 40 20-20 spread bring Blissey up to 120 but he gets heads on the burn flip which would knock him out, so he retreats for Blissey and KO’s Magmortar, Instead of giving a good clean hit on my LV X I bring up Cyndaquil and KO Blissey he then brings up his 2nd Blissey and KO’s Cyndaquil. So I bring up LV X but with time running out and him ahead I really had to play smart after about 3-4 normal energy drops on my LV X it was pretty much healed so I bring it up and have a choice between a Fresh Blissey with a Basic Dark and Real Dark (he has Darkrai LV X benched) or his lone Weavile or lone Darkrai LV X, since the Blissey KO was on a flip and Darkrai LV X is much harder to set up then a Weavile I had a tough decision but went with the bigger threat. I KO the Weavile, which pretty much wrecks his strategy and not being able to turn Blissey Dark cut his damage output in half. This was the turning point in our game and I surged ahead for the win.


    Okay so there was 4, 4-0 2 Magmortar and 2 G&G but the pairs go up and I get the Magmortar and the more interesting match up of Jason K. and Matt Alvis G&G mirror match. I really wanted to watch this game but knew I had to concentrate on my own match which was hard since we were sitting right next to them.

    Round 5 Vs. Magmortar

    He starts with Parirsu and I think I started with Stantler I got set up but he got nothing he filled his bench with Magmar, Magmar, Skitty, Claydol, Cyndaquil . He did get a Typhlosion set up but gave up on Delcatty and just dropped a Delcatty Ex in an attempt to control my huge card advantage. His strategy really fell apart when I was able to Flamebluster a bench Magmar with 3 energies on it. He did start making a comeback towards the end but I just had to much of a lead and a Flame Bluster on Delcatty Ex gave me my last 2 prizes.


    Round 6 Vs. Matt Allvis with G&G

    I had never played Matt before but he was one of the players that I was told to watch out for. I knew going into Top 8 not only at a first seed but with a win over a solid G&G list would really boost my confidence but I also knew Matt had no intention of letting that happen.
    With both get quick set ups him with Furret me with Stantler, he always had a huge hand but was able to avoid keeping a supporter so I had nothing copy with Milotic. By the 15 min mark nothing happened and I knew exactly what was going to happen if this continued he would make a late game surge with Gallade and win on time. So with little opinions I went Agro with Magmortar trying to draw out his Gallade, hoping he would flip most of his prizes allowing me to make a late game surge with scramble. Which for the most part worked but there was just not enough time left and he wins 4-3 on prizes. But I got nothing but respect when I got up it was a great game and I knew I didn’t lose too many points. I really wished we could have finished it out I think it would have been a great game.


    30 min is just not enough time to finish either a Mirror Match or the G&G/Magmortar matchup

    So top 8 go’s up and they messed up and have me wining against Matt last round and I saw I would play Jason K. in Top 8 which to be perfectly honest I really wanted to play him. But I knew they would figure out eventually and it would only cause a delay so I spoke up they corrected it and the only difference was Matt went in at 1st seed and I went in as 2nd.
    Top 8

    1st G&G/Furret (Matt Alvis)
    2nd Magmortar (Jay Hornung)
    3rd Magmortar
    4th Magmortar/Claydol (Brandon B.)
    5th G&G
    6th Hurricane (Justin H.)
    7th G&G/Absol (Ricardo)
    8th G&G/Furret (Jason K.)

    Top 8 G&G/Absol (Ricardo)

    Game 1

    So in the hour break before top 8 I found out what every top 8 deck was except for the guy I was playing against. I ##### it was G&G and I was right he flips over Absol against my Cyndaquil but I Roseanne’s Research retreat for Stantler and get set up but it’s much slower thanks to his Absol and go way down on prizes due to his Gallade. I think the prize count was 2-5 his favor but I got a Magmortar and Scramble going and once I kill his Gallade he just cannot kill my Magmortars and I’m able to roll back for a win. Shockingly that game was only 25 mins.


