Jonusi's Adventure in Guoto New Chapters!

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    Chapter 1: The Robbery

    In the beautiful region of Guoto, a legendary Pokemon master had just started his journey. His name was Jonusi Hirrami. His age 10 and was confident to be the best of the best.
    In Profesor Maple's lab, the wise profesor was dusting his Pokeballs and seemed like he was waiting for someone. The door creaked suddenly and the Professor quickly shifted his gaze onto the front door.
    "Well hello, Jonusi! You're 24 minutes late!"said the Professor.
    "I'm awful sorry, professor! Are the Pokeballs all gone? I want to choose my starter right now."
    "Well of course", said the professor while searching inside his briefcase,"Here they are: Birzarre, a flying type, loyal to its master until the end; Gutouf, a fighting Pokemon, friendly and powerful; and finally, Stulung, the rock Pokemon, a Pokemon which never loses its focus and has a very high defense."
    "Well, it's a very hard decision... but I guess I'll take..."
    All of a sudden, two men came rushing in the door with guns.
    professor looked very frightened. The two men walked up to the professor, grabbed him by the arms, and stuffed him into a massive bag.
    "Pokeballs?!?!"cried the fatter man."Grab 'em Joseph! We aint gonna let 'em defeat us! STEAL THE POKEBALLS TOO!" Joseph grabbed the Pokeballs quickly and put them into a small backpack.
    Jonusi ran after the men who were running out of the lab. He tried to push one of them foreward from the back. The man, whose name was Joseph, fell foreward and hit the ground.
    "JOSEPH! You'll pay for this!"he screamed as he dragged Joseph and the professor in the bag, out of the lab. They got in a truck and drove away.
    Joseph watched the truck as it sped down the road, leaving a lot of smoke in the trail behind. Jonusi looked worried. Soon, a bird figure was flying above him while making a "Cryva! Cryva!" sound. It landed on the ground and there was a boy riding the bird. He jumped down and yelled,"Return, Cryvasaur!"
    As the boy was holding a Purpleish pokeball with two pink circles on top, the pokeball started glowing. The massive green dragon-like pokemon named Cryvasaur turned into a red glow and rushed into the pokeball which split in half. The pokeball closed and its size went from an orange's size to a cherry size. He put the pokeball on his belt. Then, he said,"hello, young trainer. I saw the whole thing from the window. The guns they were carrying were not loaded, looking from the way they were carrying those weapons. Let me introduce myself. I am Markan, an Elite Four Champion. I never thought something like this would happen in such a peaceful village like Sunset Town. Come! We have to rescue the professor! I'll use my Pokemon!" Markan held out a green Pokeball and tossed it to the ground. There came out Glaurstar, a purple gryphon with large wings. "Glaurstar! follow the foul odor of a Koffing!"
    "Why a Koffing?" asked Jonusi.
    "Didn't you see? The professor took out a Koffing from inside the bag while you distracted the men by pushing them? Come on! This will be a perfect start for your journey! Here! Have this for your first Pokemon! Its name is Birzarre, but this one is special! This one is a rare silver species that is endangered. The level of the Pokemon is 5 and it is very easy to get along with."
    "Wow thanks!" screamed Jonusi as he recieved the red Pokeball. He tossed it to the ground and the pokeball bounced back to the owner's hand. When it hit the ground, a red light burst and it formed the shape of a bird. Birzarre looked like a featherless bird with its beak on its stomach and a large single eye sticking out between its shoulders. Jonusi was facinated and was ever so grateful. He returned it back into the pokeball and rode onto Glaurstar's back. It was following an unseen trail.

    To Be Continued on Chapter 2...
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    Chapter 2: Jonusi's Seedu

    Markan and Jonusi were on their journey in the sky. The Glaurstar seemed to be sniffing the air and looked like it felt sick.
    "Jonusi! There it is!"said Markan. Markan was pointing at a building with the letter "R" on the roof. "Rocket...,"Markan whispered to himself. "I heard news about them in the Eastern Kanto region, but they should have been eliminated. Giovanni must have moved onto Guoto."
    They landed behind a boulder while nobody from Rocket noticed.
    "This could be your first battle, Jonusi! You can send out your Birzarre right now!"
    "But it's at such a weak level,"yelled Jonusi,"It'll never stand a chance!"
    Then, Markan held out two things from his backpack; a red pokeball and a piece of candy.
    "You're going to catch a pokemon for me with a candy and a pokeball?"asked Jonusi.
    Then, Markan whispered,"No, silly! Here! Send out your Birzarre! This is a "rare candy" and this pokeball is a Technical Machine used to teach pokemon moves faster or some moves it cannot learn. It contains the attack "Aerial Ace", an attack unavoidable even if the foe is in the air or down underground. It was a gift from Winoa from Hoenn, a flying type gym leader. Use it well, Jonusi. And here's a rare candy! Feed it to your Birzarre to make it stronger. I don't have any spare Pokedex's, so you can ask Professor Maple for it, but first, we must rescue Professor Maple!"
    "Right!"said Jonusi right back to him.
    They snuck to the entrance to Rocket headquarters. They saw two members having a conversation nearby. Markan grabbed them both by the neck and tied them to a tree, taping their mouths.
    "Here,"said Markan while handing Jonusi a Rocket uniform,"Wear it! We'll just look like the regular members like this!"
    They snuck in and looked around. It was crowded with Rocket members. "Look for two people without Rocket uniforms. One of them was very fat, I think Joseph was his name, and one of them was really short and nasty looking." said Jonusi to Markan. Markan nodded. They suddenly found two men who matched Jonusi's descriptions of them. They were talking to a man that had a name tag that read,"Rocket Executive".
    "Theres too many of them, Markan! We'll get caught."whispered Jonusi.
    Markan was already one step ahead of what Jonusi told him not to do. "Go Cryvasaur!"said Markan. Out of the purple Pokeball came out Cryvasaur, very confident for battle. The Rocket members were shocked and all looked at the massive Cryvasaur. The two men who took Professor Maple rushed to the scene of the trouble.
    "Well, well, well... if it aint the kid who tried to stop us!"said the shorter one.
    "Cryvasaur, Get him! Dragon Web attack!"yelled Markan.
    Cryvasaur spit out a nasty glowing slime liquid. It Formed a spider web and trapped both the two robbers along with five other members. While Markan was handling business with the Rocket Members, Jonusi ran to the bag Professor Maple was in and summoned his Birzarre.
    "Birzarre! Peck at the bag!" yelled Jonusi. The silver bird did his command immediately and the bag ripped open. "Professor Maple!"he said.
    "Thank you, Jonusi! I see Markan the Dragon master has come to help you!" said Professor Maple pointing at Markan. "Well, I guess you found the vile scent of my Koffing. Now, Jonusi! Get ready to rumble! Here's a pokemon I caught in the wild! It's a Seedu, the seed pokemon! It is very common! It can be your starting pokemon."
    "Well, thanks, but Markan already gave me a silver Birzarre for my starting pokemon." said Jonusi.
    "Oh, did he! Well, I have to tell you, that is a very rare Birzarre to be a silver color. Here's your Pokedex, Jonusi", said Professor Maple while handing him a blue Pokedex.
    "I thought these only come in red!" said Jonusi.
    "Oh those come in lots of colors! Now, summon your Seedu!"
    Seedu came out of the red Pokeball. It looked like a brown seed with a thick green neckband and a leaf coming out of the top of its head. Jonusi pointed the Pokedex towards the Seedu. The Pokedex read:

