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  1. The King Of Magikarps

    The King Of Magikarps Active Member

    2. All cards are shipped in card sleeve which is then placed in a top loader, so I expect the same.
    3. I keep all my cards in Mint condition.
    4. I will only accept Mint to Near-Mint cards.
    5. I will accept foreign language cards, but you must say so.
    6. I do ship overseas.
    7. You make the first offer.
    8. I will check lists.
    9. You must send PM to confirm you have shipped and when you have received.
    10. Best way to discuss trades is over AIM.
    11. Please note that common and some uncommon card counts may be lower than listed due to the large quantities of commons I have.
    12. Since I have so many commons and uncommons for many of sets I have stopped listing them, but they are still for trade, just ask and I will check.

    Okay here is the H/W list.


    Old Black Star Promos (the first 52 promos from WTC)
    I have more than one of a promo unless otherwise stated.
    Pokemon the First Movie Complete sets (if you just want one of them instead of the whole set just say so)
    Set includes:
    Promo #2-5
    Promo #2 Electabuzz
    Promo #3 Mewtwo
    Promo #4 Pikachu
    Promo #5 Dragonite

    Promo #1 Pikachu (also known as Ivy Pikachu)
    Promo #8 League Promo Mew (Non-Holo)
    Promo #18 Team Rocket's Meowth
    1x Promo #24 Birthday Pikachu
    Promo #28 Surfing Pikachu

    Other WotC Promos:
    1x Base Set 2 WD Stamp Wartortle
    2x Pre-release Dark Gyardos

    En Route:

    JUST IN:

    EX's Haves:
    Hitmonchan EX (Minor Damage)
    Ampharos EX (DR)
    Wish I had more. :(

    WOTC Shiny's Haves:
    None :(

    HGSS Unleashed Haves:
    1x Magmortar (RH)
    1x Shaymin
    1x Roserade
    1x Cherrim (RH)
    1x Aipom (RH)
    1x Larvitar (RH)(60 HP)
    1x Onix (RH)(Poke-Body)

    3x Dual Ball
    3x Engineer's Adjustments
    2x Interviewer's Questions
    4x Judge
    9x Super Scoop Up

    HGSS Haves:
    1x Hearcross (RH)
    1x Bill (RH)
    2x Copycat
    1x Pokemon Collector

    1x Meganium Prime
    1x Typhlosion Prime

    Arceus Haves:
    4x Arceus (Ground Type)
    1x Aerodactyl
    1x Gengar (Curse Poke-Power)
    4x Gengar (2 Attacks)
    1x Sceptile (Green Breath Poke-Body)

    Trainers, Supporters, etc:
    2x Beginning Door
    4x Bench Shield
    6x Buffer Piece
    1x Department Store Girl
    1x Energy Restore
    2x Expert Belt
    5x Lucky Egg
    10x Professor Oak's Visit
    1x Dome Fossil (RH)

    Too many Uncommons and Commons to list. RHs listed below:
    1x Bronzong (RH)
    1x Luxio (RH)
    1x Manectric (RH)
    1x Wormadam (Plant Cloak)(RH)

    Platinum: Supreme Victors Haves:
    1x Drifblim FB
    2x Camerupt G
    1x Spinda (RH)
    2x Cynthia's Guidance

    Too many Uncommons and Commons to list. RHs listed below:
    1x Altaria C (RH)
    1x Lopunny (RH)
    1x Magmar (RH)
    1x Marshtomp (RH)
    1x Raichu (RH)
    1x Togekiss C (RH)
    1x Chimchar (RH)
    1x Shinx (RH)
    1x Starly (RH)

    Platinum: Rising Rivals Haves:
    1x Arcanine
    2x Roserade GL (RH)
    1x Shiftry (RH)
    2x Aggron
    2x Beedrill
    1x Golem E4

    Too many Uncommons and Commons to list. RHs will be listed below.
    <><><>< RH ><><><>
    1x Gastrodon (West Sea)
    1x Walrein
    1x Yanmega GL
    2x Electrode G
    1x Glaceon
    1x Hippowdon E4
    1x Leafeon
    1x Machamp GL
    1x Rapidash E4
    3x Scizor E4
    1x Sharpedo
    2x Starmie
    2x Whiscash E4
    2x Munchlax (Errands)
    1x Sealeo
    3x Shellos (West Sea)
    1x Turtwig GL
    1x Weezing

