Jump Starter Deck. :)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by UkeleleMilo, Mar 1, 2011.

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  1. UkeleleMilo

    UkeleleMilo New Member

    Lolz. First things first. I will discuss the single most important part of any deck... the name.

    Jump Starter. OK. If you will look below, you will see it is a Scizor Prime/Magnezone Prime deck. Thus, Scizor prime will be the clamps in this jumper cable. Magnezone gives the charges for the jump start.

    OK. Now that's out of the way... here's the deck skeleton (its not perfect, nor do I have all of these cards. Shoot, i don't even have any Magnezone Primes yet.)

    Pokemon: 19

    2-2-2-1 Magnezone Prime (all magnezones proxied... ughh)
    3-3 Scizor Prime (2 proxied)
    4 Skarmory CL (some proxied. should be easy to get)
    1-1 Lanturn Prime (Tech against fire? synergy w/ Scizor is boss.)
    1 Azelf LA (proxy for now)

    T/S/S: 26

    4 Bebe's
    2 Collector
    1 Luxury Ball
    4 Switch
    4 Seeker (2 proxy)
    2 Rare Candy (all proxy)
    2 Palmer's (1 proxy)
    2 PONT
    1 Cynthia's Feelings
    2 Interviewer's Questions
    2 Expert Belts (1 proxy)

    Energy: 15

    4 Special Metal
    5 Steel
    4 Lightning
    2 Warp energy (for leveling magnezone. I don't actually HAVE them... so it is basics for both types for now... 1 lightning 1 steel)

    OK. For the strategy (if you haven't figured it out).

    Skarmory start and search out a Scyther. basic metal to search out specials for scizor w/ metal coat.
    All this time, setting up Magnezone for draw power. (should I get a sableye in there? :eek:)
    Once this is done (ideally pretty quick... idk, just in case skarmory dies... i'd have a t2 Scizor (have 2-3 special metals by that time and 4-5 energies total) When I have 4 or 5 energies attached to scizor I'll set up a lanturn (if needed..)
    Keep the attacks going with Scizor/Lanturn and if needed... magnezone.
    Please help me out! :) I was just wanting an electric/steel deck and I had a lanturn Prime and Scizor prime, So i got an idea... then a buddy of mine suggested magnezone :p
  2. djjonnytsunami

    djjonnytsunami New Member

    You totes need some Uxies!
  3. sToRm07

    sToRm07 New Member

    broken time space too! :p

    Also, running four electric energies for a 1-1 lanturn prime line seems a bit too much, maybe run less?
  4. UkeleleMilo

    UkeleleMilo New Member

    But, If i get my Magnazone up... It is a continual Uxie. :)

    And the Electric Energies are also for my Magnezones :p X requires one steel and one electric to discard to do 80 and paralyze :) That's only if i'm in a bind...

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    OH! I'll need some DCE too! :D all my attacks can benefit from it :D
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2011
  5. DoomScizor

    DoomScizor New Member

    Drop the PONT, Cynthia's, and Interviewer's for 4 judge and 1 Vs seeker, It's pretty much staple in any magnezone, I like the idea here, but it might be a little clunky
  6. UkeleleMilo

    UkeleleMilo New Member

    Yeah. I gotta proxy this deck and play test it soon. I'll try tomorrow and saturday. :p
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