    Seedu (male)
    Seed Pokemon
    length: 0'11"
    weight: 3 lbs

    These pokemon are very common around areas where there are farms. These pokemon evolve at a very late level and only evolves if it has created a very strong bond with its master.

    "Wow! My very second pokemon!"yelled Jonusi cheerfully.
    "You can have these spare pokeballs i carry around," said the Professor while he held him 4 pokeballs,"Let's get ready to rumble!" Professor took off his jacket and put his hand onto his very fancy belt. He grabbed a very ancient pokeball and out came a flash of light which turned into a very strange pokemon.

    To Be Continued on Chapter 3...
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    This story bore you people?

    Please let me know what you honestly think about this new story.
    I know you can't picture the new pokemon i made up in this story very good, but i can post those pics once I LEARN HOW TO PUT LINKS TO PICTURES ONTO HERE!
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    Chapter 3: Koga's plan

    The strange pokemon took shape. It started muttering some words to itself. "Go, Huulphor! The ancient titan of lightning! Go help Markan!"commanded Professor Maple. Huulphor gladly helped defeat Rocket Members one after another. A Rocket Executive was just sitting down, staring at the battle.
    Many Rocket members were down and out-cold. Markan was surprised that no Rocket Member had drew their pokeballs. He was guessing that none of them had any. He just resumed with his battle after thinking about it for a long time. The hooded Rocket Executive stepped up and challenged Markan to a pokemon battle. The Rocket members stood back like a bomb was about to explode. Many members ran out, but some of them watched and whispered to others.
    "Why do you choose the path of defeat? I am an Elite Four champion! Markan is my name! I have handled many troubles with Team Aqua and Magma back in Hoenn! Why would you think this would be any different?"
    The Rocket Executive took off his hood and quickly replied,"Because I am Koga of the Kanto Elite Four!"
    Markan gasped and yelled,"The Elite Four and a father of a Gym Trainer... you should be ashamed of yourself! Stop this foolishness at once and return to Kanto!"
    "SILENCE, FOOL! So you do not know what we truly are doing, do you? We are planning on teaming up with Team Aqua to awaken the mighty beast, Thundroar, guardian of all weather! All we need is the professor to do some research"
    Then, the professor butted in saying,"You will make me do no such thing! If Team Aqua has hold of the legendary Thundroar, they will only think of flooding the whole earth, just like Kyogre 10 years ago!"
    "The crisis 10 years ago was a disaster! But with me, I can control Thundroar to do as I command! We have, over the years, designed a special pokeball that automatically catches a pokemon, just like the master ball does, but this can do much more; it can release its true strength! Now, come help us professor, or feel my wrath!"
    "Never! Huulphor! Zap Cannon after Lock On!"
    Huulphor, which looked like a Sphix took aim with its mouth. It opened its mouth wide and aimed at Koga. It made a Beam made of electricity. Koga just chuckled.
    Koga held out a black pokeball labled "R" and threw it on the ground and out came a yellow flash of light. It took the shape of a strange bat-like pokemon!
    "Go Crobat!" yelled Koga.
    Koga hopped on the Crobat's back and flew out of the way of the Zap cannon, but the beam just followed.
    "Protect!"Commanded Koga.
    It made a Green Barrier around Crobat and Koga and when the Zap cannon hit it, it blew up, making a enormous explosion.
    "Darn! So Close!"screamed the professor.
    "Let me help", said Markan,"Cryvasaur! Hyper Beam!"
    The Cryvasaur opened its massive mouth and out came a glowing gold beam aiming straight for the Crobat. Koga didn't seem to be worried at all. He summoned another Pokemon.
    "Go, Kyogre!"yelled Koga.
    "Kyogre?! How did you get your hands on that rare Pokemon? I thought it was caught by Brendon of Hoenn!"
    "You call us Rocket for nothing? Stealing is our specialty! We caught it with our special Pokeball after it chose to ignore our commands! Kyogre! Provide a shield for me and Crobat!" Kyogre was hit by the beam. Jonusi checked his Pokedex to see how much health Kyogre had left. He had 357/380. Jonusi showed the Pokedex data to Markan and Professor. What worried Jonusi was that both of them were not surprised by what little damage the Cryvasaur did.
    Professor then said,"Surely this is the legendary Kyogre, without a doubt. It is best for me to give up and go with them!"
    "No! Professor! You could be killed! They can hurt you! They're bad people, you never give up to the likes of him!"yelled Jonusi.
    "The whole world is at risk. I don't know what to do at this situation! This is impossible! Kyogre in the hands of Team Rocket! This is the end... unless we can awaken Thundroar before they do!"whispered Professor Maple to Jonusi and Markan,"All we can do is for me to give up! You two can think up a plan later! Please trust me!

