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    Dear Professors,

    Please find attached the latest copy of the Judge Manual for Pokemon Judges. This document was commissioned by POP in March 2008 as a challenge to the Premiere Tournament Organizers: come up with a document that would help in training judges to use more consistent methods and achieve more consistent results in judging at sanctioned and premiere events.

    This document is intended for use in your judge trainings and as a lstaff reference at your events.

    The editorial approach to creating this document has been to incorporate consensus best practices that transcend the regional level, as well as to record approaches taught at judge seminars at US National & World championships.

    The judge manual does duplicate or institute new penalty guidelines or tournament rules... all skills and techniques in the manual are intended to provide practical ways for the judge to implement the existing Play! Pokemon rules and guidelines.

    Please download this document - it is free to use, unaltered, in any of your judge trainings or events.

    If you find a typo or other error, please post it in this thread, so the document can be updated.
    If you would like to share a judge skill that is not in the document, please post it to this thread.
    If you would like to elaborate on or ask questions about this document, please post in this thread.

    Thanks for using the Judge Manual!

    Kim Cary
    on behalf of the contributors: Premiere Tournament Organizers, Worlds Staff & Professors from all over

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    I added the field judge evaluation - more useful at States and higher for judges, to provide feedback for judges.

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