    ><><><> Trainers <><><><
    2x Bebe's
    4x Bertha's
    4x Flint's
    1x Lucian's
    5x Contest Hall
    5x Sunnyshore
    3x TM G
    2x SP Radar
    4x Underground
    7x Volkner
    3x Special Dark
    3x Special Metal
    6x SP Energy
    2x Upper Energy

    Remeber that I have all Uncommons and Commons from RR so just ask and I'll see what I can find.

    Platinum Haves:
    1x Manectric
    1x Gyardos G (RH)
    3x Cacturne
    1x Carnivine (3 attacks)(RH)
    2x Carnivine (3 attacks)
    1x Cascoon (RH)
    1x Kirlia (RH)
    1x Kirlia
    1x Monferno (RH)
    1x Monferno
    1x Muk
    1x Prinplup (RH)
    1x Probopass
    1x Shieldon (RH)
    1x Cacnea (RH)
    2x Cacnea
    1x Carnivine (no energy attack)
    3x Chansey
    3x Chimchar
    1x Diglett
    1x Dunsparce
    2x Electrike
    1x Grimer (RH)
    2x Grimer
    1x Happiny
    1x Hounchkrow G
    1x Kricketot
    1x Lickitung
    1x Lotad
    2x Mareep
    1x Piplup
    1x Remoriad
    1x Riolu
    1x Shuppet
    1x Skitty
    1x Skuntank G
    2x Squirtle
    1x Swablu
    1x Tauros
    2x Torchic
    1x Torkoal (RH)
    1x Turtwig (RH)
    1x Vulpix
    2x Wurmple
    2x Cyrus
    3x Level Max
    2x Looker's Investigation
    2x Memory Berry
    2x Misama Valley
    4x Pokdex Handy
    1x Armor Fossil
    1x Skull Fossil (RH)

    Storm Front Haves:
    1x Dusknoir (Shadow Command)(RH)
    1x Torterra
    1x Drifblim
    1x Tyranitar (RH)
    2x Electrode (Flash)
    1x Farfetch'd
    1x Magenton :)lightning)
    1x Pichu
    2x Scyther
    1x Shelgon (RH)
    2x Skarmory
    1x Skarmory (RH)
    3x Staravia
    1x Staravia (RH)
    2x Bidoof
    6x Bronzor
    2x Cherubi
    3x Combee
    5x Drifloon
    5x Duskull (Lv. 12)
    8x Finneon
    1x Finneon (RH)
    6x Larvitar
    6x Machop
    3x Magnemite :)metal:)
    10x Magnemite :)lightning)
    5x Misdreavus
    1x Pikachu
    5x Ponyta
    2x Skorupi
    2x Snover
    2x Starly
    1x Stunky (RH)
    2x Stunky
    6x Swinub
    4x Tangela
    5x Treecko
    4x Voltorb (Screech)

    2x Conductive Query
    4x Energy Link
    2x Great Ball
    1x Luxury Ball
    3x Marley's Request
    2x Poke Healer +