    To Be Continued in Chapter 4...
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    Chapter 4: The Legendary Nimufua
    The professor went without hesitation with Team Rocket. The building was almost completely empty as soon as all the members of Team Rocket left. Jonusi thought to himself on what he and Markan should do.
    "Hey Markan! Can you help me train?"asked Jonusi silently.
    Markan looked at him with a smiling face and said,"Come on, Jonusi! You have your Pokedex, some of my advice, two strong pokemon, and some pokeballs! You're on your way to becoming a Pokemon Master! Don't worry about the professor. I'll assemble the team of the Elite Four to help us on rescuing him. All you need to know is where the first Gym is. Here! Here's a town map."He handed him a piece of paper which was rolled up.
    Jonusi quickly opened it up and saw the town map.
    "Well, I'll be on my way now! Bye,"yelled Markan while on Cryvasaur's back. He flew off and that was the last of him Jonusi saw. Jonusi stared at the sky until a voice behind him startled him.
    "Hello, young trainer! I am a bug catcher and I challenge you to a battle!"said the trainer behind him.
    Jonusi said nothing but stare at the boy. He quickly drew his Pokeball which had the Seedu inside.
    "Go, Seedu!"commanded Jonusi.
    "Then I'll take out a Ninjask!"
    Jonusi quickly took out his Pokedex.
    Ninjask (male) lv.20
    Ninja Pokemon.

    Length: 2'7"
    Weight: 26 lbs

    If Ninjask is not trained properly, it will refuse to obey the Trainer and cry out continuously. Because of this quality, this Pokemon is said to be one that puts the Trainers abilities to the test.

    "Geez! An expert trainer wants to battle with me! My Pokemon are only level 6 and you come to me with a level 20 Pokemon? Are you sure that you aren't just after my money?"complained Jonusi.
    "How are your Pokemon so weak and so close to the last Gym? Are you lost?"
    "No, but I just watched Markan battle Koga of the Elite Four. He flew me here with his Glaurstar."
    The Bug Catcher looked surprised.
    "Markan, the Champion of the Elite Four? The only one to beat the Elite Four 28 times in Guoto?"asked the Bug Catcher.
    "Can you help me back to Sunset Town?"asked Jonusi,"That is where my hometown is."
    The Bug Catcher looked happy.
    "Well, I just got a Fearow yesterday and I think it knows fly. C'mon!"replied the Bug Catcher while taking out a pokeball which Jonusi guessed had the Fearow inside. The Bug Catcher threw it down and out came the majestic and proud Fearow ready for any command.
    "Take us to Sunset Town!"yelled the Bug Catcher and Fearow Lowered its back to ground level. The two trainers, Bug Catcher and Jonusi got on the Fearow's back. The pokemon flew up and chose a path. The two trainers started a conversation as the Fearow did its job. Jonusi found out the Bug Catcher's name was Brian and wanted to collect all the Bug pokemon in the world.
    "Here we are! Sunset Town!"yelled the Bug Catcher.
    Jonusi quickly asked,"What town is the nearest Gym in?"
    Brian told him it was about half a mile north and was in a village called Shrine Village. Brian was then off with his Fearow. Jonusi yelled "thanks" while waving to him.
    Jonusi just started his journey towards Shrine Village. He expected a lot of pokemon battles.
    The young trainer was walking down the lakeside when he saw a giant whirlpool which attracted his attention. Out came a dolphin-like pokemon but had a teal color to it. It flew up and dissapeared like the whirlpool under it. Pokedex then started beeping inside his pocket. He took it out and wondered what was wrong. He opened it up quickly and it showed a pokedex data in its screen.

    Nimufua (no gender) lv.50
    Illusion pokemon
    Length: 6'9''
    Weight: 258 lbs

    A pokemon that wanders around looking for a peaceful body of water where it can rest. It is said to be an illusion, but it is most heard of in legends.

    "Wow! That must be one of those legendary ones Professor Maple was talking about."said Jonusi to himself. He hesitated, but he knew he should have been on his way. He was walking through a field of crops when he was attacked by another wild pokemon. The pokedex said it was a fire pokemon named Chymeara. He sent out his Birzarre first and ordered him to use Aerial Ace.
    "Birza! Birza!"yelled Birzarre in fury while his body started glowing. It flew up above the Chymeara and did a Dive Bomb followed by a scratch from his talons. The Chymeara fought back and used a Fire Spin. It hurt the Birzarre and he seemed to be burned.
    Jonusi called back the Birzarre and took out the Seedu. He commanded Seedu to use Razor Leaf while using Berries he recieved from Brian on his Birzarre.
    The Chymeara seemed weakened so Jonusi took out a pokeball. He threw it at the Chymeara. It wiggled about 3 times before the pokeball burst into many pieces. He ordered another razor leaf which weakened the Chymeara, but was not very effective. The Chymeara fell to the ground. Jonusi threw another pokeball which looked green with red lines. Again, the pokeball wiggled, but it never broke out. That was his very pokemon he Caught by himself! He wanted to see what the Chymeara could do.
    Chymeara (female)
    Fire Cat pokemon
    weight: 16 lbs

    This pokemon only uses its wings as a shield because it cannot fly. This pokemon only comes out to Trainers who are destined to become very strong.
    Fire Spin

    To Be Continued in Chapter 5...
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    Wow! over 40 viewers and not a single opinion on this story!
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    we just wanna see how it plays out thats all, be patient.
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    so u wanna know how the whole story turns out? well i'm gonna post until Jonusi wins the Elite Four.

