jonnj`s Christmas Tourney report.

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by jonnj, Dec 17, 2007.

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  1. jonnj

    jonnj New Member

    Report by: jonnj
    Deck: Blissey/Delcatty:colorless
    Tournement: Outland Christmas Tourney
    Modifed: Hp-on
    Agegroup: Senior.

    I was very exited about this tournement. This was my best season start ever. So I hoped i could be and fighting about victory. :tongue:

    I decided to go for BlissCatty I hoped that it wasn`t to much Mario, Kingdra and Gallade deck. :redface:

    It was 4 swiss rounds and top4

    Round 1 VS. Thomas (Octillery/Walrein)
    I start with Skitty:nonono: and he with Remoraid. he start do 10. I draw a Chansey :biggrin:. I have nothing so I pass. He evloves to Octillery and Kills me. next round I draw a TV Reporter and draw a Blissey I do 40. I get up another Blissey and win the game simple.

    Round 2 VS. Markus (Honchrow/Absol/Sableye)
    I get a nice setup. But his Sableye slow me down. Afterward non of us had nothing. We just passed the turns. But I get a Blissey and when I lead 4-2 In prize it was time.

    Round 3 VS. Duc (Kricketurne)
    I get a t2 Blissey and kills all his Kricetot he get no Kricketurne.:biggrin:

    Yes now I am to top4.

    Round 4. VS. Tord(Bannete/Blissey)
    Both of us get a good setup. When it was about five minutes left. I had only one prize left.. I had this plan with Delcatty ex. I used Warp Point and had a Delcatty ex as active. I used upstream 90 damange 10 from killing Bannete. And I have a plus Power in my hand.:eek:. So it was his turn he reatret and kill my with Blissey.

    Standing are up. I am 2.

    1. Tord BlissBan
    2. Me BlissCatty
    3. Ferd Raichu/Manetric
    4. Duc kricketurne

    So me versus ferd.

    Round 1 VS. Ferd Raichu/Manetric
    I won after a long game.

    Round 2
    1 won on t3 with BLISSEY.:biggrin:

    Yes iam in top2:smile:
    Round 1 VS. Tord BlissBan.
    I get nothing he win.

    Round 2
    Read game 1.

    So i end up second.:biggrin:.

    Outland good touney
    Second Plaece
    nine boosters.
    free pizza

    Losing in finela
  2. psy

    psy New Member

    Congrats! I see that you are doing very well this year!

    But should this report be in the CC part?

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