    Secret Rares:
    1x Charizard

    1x Shiny Voltorb

    Legends Awakened Haves:
    1x Heatran (RH)
    1x Regigigas (Lv. 52)
    1x Regigigas (Lv. 52)(RH)
    1x Cradily
    1x Deoxys (Speed Form)(RH)
    1x Ditto
    1x Poliwrath
    1x Poliwrath (RH)
    1x Victreebell
    1x Victreebell (RH)
    4x Anorith
    1x Anorith (RH)
    4x Camerupt
    2x Castform
    2x Castform (Snow-Cloud Form)
    3x Castform (Snow-Cloud Form)(RH)
    2x Dragonair
    6x Drifblim
    5x Exeggutor
    3x Gliscor (Lv.44)
    2x Grumpig
    4x Houndoom
    1x Lanturn (Lv. 43)
    5x Ledian
    1x Ledian (RH)
    7x Lucario
    2x Luxio
    5x Marowak
    2x Metang (Lv. 24)
    1x Mighyena
    1x Ninjask
    1x Persian
    1x Persian (RH)
    2x Piloswine
    3x Seadra
    1x Starmie
    11x Swalot
    3x Swellow
    2x Swellow (RH)
    2x Tauros
    4x Tentacruel
    3x Unown (J)
    2x Unown (R)
    5x Unown (U)
    5x Unown (V)
    3x Unown (Y)
    4x Unown (?)
    8x Beldum (Lv.9)
    2x Beldum (Lv. 7)
    3x Bellsprout
    6x Buneary
    7x Chinchou (Lv. 15)
    5x Chinchou (Lv. 13)
    5x Corphish
    11x Cubone
    3x Dratini
    5x Drifloon
    8x Exeggcute
    2x Gligar (Lv. 14)
    5x Gloom (Lv. 22)
    4x Gloom (Lv. 24)
    10x Gulpin
    2x Hitmonchan
    4x Hitmonlee
    11x Horsea
    4x Houndour
    5x Ledyba
    4x Lileep
    5x Meowth
    6x Misdreavus
    4x Nincada
    7x Numel
    7x Oddish (Lv. 6)
    6x Oddish (Lv. 7)
    7x Pineco
    8x Poliwag
    1x Poliwhirl
    11x Poochyena
    13x Riolu
    6x Shinx
    6x Skitty
    6x Sneasel
    7x Spoink
    9x Staryu
    9x Swinub
    9x Taillow
    4x Tentacool
    6x Tyrogue
    6x Weepinbell
    10x Yanma
    2x Technical Machine TS-2
    3x Claw Fossil
    2x Root Fossil

    Majestic Dawn Haves:
    1x Empoleon
    2x Ambipom
    4x Grotle
    3x Kangaskhan
    5x Lickitung
    4x Manectric
    4x Monferno (1x RH)(5 Total)
    5x Pachirisu
    9x Prinplup
    2x Raichu
    6x Staravia
    5x Sudowoodo (2x RH)(7 Total)
    4x Unown Q
    3x Aipom (Collect)
    4x Aipom (Last Resort)
    3x Bronzor
    4x Buneary
    2x Burmy (Sandy Cloak)
    3x Chatot
    5x Chimchar (40 HP)
    6x Chimchar (Cheri Berry)(1x RH)(7 Total)
    7x Chingling
    4x Combee
    10x Croagunk (1x RH)(11 Total)
    2x Drifloon (1x RH)(3 Total)
    1x Eevee (Call for Family)
    11x Eevee (Gnaw)
    10x Electrike (1x RH)(11 Total)
    9x Glameow
    9x Hippopotas
    10x Kabuto
    5x Munchlax (2x RH)(7 Total)
    7x Omanyte
    1x Pikachu (2x RH)(3 Total)
    3x Piplup (Water Splash)
    4x Piplup (Pecha Berry)
    10x Shellos (East Sea)(1x RH)(11 Total)
    3x Spearow
    9x Starly
    8x Stunky
    4x Turtwig (Razor Leaf)
    2x Dusk Ball
    3x Fossil Excavator
    4x Mom's Kindness (1x RH)(5 Total)
    3x Old Amber (1x RH)(4 Total)
    1x PokeBall
    3x Super Scoop Up
    6x Dome Fossil
    5x Energy Search
    6x Helix Fossil

    Great Encounters Haves:
    1x Pachi (RH)
    1x Pachi
    1x Unown H
    1x Cacturne
    1x Delibird (RH)
    1x Floatzel
    1x Gorebyss
    1x Granbull
    1x Huntail
    1x Linoone
    2x Loudred
    1x Magcargo
    2x Purugly
    1x Unown F (RH)
    1x Zangoose
    2x Baltoy
    1x Glameow
    3x Houndour
    2x Jigglypuff
    4x Mudkip
    1x Porygon
    1x Slowpoke
    2x Swablu
    2x Torchic
    1x Unown L
    2x Wingull
    1x Wingull (RH)
    1x Amulet Coin

    Secret Wonders Haves:
    1x Suicube
    2x Breloom
    2x Charmeleon
    3x Farfetch'd
    2x Ivysaur
    3x Kirlia
    3x Muk
    2x Raticate (1x RH)(3 total)
    2x (of all commons EXCEPT Shellos)
    3x Bebe's Search
    2x Plus Power
    2x Rival
    4x Potion
    1x Switch
    Also have many commons and uncommons so just ask.