    Chapter 5: Shadrew of the Dark Gym
    Chymeara was one of Jonusi's most used pokemon. He trained it to a strong level of 12 while the others were at level 9. Jonusi was very confident he could beat the first gym leader. He opened up his pokedex to see who was the gym leader of Shrine Village. The pokedex opened instantly and a picture of a man with smooth black hair named Shadrew was the first gym leader he had to face. He looked very intimidating to Jonusi. The pokedex said,"Shadrew, the Dark Gym leader. Do not go in there with psychic pokemon or you just might come out with all your hopes shattered."
    "You make it sound very difficult for a machine that's built to help me on my adventures..."replied Jonusi. He looked up and looked at the sky. It was a perfectly clear and cloudless day where nothing could go wrong. Jonusi cleared his mind of Koga and team Rocket and focused his thought on how to beat the gym leader. He walked down a path that was made of dirt. He followed the long trail until a sign said 'Shrine Village 50 steps ahead and 25 steps left.'
    "Well, I'll have to go with that sign."said Jonusi while sticking to his words. He took exactly 50 steps by counting loudly after every step. Then, he turned left 25 steps and reached his destination.
    "Shrine Village! Wow! It's...It's...Ancient-looking..."
    He slowly entered the small village and looked for a building that was labled "Gym". Instead, he found a Pokemon Center in return.
    "I haven't been in one of those so far..."he said looking at the Pokemon Center. He entered, he gave the Nurse his 3 pokeballs, and the Nurse healed them all fit for fighting. When the Nurse gave back his pokeballs, he asked her something. He asked where the gym owned by Shadrew was. Her face looked serious all of a sudden and pointed somewhere behind the pokemon mart. He slowly ran out staring at the upset nurse and ran away to exactly where she pointed.
    He found the massive building which said "Shadrew's Pokemon Gym. Beware pokemon trainers.", but Jonusi just ignored the threat and came in as confident for a battle like his pokemon were.
    When he entered, it was pitch black. There was nothing in the building except for a pitch black darkness.
    A silent voice nearby said,"Welcome, trainer. Have you come here for a pokemon battle?"
    "I have. I'm guessing you must me Shadrew of the Dark pokemon, right?"replied Jonusi in a loud voice.
    "You disgust me,"said Shadrew while snapping his fingers. As the fingers made a snapping noise, a spotlight was pointing to the middle of the room where Jonusi guessed was the arena. They stood on opposite ends of the arena and each grabbed a pokeball.
    "For my starting pokeon, I'll choose Umbreon!"yelled Shadrew as he threw the pokeball that Umbreon was in. Umbreon looked as intimidating as Shadrew looked. Jonusi's pokedex said that it was a level 12 Umbreon.
    "For my pokemon, I choose Seedu!"said Jonusi as he also threw his pokeball containing Seedu to the ground. A flash of light came out of the pokeball and out came Seedu in an instant. "Seedu! Vine Whip!"commanded Jonusi. From Seedu's body, two vines came out and started whipping around the Umbreon.
    The Umbreon didn't look scared one bit. Umbreon used agility whenever a vine came closeby. It ran towards the Seedu and used a sand attack on Seedu's eyes. Seedu tried its best to see, but it wasn't good enough. Umbreon used agility after the sand attack to sneak up behind the Seedu. Umbreon came charging foreward like a mad bull.
    Seedu screamed in pain loudly and fell to the ground with a tear in its eye. Its whole back was cracked. "Return, Seedu,"said Jonusi while withdrawing Seedu and taking out another pokeball,"Go, Birzarre!" Birzarre looked very intimidating and ready for battle. Umbreon's eyes glowed in anger. "Birzarre, Aerial Ace from up high and then use another one after you hit him! Then use drill peck on him after you go up again!"commanded Jonusi. Jonusi's plan worked. Birzarre flew up, dived down and flew up again, hit, used drill peck after Umbreon looked tired. Umbreon was down for the count.
    "Not bad."said Shadrew as he took out another pokeball. "Go, Luciflor!"yelled Shadrew. Jonusi looked puzzled at the pokemon that came out of Shadrew's pokeball. Jonusi used his pokedex to find out more about it.
    Luciflor (male) lv.17
    Flower Pokemon
    Weight:210 lbs

    It is said to be a flower from space. It is a very mysterious pokemon that only comes out during the full moon. It feeds on any bug pokemon close by.

    "Too bad my Birzarre is not a bug pokemon! Birzarre! Drill peck!"commanded Jonusi.
    Shadrew then said,"You must really hate your Birzarre. What pathetic moves it has!"
    "Shut up with you and your insults, Shadrew!"
    "Luciflor! Crunch!"commanded Shadrew. The giant venus fly trap quickly hovered up to about Birzarre's level. Just before Birzarre could Aerial Ace the Luciflor, Birzarre was bitten by it about 10 times. Birzarre hit the ground before Jonusi's eye could follow.
    "Birzarre! NO!"screamed Jonusi. He quickly withdrew Birzarre without looking at how bad the wounds were. He finally summoned his Chymeara.
    Shadrew laughed and said,"Pathetic, Jonusi. You come to me with all these low-leveled pokemon."
    Jonusi had lost all hope. He wanted to give up until he thought he got another idea.
    "Yes...Yes...Yes...It just might work!"he whispered to himself.

