Kamz CA/NV state championship report with evil thrash cans

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by kamz, Mar 13, 2011.

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  1. kamz

    kamz New Member

    okay so me and sassan get to the QUEEN MARY at like 7:30 and we get some cards from Javva and buy some mercandise. well the registration goes on for 2 and a half hours and we are finally seated to find out the decklists will be collected during the game. sassan decided to play dchomp w toxitank while i played luxchomp w erl. well time for my awesome FAIL report

    Game 1 me against raven w vilepluff
    this game was fast cuz i take FOUR prizes through garchomp and killed her plume w roserade snipe then erl for 2 prizes. she only takes prizes cuz i thunder falled one of my lux x.


    game 2 me against some black guy from nor cal with a really long name playing lostgar w vileplume
    turn 2 he gets a gengar prime out and hurld into darkness my garchomp x and a part of erl. i sniped two of his benched pokemon with my second garchomo x and got rid of his compound pain with healing breath and took another 2 easy prizes off luxray gl flash impact and roserade gl poison bind. once i kill his one fully loaded gengar he cant catch up.


    game 3 against donchamp
    he starts really bad i power spray one uxie he scoops.


    game 4 against jason m w vilegar
    i take 3 easy snipes but couldnt get my staraptor out and he level downs and poltergists me from there also i was just happy i set up here was my starting hand
    ambipom g
    4x poke turn
    energy gain
    to his gastly start


    game 5 against Hale w luxchomp
    here is what the garchomp war looks like
    he knocks out my gachomp 6-5
    i knock out his garchomp5-5
    he dragonites my garchomp 5-4
    i aarons and dce plus e gain to knock out his dragonite 4-4
    he knocks it out by aarons his garchomp and earchquakes. 4-3
    i take an easy prize with luxray drom his crobat g 3-3
    he garchomp snipes a uxie 3-2
    i kill garchomp with ambipom g2-2
    he promocroaks ambipom 2-1
    i notice he used 3 poke turns so i poison bind it forcing him to use the last poke turn
    not allowing him to poke turn his crobat g. this game goes to time which didnt matter cus it ended up to 1-1 prizes
    because i luxurayed something. he used pont hoping to draw into an ebelt for game but didnt so next turn i won with a final garchomp snipe. OMG HARDEST GAME EVER


    game 6 against javier t w sablelock w dragy
    i thought for sure i lost because i played ambipom but i got a 2 prize lead and even though he tried to catch up he needed a crucial flash bite to win which i power sprayed and topdecked a dce.

    i look at the standings and i am the worst 5-1 at 5th place and i am playing rayvvn.

    me against rayvvn w g-dos w mew prime tech.

    game 1 i got nothing out he got a godly set up

    game 2 i got an average set up to his godly one and i decide to poion bind a regice but he has a warp energy and wins

    5-2 not bad for my second tournament using luxchomp. sassan went 3-3 because of really bad matchups that consisted of sablelock luxchomp and blaiken with blaziken fb

    norman for being norman
    rayvvn for being awesome
    jason m for not winning
    me getting top 8
    me not losing to mirror.
    darkstar20 for helping with my list
    sassan for telling me to go with a 2-2 garchomp not 3-1

    christopher thinking his vilegar list was better than mine. sillyy chris trix are for kids.
    registration taking a long time


    now here is my nv states report

    i get there at like 7:00 hang out with friends till parings are up.

    round 1 me with luxchomp vs ???? w sablelock
    he gets the lock but ruins it with judge and i get a god hand while he doesn't and win from there


    round 2 against Elysia s w luxchomp w champ
    i get a better start them with the exception of dce which helps him win the game with his champ and snipes since i got dead draws


    kind of thought of dropping but decided against it

    round 3 against vilegar
    i get the prize lead and lock him with roserade gl. he gets a double prize penalty for not taking a prize when he should have and i just sniped from there.


    get lunch at MR. Bejing. okay food best service ever

    round 4 against ryan with launturn prime
    apparently he was already 3-0 because the deck worked really well with turn two fully set up except i started weavile g luxray gl triple power spray and cyrus i power spray most things and he is always 10 damage off from killing somehting. his 6 prizes were eng. his electrode primes got me prizes while he failed


    round 5 against josiah s
    i get a cruddy start but take 1 prize with roserade gl. i finally topdeck a cyrus and catch up and i lookers to see that he has nothing but he topdecks some stuff but not enough and i win


    standings are up and i play against javier yaaah

    top 4 against javier with machamp/mighteyana
    GAME 1 he gets out three champs i get nothing

    game 2 look at game 1

    4-2 and i get a medal yahhhhh.

    medals suck.

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  2. PikaTheXIII

    PikaTheXIII New Member

    Sweet boss lol you did ur best and that's what counts!
    Keep up the good work
  3. kamz

    kamz New Member

    thx man and i think im gonna put weavile g instead of erl
  4. Dude

    Dude New Member

    yo kamz gj man and pm me if you need help
  5. Pittsburgh Steelers

    Pittsburgh Steelers New Member

    Great job Jamz. You did really well, especially making it Top 8!

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