    Mysterious Treasures Haves:
    1x Ambipom (1x RH)
    2x Ariados
    2x Kricketune
    3x Sandslash
    2x Unown E
    1x Fossil Excavator
    2x Bebe's Search
    Also have many commons and uncommons so just ask.

    Sets Below are not up to date. Numbers are based on my last check.

    Power Keepers Haves:
    1x Altaria
    1x Armaldo
    1x Delcatty Energy Draw (RH)
    1x Sableye (RH)
    1x Charmeleon (RH)
    1x Galaie (RH)
    1x Sharpedo (RH)
    1x Vibarava (RH)
    1x Beldum (RH)
    1x Cacnea (RH)
    1x Kabuto (RH)
    1x Skitty (RH)
    1x Spheal (RH)
    1x Torchic (RH)
    2x ER2
    1x Energy Switch (RH)
    1x Root Fossil (1x RH)(2 total)

    Dragon Frontiers Haves:
    1x Typhlosion d (RH)
    2x Dewgong
    1x Crocconaw (1x RH)(2 total)
    1x Kirlia d (RH)
    1x Nidorhino d (RH)
    1x Seadra d (RH)
    1x Shelgon d (RH)
    1x Bagon d (RH)
    1x Chikorita d (RH)
    1x Cyudaquil d (RH)
    1x Dratini d (RH)
    1x Elekid d (RH)
    3x Feebas d (RH)
    1x Larvitar (RH)
    1x Mareep d (RH)
    2x Natu d (RH)
    3x Nidoran Feamale d (RH)
    2x Nidoran Male d (RH)
    1x Ralts (RH)
    1x Ralts d (RH)
    1x Shellder d (RH)
    1x Smoochum d (RH)
    1x Swablu d (RH)
    1x Taillow d (RH)
    1x Buffer Piece (RH)
    2x Holon Legacy
    1x Island Hermit
    3x PETM
    4x Switch (1x RH)(5 total)

    Crystal Guardians Haves:
    /\/ All cards in this section are RH \/\
    1x Ludicolo
    1x Manectric
    1x Wigglypuff
    1x Grumpig
    1x Marshtomp (Water Type)
    1x Grovyle
    1x Gulpin
    2x Aron
    1x Electrike
    1x Jigglypuff
    1x Lotad
    2x Mudkip
    1x Numel

    Legend Maker Haves:
    1x Kabutops (RH)
    1x Huntail
    1x Lanturn (RH)
    2x Magmar
    2x Magneton
    1x Torkoal
    1x Anorith (RH)
    1x Graveler (RH)
    2x Kecleon
    2x Roselia
    2x Sealeo
    1x Vibrava (RH)
    2x Weepinbell
    3x Gastly
    3x Geodude
    3x Growlithe
    3x Lileep
    2x Machop (1x RH)(3 total)
    2x Magby
    3x Magnemite
    2x Sentret (1x RH)(3 total)
    3x Shuppet
    2x Skitty
    2x Spheal (RH)
    2x Tentacool
    1x Voltorb (RH)
    1x Wailmer (RH)
    1x Wurmple (RH)
    1x Wynaut (RH)

    Unmodified Trainers Haves:
    1x Giant Stump (RH)(LM)
    3x Mysterious Fossil (1x RH)(LM)
    1x Root Foosil (RH)(LM)
    3x Potion (1x RH)(DS)
    1x Holon Researcher (RH)(DS)

    Other Pokemon TCG Stuff Haves:
    1x EX Dragons Hanging Store Display
    Side A: http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r163/someone111_01/IMG_5736.jpg
    Side B: http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r163/someone111_01/IMG_5735.jpg
    NOTE: Trader must help pay for shipping for this item.