    To Be Continued in Chapter 6...
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    Cool story keep on writing.
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    Chapter 6: Light in the Dark
    Jonusi waited for the right moment. Chymeara just dodged each one of the Luciflor's attacks.
    "Luciflor! Playtime's over! FINISH THE CHYMEARA OFF NOW!"ordered Shadrew. Luciflor attacked with its vicious fangs.
    Just before Luciflor could sink its fangs into the Chymeara, Jonusi yelled something that made the Chymeara puzzled. "Chymeara! Attack the spotlight on the top! Now!"commanded Jonusi. Chymeara hesitated, but knew Jonusi couldn't be that stupid. He just had to have a plan. Chymeara used a powerful Fire Spin on the spotlight.
    The gym was completely dark. Shadrew was very confused.
    "Why would Jonusi break the light so that none of us can see?"Shadrew thought to himself.
    Jonusi quickly said,"Chymeara! Close your eyes and use a weak flash on your eyes! Don't get used to the darkness!" Chymeara did as he commanded. It closed its eyes tight and used a weak light on its eye so it can see the back of its eyelids.
    "Hahaha! Jonusi! You think my Luciflor can't hear anything? Even if it can't see in the dark, it can hear!"said Shadrew.
    "Chymeara! Just wait until I tell you what attacks I tell you to use! Just keep dodging its attacks! It's very heavy so you can hear its footsteps."yelled Jonusi.
    Thump Thump Thump. Chymeara could hear the Luciflor coming closer. Luciflor's mouth opened wide. The fangs went rushing down to sink into the target's skin. Luciflor was sure that it will hit the Chymeara.
    BOOM! The Fangs dug into the ground. Chymeara still did nothing but dodge attacks. Luciflor attacked while Chymeara dodged. It could see a blur through its eyelids, but just enough to see the outline of the giant Luciflor.
    Chymeara evaded attack after attack. Chymeara's stamina was running low, but it seemed like the Luciflor's was still plenty. Chymeara gave a last growl and wanted to give up. Jonusi knew that the Chymeara would be tired sooner or later. The Luciflor heared the growl which gave away the Chymeara's location. It was very confident that one blow would be enough. Luciflor's head rose up and quickly went rushing down.
    "Chymeara! Flash!"yelled Jonusi. A blinding light lit up the whole room. Luciflor looked like it was blinded temporarily.
    Luciflor yelled in frustration. The Chymeara, which was used to the light, had no trouble seeing. It used a Fire Spin to finish it off. It was super effective!
    "Luucii--"yelled Luciflor and hit the ground before it could finish its cry.
    "I WON!"yelled Jonusi. Shadrew was impressed more than he was surprised.
    Shadrew walked up to Jonusi while withdrawing the Luciflor. Shadrew handed him something smooth that looked like a moon. "Here! You deserve this Luna badge! You have just started your journey, telling from the number of badges you have. Here! This will be your first step to the long journey to the Elite Four!"
    Jonusi was so happy that even words could not describe how he felt. He took the badge and but it on his shirt. A tear came down his cheeks and with a smile, he started to walk out. On his way out, he turned back and asked him one final question.
    "Where's the next closest gym?"
    Shadrew was more than happy to answer that question. "If you go east from here, there will be a bridge filled with Machops, which are superpowered pokemon along with a few Twarves, which are Dwarf Pokemon. They have a fighting type, a great type against Dark Pokemon. Watch out, though they sometimes attack the trainer instead of the pokemon. After you cross that bridge, there will be a small town called Twilight town. There will be a gym owned by a ground trainer named Eartun. He is very powerful. even a better trainer than me! Congrad--wait! What's wrong with your Chymeara? It's acting strangely!"
    The Chymeara looked stunned. It was shaking a lot and growling in fear.
    "What's wrong, Chymeara?"said Jonusi worrying.
    "Chy!Chy!Chrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"the Chymeara said. It started glowing into a larger shaped creature.
    "It's evolving!"yelled Shadrew. The Chymeara became a larger creature. Instead of a cat, it looked like a horse. Jonusi opened his pokedex.
    legendary pokemon
    Weight:550 lbs

    A pokemon that has been included in many legends. It is never found in the wild because it is a pokemon that only evolves after it has been trained with care and love. The pokemon uses its massive wings to make fire.

    "Wow! A Pegasaurus!"said Jonusi with a smile. He was very proud of himself. He beat a gym leader in his first try. He also understood that the next gyms may be harder than this gym. Jonusi was ready to become the best pokemon trainer in Guoto. With his pokemon by his side, there was nothing he couldn't do if he set his heart and mind to it.

    To Be Continued in Chapter 7...
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    Chapter 7:The war for the fate of Earth

    "Hey! We're finally here! Wake up, Birzarre and Seedu! Thanks for the ride, Pegasaurus!"said Jonusi while getting off her. "Here we are! Twilight town! Looks like it's a very quiet little town! Let's check it out." Jonusi explored the town. He didn't need to use the pokemon center because he already healed his pokemon back in Shrine City. He just walked into the pokemon center to use the bathroom. When he walked in, he met someone he did not expect. He met Markan.
    "Hey, Markan! What are you doing here?"asked Jonusi in a loud voice.
    "We lost."said Markan quietly.
    "Don't you remember?"
    "What are you talking about?"asked Jonusi in a puzzled voice.
    Markan looked surprised. "We fought Team Rocket. The Elite Four and I fought our hardest. Looks like they already awakened the legendary Thundroar. They've used it against us."said Markan quietly.
    "Oh yeah! That little issue with Team Rocket..."said Jonusi. "So it's over? No hope of victory?"
    "I have decided to call May of Hoenn. She has been on the news 10 years ago because she caught Groudon, the one pokemon that rivals strength with Kyogre. She will be a great help to us. Brendan of Hoenn will also help us!"
    Jonusi butted in by saying,"Hey! I thought Brendan had his Kyogre stolen!"
    "He still has the Regi Trio and Rayquaza. There is also Team Magma which has helped us with issues with Team Aqua many times. We have decided to also call Gold of Johto and Red of Kanto to help us. Team Rocket has Thundroar and Mewtwo in their possesion. We might not stand a chance, but we will try our best. The Elite Four of Guoto have been held hostages. I would've joined them if I wasn't clever enough to escape. The war with Team Rocket and Team Aqua has just begun."said Markan.
    "What can I do to help?"asked Jonusi.
    Markan chuckled. "Ha! You have just started your journey! your pokemon's levels are in the teens. Mine are in the 50's and 60's. This war shall be none of your concern, understood?"
    "Uh...understood. But where's the bathroom?"
    Markan pointed to a door behind him. Jonusi rushed in. When he walked out while flushing the toilet, he saw no sign of Markan.
    "He ditched me..."whispered Jonusi to himself while wiping his hands with a paper towel.
    He went up to the Nurse of the pokemon center. "Excuse me. Uh...where is the next gym at?"
    She pointed to a tower directly across from the pokemon center.
    He walked out without hesitation. He exited the pokemon center without forgetting what Markan told him. 'This is none of your concern, understood?'
    "Darn Markan...always telling me to stay out of everything...some champion he is..."he said in anger to himself.
    He tried to open the gym door. "What the heck?!"yelled Jonusi,"It's locked!" He wondered what was wrong. He looked back at the nurse in the pokemon center with an angry face. She pointed at the building next to it. He looked at the building next to the tower. He felt stupid. He walked over to the gym without ever looking at that nurse again.

    To Be Continued in Chapter 8...
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    Chapter 8:Umphidor, the Unbeatable

    Jonusi had entered the gym. There was nothing special about the gym. It looked like the arena was made of rocks and cracks on the ground. The walls were also made of rocks. The celing was just plain white. Eartun was just staring at Jonusi enter the gym. The gym was bright and large. There was plenty of space to battle in. Eartun stood up and walked up to Jonusi without saying a word. Jonusi just stared back at him.
    "Hello, trainer. Shadrew back at Shrine Village told me about your coming here. I believe this battle will be interesting. I believe your name is Jonusi Hirrami from Sunset Town. Let's start our battle right away!"
    They stood on opposite ends of the arena and each took out their starting pokemon. Jonusi started with a Machop. Machop which is lv.16 was caught by him in the Bridge he crossed.
    "A Machop eh? I'll use this pokemon! Umphidor! Go!"yelled Eartun as he released his pokemon.
    Jonusi took out his pokedex to see what kind of pokemon it was.
    Umphidor(male) lv. 20
    Crater pokemon
    Weight:1440 lbs

    A very heavy pokemon that is only found rarely in the deserts. Its specialty moves include moves like Earthquake and Fissure. It can easily carry massive boulders up to 5 times its own weight.