    Game 2

    He opens with Absol and Ralts and that’s about it. I get the turn 2 or 3 Milotic and I see he has Rare Candy, Windstorms, Energies and although I have a huge advantage right now all he needs is a Gardevoir or Celios and he can get right back in this. I have a chance to virtually seal my win with a Flame Bluster but my Magmortar LV X is prized. So eventually he top decks his Gardevoir and I remember a LV X to but I have Magmortar LV X with 5 fire and Scramble and I kill his Gallade and then his Gardevoir LV X and after that he just does not have a whole left.


    So Jason wins over Matt in the G&G Mirror Match, Hurricane over Magmortar, Magmortar over G&G, and then me over G&G. So it me against Hurricane and G&G against Magmortar.

    Top 4 Vs. Justin H. with Hurricane

    Game 1

    I knew this was the absolute worst matchup I could have gotten but I was just going to go all out and hope for the best. Het get his set up but I see opening and I take it, His set up his a active Feraligator with like 50 or 60 on it and a bench of Delcatty, Delcatty, Magnaton, Todilie, Crocanaw. Now I know I will never be able to kill all of his Feraligator if the game keeps going like this so I level up my active Magmortar and drop TGW, I win the Wager and then I kill his only Magnaton and although he does manage to kill my LV X next turn he just cannot get another Magnaton set up and without a way to recycle energy back to his hand his set up is crippled so I’m able to coming back for the


    Game 2

    My start is much stronger this game with a Magmar while his is much weaker with a pair of Skittys, I remember an early Warp Point lets him switch for a Todadile while I switch for Stantler and use a couple of turns to set up before Warp Point my Magmortar active. But he just can’t find a Delcatty or Feraligator he does drop a Wager he wins but looks at his new hand and starts telling his friends he does not even care anymore he show me his hand Windstorm and 5 energies and his next few draws are no different so I’m able to roll through his basics with Magmortar for the win.


    So in another complete upset(On paper) Brandon beats Jason. Now Brandon if your reading this don’t be ****** but I certainly did not think we would be playing in the finals your deck was so random, but I was wrong once I started thinking about it you have an amazing G&G matchup. I also saw how he played against Jason in top 4 and I have major respect for him after that game he wins game 1 but doesn’t stall Jason out in game 2(which he so easily could have). So thinking about the match up early game would definitely favor him since he has much great chance of getting an early Magmortar and Crystal Beach would slow my comeback. However if I was able to get set up, my Typholsions should give me enough of an edge to win if I wasn’t down to much since I could be getting 3 energy in play each turn versus his 1.

    Finals Vs. Brandon(same as round 2)

    Game 1

    I remember he starts out much faster, but just can’t seem to find a crystal beach which really is a deciding factor. I do remember about mid game he get an ER 2 flip and discards my working Scramble, I just look at him and say who play ER 2 Magmortar and we all start laughing. But eventually I get set up I’m able to come back from a 2 prize deficit and win it. Like I thought the Typholsions really were a huge factor.


    Game 2

    I waited too long to type this up and a lot of the details are fuzzy I remember he got an early Crystal Beach which really slowed me down I had to sacrifice a few things but I got Magmortar LV X out and he missed some Pokeball flips and eventually ran out of Magmortars and Claydols just could not stand up to my full set up.


    To anyone reading this my report does not do justice to this final match, Brandon had a very original deck, and if you’re reading this I hope to see you at Nationals. If anyone else felt like I left any details out or have other information to contribute please post it and I will try to make changes were needed. Our whole family really had a great time and to leave one of the toughest metagames with 2 first places Trophies was just amazing. I really honestly hope to see everybody again this year. I will try to get my Iowa report up shortly.