    Misc Haves:
    Sealed light up Squirtle Keychain. (TRADED to tee79)


    WoTC Wants:
    Box Toppers

    Nintendo Wants:

    HUGE WANT: Japanese Giratina Red Slevees
    RH Trainers
    Japanese Coin Pages
    Newer Japanese Cards
    Any Promo Items or Cards

    Japanese Deck Sleeves
    Japanese Deck Boxes
    Japanese Promo Cards
    Jumbo Cards
    Pokemon Coins
    Pokegym Member's User Name on POP4 Pidgey
    Pokegym Dice
    LV. X's
    1x POP4 Umby*
    2 or more Call Energy.
    Any Newer Japanese Cards.

    Rares to complete my sets, PM to acquire card numbers. (Ask for which DP Set)
    Also other cards, just PM to ask.

    Wizards of the Coast E-Reader Series Wants

    #6 (NON-HOLO)

    Coll # H2, H10, H15, H19, H24, H28, H30, 40.

    Coll # H5, H6, H8, H12, H14, H17, H18, H23, H26.

    Coll # 55.

    Crystal Type:
    #145, #149.

    I also have many other cards from any Wizards Sets or Nintendo Sets just ask and I'll check my stash. Cards from just about every set are in my stash.

    Pics came from the Pokegym Gallery. After the older links stopped working and Pokebeach scans weren't working, I thought why not use the pics here on the gym. The Admins and Mods should like the fact that these are the Gym's images and not the Beach's.:tongue:​
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2010
  2. evil psyduck

    evil psyduck Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    Just a little advice. You should reconsider rule #1. I doubt many people will send first when you have no refs . There are some here who have over 100 refs. I myself have 110.
  3. The King Of Magikarps

    The King Of Magikarps Active Member

    Updates are now up.
  4. xleftranx

    xleftranx New Member

    hey cml for your Draggy d ex.
  5. The King Of Magikarps

    The King Of Magikarps Active Member

    I'm going to have to push back my update in progress back until after 10:00 PM.
  6. xleftranx

    xleftranx New Member

    ok/ lmk if u re finished.
  7. The King Of Magikarps

    The King Of Magikarps Active Member

    Will xleftranx, Nu Gundam, and ShadowofMordor please send me your addresses so that I can send you the cards.

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    xleftreanx - PM sent about details - Card should be shipped by Sept. 8
    Nu Gundam - Cards should be shipped by Aug. 31
    ShawofMordor - Crad should be shipped by Aug. 31
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2007
  8. The King Of Magikarps

    The King Of Magikarps Active Member

    Nu Gundam and ShawofMordor your cards have been shipped.
  9. The King Of Magikarps

    The King Of Magikarps Active Member

    If your trading with me I would also like POP 4 Pidgey with your Pokegym Screen Name signed on the card.
  10. Cipher_Admin

    Cipher_Admin New Member

    CML for the PK Walrein ex.
  11. The King Of Magikarps

    The King Of Magikarps Active Member

    Sorry for not getting back to you I've been really busy with school lately.
  12. jolteon234

    jolteon234 New Member


    I have the Promo Moltres, Zapdos, and Marril... but they're not still in the package! Just checking if that's a must. If it is, it's cool and I understand :smile:
  13. The King Of Magikarps

    The King Of Magikarps Active Member

    Yes those cards that you put need to be in package.
  14. pokemonmike

    pokemonmike Active Member

    please edit out rule #4 as you can not buy or sell in the trading forum anyways so there is no need for it to be there. If you wish to buy you can post in the Buyers House but being new you do not qualify to sell on pokegym,

  15. The King Of Magikarps

    The King Of Magikarps Active Member

    Updated Today. See note for reason.
  16. thysereivuth

    thysereivuth New Member

    cml for crobat ex
    dragonite ex
    metagross ex
    latios ex
  17. The King Of Magikarps

    The King Of Magikarps Active Member

    I can do it for:
    1 Ray d EX,
    2 King d EX.

    I don't think I'll trade Metagross EX for what you have but I will trade those other three for the liseted three.
  18. Dante63s

    Dante63s New Member

    What would it take to get x1 Sfihtry Ex CG? LMK
  19. thysereivuth

    thysereivuth New Member

    nah im ok
  20. The King Of Magikarps

    The King Of Magikarps Active Member

    I'll trade it for a Ray d EX DF. PM me for shipping details.
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