    "This shall be my only pokemon I will use. Don't think you can defeat it very easily though! It has a very high defense and special defense!"said Eartun.
    "Machop! Seismic toss--wait! 1440 lbs...Machop! Superpower!"demanded Jonusi.
    Machop grabbed a boulder from inside the gym and picked it up. He formed a red glow around it. He threw it at the Umphidor, but it had no effect. Jonusi checked his pokedex.
    Umphidor lv.20(male)
    "What?! Only 3 damage! That is one tough boulder!"yelled Jonusi in surprise.
    It was Umphidor's turn now. "Umphidor! Magmaquake!"yelled Eartun. Umphidor slammed his hands on the ground and made an earthquake. Then, Magma went rushing up and covered the middle of the arena. Machop yelled in pain while his body soon got burned badly. The superpowered pokemon became powerless.
    "Return, Machop!"said Jonusi,"Go! Birzarre! Aerial Ace!"
    The Birzarre flew up and went rushing down. It was super effective.
    "Umphidor! Stockpile!"said Eartun.
    Umphidor's hit points went from 79 to 60 from all the attacks. If Jonusi kept this up, the Umphidor would be defeated in no time at all.
    "Birzarre! Show me a real Aerial Ace this time!"yelled Jonusi.
    Birzarre tried his best to put all of his strength into this one attack. It was another super hit. Umphidor struggled to move out of the way for every attack. His hp was down to 21.
    Eartun quickly yelled,"Umphidor! Spit up!" Umphidor's Crater on its head began to fill with lava. It aimed at the Birzarre, Formed a beam, and then hit its target. Birzarre hit the ground instantly.
    "Umphidor! Recover!"yelled Eartun. Umphidor's hp was back up to about 73/82.
    "Return, Birzarre! Go, Seedu!"yelled Jonusi. Seedu lv.10 came out of its pokeball and was ready to fight any pokemon. "Seedu, Vine Whip!" The Seedu formed two vines which hit the Umphidor easily. Umphidor was hurt, but more than enough to finish the little Seedu off. Umphidor did another Magmaquake which was a One-Hit KO attack. Jonusi did not give up. He still had his best pokemon ready for battle.
    "Go, Pegasaurus!"commanded Jonusi. The beautiful and majestic Pegasaurus came out of its pokeball. "Pegasaurus, use your Fire Spin!" Pegasaurus blew a ball of fire from her wing and made a tornado made of fire which hit the Umphidor. Umphidor was trapped inside the blazing twister. It looked like the tables have turned. It looked like Jonusi was going to easily win.

    To Be Continued in Chapter 9...

    Here's a pic from this chapter!
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    Chapter 9: Pegasaurus v.s. Umphidor

    Umphidor struggled to stay cool in the fire spin. It was burning him to ash slowly. The Pegasaurus just stood there waiting for the Umphidor to be defeated.
    "Umphidor! Stockpile!"said Eartun.
    Jonusi quickly reacted to that move. "No! Pegasaurus! Stop the Fire Spin! It'll use spit up and just bring you down with all the power you used on it back on you!"yelled Jonusi.
    Pegasaurus stopped fire immediately and waited for Jonusi's next command. Umphidor was truely unbeatable.
    "Umphidor! Magmaquake!"
    "Pegasaurus! Fly up!"
    "Umphidor! Spit up whatever damage you took from the Pegasaurus!"
    "Pegasaurus! Protect!"
    "Umphidor! Recover before he recovers!"
    "Pegasaurus! Sing!"
    "Umphidor! Here's a Full Restore!"
    "Pegasuarus! Fire Spin befeore it can get awakened fully!"
    "Umphidor! Stockpile!"
    "Pegasaurus stop fire now!"
    "Spit up whatever you got!"
    "Pegasuarus! Protect Now!"
    The battle raged on for hours. None of them seemed to get tired. Pegasaurus was finally exhausted and couldn't go on any longer.
    "No! Pegasaurus! Don't give up on me now! I think i have one X attack! Here!"
    The Pegasaurus ate the X Attack Chip.
    "Now, Pegasaurus! Use Tackle with Full Strength!" Pegasaurus charged at the Umphidor with a reckless force. Umphidor was starting to crack, but was soon recovered. It seemed like this battle could go on forever.
    "Umphidor! Magmaquake, Now!"said Eartun. The Umphidor made a fissure in the ground and magma started gushing out. Pegasaurus tried to fly away, but it was too late. It was Burned by the Lava. It looked like it was all over. Jonusi was very dissapointed not because he couldn't win on his first try, but because he had one of his very best friends get hurt badly.
    "Pegasaurus! No! Please! Hang in there buddy!"said Jonusi with tears dripping down his cheeks. "Remember all the fun training we did together! How we used to have fun while getting stronger! We have a special friendship, Pegasaurus, that not even the Fires of the Underworld could break! Just please! Tell me if this hurts so much! I could never be a pokemon master if it means to harm any of my pokemon!"
    Just then, a tear came down Pegasaurus' cheeks also. It felt so lucky to have a trainer so strong, yet so caring about his pokemon. He felt like he was the luckiest of his kind. Lucky to have the opportunity to have a trainer and be so loved.
    Pegasaurus' eyes went from a wet, tear-filled one to a red-glowing eye. Pegasaurus used its wings to blow away the Magma back to Umphidor himself.
    The magma-covered Umphidor screamed in pain while the magma around him slowly melted away some of the rocky layer of his hard skin. The Magma soon cooled while Umphidor went unconscious. Jonusi just won his second badge. All of a sudden, Birzarre popped out of his Pokeball. It was glowing like a bright star. It was evolving!
    "Another evolution! Wow!"said Jonusi. He checked his pokedex at the newly evolved pokemon.
    Cyclops Bird Pokemon
    Weight:200 lbs

    It can reflect some attacks by using its eye as a mirror. Although it has one eye, these pokemon have eyes 100 times more powerful than human eyes. The pokemon's beak is sharper and more powerful than any knife in the world.