    Iowa State Championship

    So the weekend before me and my younger brother both won the Illinois State Championships in the Masters and Seniors divisions respectfully. I played Magmortar while he played G&G, so as we started preparing for our local Iowa States, I figured a few things first that what I played would probably get out on the Gym so I would have to deal with our local players teching against me(I don’t mean to sound cocky but its happened before.) while out of staters would know what to expect. So this really made up my mind that I was going to play G&G
    The Tournament
    We had a very small turn out only 22 Masters so we found out we only got a top 4 as everyone let out grown. So on to the report, 5 rounds of Swiss top 4.
    Round 1 Pidgeot(SW)/Darkrai LV X/Weavile
    I have an amazing opening hand of Ralts, Rare Candy, Gardevoir, Gardevoir, LV X, Celios, Psychic. My initial strategy was just to LV X and bring down all of his Pokémon but once he got a pair of basic dark energy under his Darkrai I felt as if there was a much greater chance of being donked by Darkrai LV X. So I abandoned my strategy and Teleported my Gardevoir LV X out for a Stantler and set up eventually taking all six prizes with Gallade.
    Round 2 Chris W with G&G
    Chris had a very solid list and this was one the worst pairs I could have gotten, the major difference between the 2 decks was tech, I ran a Blastoise D while he ran a Dusknoir. I get a Stantler start and I make one of the biggest misplays of the game I bench a Boltoy, I don’t why I knew I was going to lead for Roseanne’s and with the exception of top decking it I was not going to waste my supporter for the turn searching for it until at least one turn later I wanted to start powering up a Ralts. So I lead and sure enough I prized all my Claydols. We traded Prizes the entire match and I won a very close game 1-2 on prizes when time was called really a great game.
    Round 3 Nebraska Guy with Nidoqueen/Nidoking
    I honestly thought that this was Nidoqueen/Dusknoir so I never benched over 3 until late game when I was almost sure he did not have a Dusknoir in his deck or if he did his 2-3 card hand would not let him set it up. Gallade took early prizes and I cleaned it up with Gardevoir his psychic weakness really hurt him while Blastoise D had my back.
    Round 4 Chriscobi Hurricane
    I knew we would play eventually, this was the first tournament that I met Chris at but I knew him from the Gym so I also knew he was no push over. I start strong with Stantler and try desperately hard to get set up as he gets a turn 3 Gater and Breaking Tail to kill my Stantler luckily he missed my Celio’s and I was able to set up a Gallade next turn flipping 4 to kill his Gater, outside of the turn 3 Gater his draws were pretty poor, he even looks at me and says “I swear I run supporters,” I honestly don’t know if he saw one that game.
    Round 5 Lauren
    So Laurens a local and a friend so playing her when she was on the bubble and I was not was most certainly not what I wanted, but I told her I would play the game to win, just as she would if the situations were reversed, we wished each other luck and agreed that we would still be friends no matter who won. She said in testing her deck was 15-1 against G&G I was not as convinced that it was that bad of a match up. She has asked me not to post her deck so out of respect for her I won’t. I will say I got an amazing opening and was able to gain control of the match quickly shutting down many of the main objectives of her deck.
    So we wait top 4 goes up, we all pretty much knew the seeds but here they are
    1st Jay H. G&G
    2nd Chris W G&G
    3rd ????Magmortar
    4th Stumbo Absol/Houndoom/Blissey

    So me and Stumbo played that week at leagues and he I have an opening hand Gible, Rare Candy, Celios, Boost, Roseanne’s, Spinda, Electric energy. I go second and have the turn 1 game except he flips over Absol and hits my Roseanne’s and Celio’s easily the two most playable cards in my hand. So I joke around with him I’m going to lose an Absol donk and everybody would know how our game was going by my use of colorful words.

    Game 1

    He flips over the dreaded Absol versus my Stantler so since I went first I attached an energy to Stantler and used Lead for a Celios his turn he Baleful Winds me hitting a useless Scramble my turn I attach and Frighten Horn to confuse the Absol to buy me time to set up eventually I set up a Gardevoir and then a Claydol, thanks to a top decked Celio’s (my hand was empty) and go aggressive with Gallade his low damage output allowed to me to really wreck havoc with Gallade and I won this one 0-3 on prizes.


    First game only took 15 min so I was pretty sure we would get this match done in time.

    Game 2

    His start was much worse this game starting with Houndour and I used Warp Point to make him switch for a Chansey and with no answers he passed 2-3 turns in a row which I gladly used to set up. Once again Gallade was the MVP (Most Valuable Pokemon) and really tore through his Houndooms and Blisseys. I win this one 0-4 with prizes.


    Finals Chris W. G&G Mirror Match

    Not a whole lot of intro here I played him round 2 I knew his tech line was Dusknoir he knew mine was Blastoise D.

