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Discussion in 'Collecting and Card Price Discussion' started by Hunet, Feb 25, 2011.

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  1. Hunet

    Hunet New Member

    im pretty confused here with the order of the japanese heartgold soulsilver set
    as far as i know the order is the following:

    HS base - Heartgold collection & Soulsilver collection (Exactly the same)
    HS unleashed - ???
    HS Undaunted - reviving legends (HS unleashed primes and legends)
    HS Triumphant - Clash at the summit (HS undaunted, Palkia & Dialga legends)
    Call of legends - Lost link (HS triumphant primes & Cresselia & Darkarai legend)
    As you can see, it seems that the japanese cards is missing the primes for undaunted?
    Anyone can help me out? Thanks!
  2. immewnity

    immewnity Front Page News Editor

    I think you got your sets confused up there.

    HGSS1 (base) - Majority of HeartGold and SoulSilver Collection
    HGSS2 (Unleashed) - Combination of unused HGSS Collection cards, most of the Battle Starter Deck cards and most of the Leafeon vs Metagross Expert Deck, with LEGENDS, Primes, and pre-evolutions of Primes from Reviving Legends
    HGSS3 (Undaunted) - Rest of Reviving Legends, the Standard Construction Decks, the remaining cards from the Battle Starter Decks and the Leafeon vs Metagross Expert Deck, and Japanese promo cards, with LEGENDS from Clash at the Summit.
    HGSS4 (Triumphant) - LEGENDS and Prime are about evenly split from Clash at the Summit and Lost Link, most cards from Clash at the Summit, a few Lost Link
    CoL1 (Call of Legends) - The unused card set. Mostly unused Lost Link cards and Japanese promos, with a crazy number of reprints.

    Not exactly sure what you're asking, but I hope that this can help.

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