    "Congradulations, Jonusi! Here's your badge!"said Eartun as he gave him a badge that looked like a picture of a volcano. "The next gym will be at Chrono Town. The gym leader will use psychic attacks which include time to confuse you. Her name is Shrona of the time. You can get to Chrono Town by 2 ways. One way is to go through a cave where you will need the move flash to see. Another way is to go through a river that travels directly under the cave. Both the river and the cave have a legendary pokemon inside. That is all I know about them. You can start your way there by going north of here. But, if you don't want to go to the next gym, I know of a place for excellent training. Go back to the bridge where you caught your Machop at. There will be a forest right before you get to the bridge. There are some powerful bug pokemon you can get there. Those pokemon will be very powerful against psychic pokemon. You can check on your pokedex for the Guoto map. This is all I can tell you now. Go on with your adventure, brave pokemon trainer to work your way up to the elite four championships. Farewell!"
    Jonusi walked out of the gym while feeling like he just completed an impossible mission. Jonusi was on his way back to the bridge to train to become even more powerful.

    To Be Continued in Chapter 10...
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    Chapter 10: Magma's Hideout

    The sun gave out its last light before the darkness of the night took over. The leaves rustled with the cool wind of Autumn. Everything was quiet except...
    "YAHOOOO!" A Rattata nearby fainted in surprise.
    SPLASH! "Come on in, guys! The water's perfect!"said Jonusi.
    A Mirruzar and a Seedu jumped into a lake. A Fire-Type pokemon, Pegasaurus just watched Jonusi and the rest of his pokemon playing in the water.
    Jonusi stared at Pegasaurus for a moment. "Oh come on, Pegasaurus! Just because you're a Fire pokemon, doesn't mean this water's going to kill you! Come on in, you're missing all the fun! We're having a water gun fight!"
    Pegasaurus just sighed. Jonusi called back his Birzarre and Seedu as he walked up to his Pegasaurus.
    "Hey. Don't feel bad. You're not left out! After all, you did help me win these two badges! You're all equally my favorite to me!"Jonusi said. "Hey, Pegasaurus! Can you help me get dried?"asked Jonusi. Pegasaurus happily walked up to Jonusi and gave a weak heat out of its wings. "Come on. There's gotta be something you can do for fun!"said Jonusi. Pegasaurus used her wings to create a huge flame and hurled it at Jonusi. Pegasaurus started laughing while Jonusi said,"Very funny."
    Jonusi and his pokemon walked back to Twilight Town to eat dinner. Jonusi was in the Twilight Town Restaurant eating peacefully with his pokemon. While he was enjoying his dinner, he noticed a familiar man talking to another man he has never seen in his life.
    "Oh man! It's the guy who tried rob Professor Maple's pokemon 3 days ago! What's he doing here?"said Jonusi.
    The man turned his face to Jonusi. The Rocket member smiled at him with an evil grin. Jonusi stood up and pointed at the man. "Arrest him! He's a theif and a member of Team Rocket. Everyone in the restaurant stood up and walked towards the Rocket member.
    They all took off their normal clothes which revealed their true identity. "So are we!"said all the Rocket Members. "Get him! He's almost ruined our plans before! We won't let him interfere with our mission any more! Let's hold the brat hostage to lure Markan!"
    Jonusi rushed out of the restaurant. He ran into Eartun's gym.
    "Help! Help! Rocket has taken over the Restaurant! Eartun! We have to do something!" The gym was empty. "What?" Jonusi ran out of the Gym and saw a gang of about 7 Rocket members chasing him. He ran his hardest, but it looked like they were catching up.
    He suddenly found an opening in the ground that had a ladder leading to the pitch-black darkness. Jonusi ran in and climbed down the stairs without even thinking of where it leads. He finally reached the end of the ladder after a long and tiring climb down the ladder. "It's pitch black. I can't see anything! Go, Pegasaurus! Flash!" The Pegasaurus made a bright flash of light that lit the whole place.
    "Let's explore! Maybe there's a legendary pokemon here we can catch."said Jonusi.
    Pegasaurus wanted some action. It hadn't had any fun since the gym battle with Eartun.
    "There won't be any pokemon in here, boy."said a voice coming from the darkness.
    "Who are you? Who said that?"asked Jonusi.
    The voice just chuckled. Jonusi was now scared.
    "Show yourself!"yelled Jonusi.
    The man revealed himself to Jonusi. "Welcome to the hideout of Team Magma!"said the man.
    "Team Magma? Then...then you're allies with Markan and the Elite Four!"said Jonusi.
    The man said,"Yes. We are allies of Markan and we are trying to stop Team Rocket and Team Aqua's plan to flood the Earth. This is a hideout of Team Magma. I am a Magma executive. We know Rocket took over Twilight Town years ago so we made a safe shelter for us here. This tunnel leads all the way to Chrono Town. You're free to use this tunnel anytime you want. Go! You must hurry back! We'll take care of Team Rocket once and for all here."
    "Who's we? It's just you."said Jonusi.
    Twenty more members of Team Magma came out of the shadows along with one young man who looked awfully familiar. It was Eartun, the gym Leader of Twilight Town.
    "Go, Jonusi! You must become more powerful. You can be of great help after you have trained your pokemon. Hurry and go to the next town."said Eartun.
    "Good Luck, all of you!"said Jonusi, who was running through the tunnel with his Pegasaurus guiding his way. He ran into the darkness and was never seen by Eartun again.

