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  1. metagross

    metagross New Member

    Pokémon 27:
    4 Pachi
    4-3-4 Kingdra ex
    3-2-3 Flygon ex PK
    2-2 Claydol

    Trainers 17:
    3 Bebe's search
    4 Steven's Advice
    4 Copycat
    4 Rare Candy
    3 Roseanne
    2 Crystal Beach

    Energy 13:
    13 Fighting Energy

    The idea is to setup as many Kingdra ex as possible to protect your Flygon. Gardi will telepass your steven's making their hand huge for a nice copycat. Psychic Lock with DRE and 3 Kingdra ex in play does 20 damage max (and you can discard to make it zero). If they decide to attack with Gallade, even better they can put you on 50HP remaining and after that they need to flip 3 prizes to do 60 damage (and that is assuming you dont use Flygon).
  2. OllieK

    OllieK New Member

    I dont think flygon is completly neccisary as kingdra can do 80 alone and with less pokemon around it will be much easier to setup the kingdras.
  3. SuicidalPikachu

    SuicidalPikachu New Member

    i like the concept, but u need som unown G, because GG can just sonic blade and bring down you to death, and that's 2 prizes each too, doesnt matter how much damage you sponge off.
  4. PokePockets

    PokePockets New Member

    Yes, Unown G is needed for the deck to work. I took 4th at states with this deck. It works out real nice, Playing 4 Boost energy will also help the deck work faster. I love the concept, but sadly this deck fell to Electromark T-Tar ex.
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