    Game 1

    He gets a turn 2 Gardevoir and much quicker set up then mine but eventually I get set up and make a surge with Gallade and Gardevoir with Blastoise D shutting off my weakness. But here is the game ender and this my side of it. I have a Gardevoir LV X active and a Kirlia with 2 energy benched along with a Blastoise D. I use Psylock to KO his Gallade, his turn he brings up Dusknoir. The prize count is 3-2 his lead but my three are face down while his are all face up. He has the KO on my Gardevoir LV X with Dusknoir so I am looking through my discard checking to see how many search options I have left to get my Gallade, I am not evening pay attention to the game he says something about Claydol and 5-10 seconds later I look up and see the field and I see my Gardevoir and I go wait I Psylocked this is after he drew his cards. It honestly did not register with me its like when your watching a movie and somebody else is trying to talk to you but your so tuned in on the movie you hear it but it doesn’t register with you, till a few seconds later your like wait what did you say. I was not trying to get a cheap win off and hopefully many of you that know me can testify to my character I’m not that kind of guy. We get about 20 mins extend time while the judge discuss how to handle this. He is sure it is a game loss and I’m sure their going to come in and tell me its a prize penalty which I will be forced to decline (I needed to flip 3 if I got the Gallade) and pretty much giving him a free hand and sealing the game for him. Either way one of us is going be ******, they come back and rule that it is irreversible game play since they don’t know which cards were drawn off Claydol and which ones he had in his hands and had no choice but to issue him a game loss.

    1-0 (I know he has Sour Grapes about this Match and I would to if I was in his situation.

    Game 2

    Complete opposite of game 1 I get a quick Gardevoir but whiff on the candy for a turn 2 game anyways I run through many of his basic and use Wager to disrupt his set up, he is also forced to flip up all of his prizes to kill my Gallade, which gives me an opening to Bring Down for my last few prizes.

    Not much else to say, great guy hope to play him again sometime hopefully with a less controversial finish. My little bro runs over and tells me he also won so we leave with 2 more 1st place State Trophies. We open our boxes and yet again no Cresselia LV X (4 Boxes are you kidding me) I never did do very well in packs.
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  2. hitmonchan93

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    Good job Jay on winning Illinois! :)
  3. Umbreon777

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    Winning states pwns

    Hope to play you at Nats. :thumb:
  4. Pidgeotto Trainer

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    Nice job Jay.
  5. Jaeger

    Jaeger New Member

  6. ChicoBlanco

    ChicoBlanco New Member

    great job Jay.

    I haven't won any states at all lol..

    i got 2nd in Colorado states...my friend's Banette deck pwned me in the finals.
    then 2nd in Utah states in a very close finals match, but 3rd game he never missed my key cards with his Absol...
    surprisingly, it turned out to be a close and great game.

    i was mad though, cuz my little brother would've won Utah states had he not got a Top Cut automatic loss due to calling over a judge mid game, realizing he accidentally had 1 more prize in play then he should've.
    (stupid call by the judge IMO... i think some of the judges there were partial)

    anyway... enough rambling.
    congrats man :pokeball:

    -ian b
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  7. JohnnyBlaze

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    Awseome job Jay and good luck to you and your bro at Regs!
  8. Wood811

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    Round 2 I made a huge nrg misplay by not attaching to my active gardyX because I thought it had 3 nrg on it instead of 2. Misplays cost me almost every game I lose.>_<

    As for the last game, I don't get it because the judge KNEW FOR A FACT I had a wager in my hand before I used Claydol and I could of just used wager to shuffle all the cards back into my deck and nothing would be diff. and therefore the effect would be reversed. Could any judge here explain the irreversability part?

    Wager in hand(judge knows its there b4), shuffles illegaly drawn cards back to deck. Is that not what should happen?


    The fact that I had that finals game won is what really upset me the most. And btw Jay, I was told there was a TV behind me that could've reflected stuff from my hand towards your view. To stop flaming, assumptions etc we can discuss over pm's if you like.:(
  9. Freddy K.

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    GJ excellent report too. Look forward to playing against you at some point.

    - fK

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