    To Be Continued in Chapter 11...
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    Chapter 11: A battle with Time

    Jonusi finally reached the gym of Chrono Town. Jonusi had no patience to observe the marvelous town because of his anxiousness to battle.
    "Just think! Three badges all in one week! Just wait, Markan! I'll challenge you, the Elite Four champion in notime at all!"said Jonusi, the Pokemon Trainer.
    He slowly entered. He saw nothing but mirrors and one light. The light suddenly went off once he took a step towards the arena.
    "What the? Why'd the--"
    "--Lights go out?"said a voice from the darkness.
    "Huh? Who--"
    "--Said that?"said the voice again.
    "Show yourself--"
    "It's a girl's voice so--"
    "Yes I am, the gym leader. Shrona of the Time!"said the voice as the body came from out of the darkness. The light shone again on the arena and they were standing on opposite sides, Jonusi and Shrona.
    "For my first pokemon, I choose--"
    Then Shrona said,"A Seedu, right?"
    Jonusi butted in,"Uh...NO! Go,--"
    "A Mirruzar... interesting."said Shrona right before the pokeball dropped. "And it's silver, not blue. That's even more interesting... Go, Tictokto!"
    Out of a green pokeball came out a clock-like pokemon.
    "What's that?"asked Jonusi as he took out his pokedex.
    Time Controller pokemon
    weight: 540 lbs

    A pokemon that is said to control time and fate. It is very rare and is only found in caves at a full moon. It only accepts capture to trainers who would use its power to control time for good.

    "Tic! Toc! To!,"said the Tictokto.
    The Mirruzar, the cyclops bird and Tictokto, the clock were staring each other down, waiting for the other to lose focus, to intimidate the foe, then, they would charge at it.
    "Mirruzar! Drill Peck!"commanded Jonusi.
    Mirruzar flew up into the celing and dove down at full speed at the Tictokto. The clock just stood there until the Mirruzar hit it.
    Tictokto made a purple barrier around it. When the beak hit the foe, Tictokto was damaged, but it seemed like the Mirruzar was paralyzed.
    "That's my Tictokto's Time Freeze attack! It paralyzes the enemy until it is defeated."said Shrona.
    "I don't care! Mirruzar is my friend and it can break that barrier any day! Mirruzar! Mirror Beam!"said Jonusi.
    Mirruzar struggled to move, but it looked like it was fully paralyzed. It was Tictokto's cue to finish this now.
    "Tictokto! Psychic!"said Shrona quickly. Tictokto immediately did as it was told to do. It made the whole room glow with a purple light. The mirrors started to fog and wiggle around.
    Shrona quickly made a barrier around herself and Jonusi to protect them from Tictokto's powerful psychic attack.
    Mirruzar was knocked out instantly. Jonusi quickly called back the Mirruzar and sent out another pokemon.
    "Hmmm. A Machop? But that's a fighting pokemon! Why would you send out that?"said Shrona.
    Jonusi had to weaken the Tictokto quickly before it could use the Time Freeze again.
    "Machop! Superpower!"commanded Jonusi. Machop created a giant ball with his hands and chucked it at the Tictokto. It was a direct hit and also a critical hit. Tictokto was down to 35 hp according to Jonusi's pokedex. Tictokto lay down on the ground, flinched.
    "Now, use Seismic Toss!"said Jonusi. Machop lifted up the flinched Tictokto and smashed it on the floor.
    Before Machop could smash the Tictokto, Shrona yelled,"Now, use endure, then recover!"
    Now down to 1 hp, the Tictokto lay damaged and tired. It soon recovered its strength and was back to fighting-fit.
    "No way! That... that was unbelievable! I almost had it! Oh no no no no no no! This can't be happening..."said Jonusi.
    "Yes it can be happening and it just did. Tictokto! Psyburst!"said Shrona.
    Tictokto made a swirl of light from its hands and hurled it at the Machop! Super effective!
    Machop lay on the floor, helpless and powerless. Jonusi returned Machop and sent out Seedu. The Seedu, which was at a low level, was still very confident.
    "Seedu! Razor Leaf!"commanded Jonusi. Seedu flung out 5 sharp leaves like a frisbee at the Tictokto. The Tictokto accepted damage and was hit like it wanted to get hit.
    "Tictokto! Counter!"said Shrona.
    Tictokto hurled 10 sharp leaves and hit the Seedu at twice the power. Seedu was eliminated instantly. That only left Jonusi with his trusty Pegasaurus, the Fiery Winged Steed.
    "Go, Pegasuarus!"yelled Jonusi. The Pegasuarus was ready for anything. "Pegasaurus! Fire Spin!"
    Pegasaurus blew out a burning fire at the Tictokto.
    "Tictokto! Lightspeed!"said Shrona.
    Boom! Boom! Boom! The air started bursting. The sound barrier was breaking. Boom Boom Boom Boom! The Pegasuarus was hit with the explosions. Boom Boom Boom! The attack continued.
    "No! Pegasuarus! Hang in there! I'll think up something!"said Jonusi.
    "Don't waste your time. Don't be so stubborn. You cannot win, just give up. I don't want to hurt your pokemon like this"said Shrona.
    Boom Boom Boom! The Pegasuarus was now badly damaged. There was nowhere to run.
    Jonusi quickly noticed something; the whole room was made of mirrors. He thought up a move to hit the Tictokto.
    "Shrona! Make a barrier around me! I swear that if doesn't work, I promise I'll give up like you said."
    Shrona looked confused, but did as he asked. The two trainers were covered in a barrier.
    "Pegasuarus! Hyper Beam!"said Jonusi. "That's right, Shrona! You never saw this coming did 'ya? I taught Pegasuarus the Hyper Beam!"
    "It still won't hit it. My Tictokto's too fast!"
    The Pegasuarus shot at the mirror, knowing what Jonusi's plan is. The beam reflected in another direction. Then, another. And another. And another. It did this until the Tictokto was hit. Tictokto was hit and knocked down. Then, Pegasuarus seized fire.
    "Wow! You really are a noble trainer! I foresaw my loss, but was afraid to face it. I wanted to change the future, but changing the future is even beyond my powers. Here is the Time Badge. Here is another Technical Machine you can give one of your pokemon. It contains Psyburst, an attack that is always a super effective on fighting pokemon. It can be taught to your Mirruzar. Congradulations, Jonusi."
    Jonusi recieved the Time Badge, a badge shaped like a clock. Shrona pointed out the nearest gym from here. It was in Steamill Town, a small town by a volcano. Jonusi would need the Hidden Machine, Surf to go the the island. Jonusi walked out of the gym proudly. He felt like a master already.

    To Be Continued in Chapter 12...
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