Key West - Saturday, May 24

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  1. Team OP

    Team OP New Member

    Team OP and Borders Express is proud to present the Spring Battle Road Championship.

    Saturday, March 24, 2008

    LOCATION CHANGE: The Spring Battle Roads event will be held at the Key West Moose Lodge to provide additional space and time for the tournament.

    Moose Lodge 1760
    700 Eisenhower Dr
    Key West, Florida 33040
    (305) 294-5419

    Registration Time
    10:30am - 11:30pm

    Deck registration sheets will be required and available on site.

    Start Time

    Entry Fee

    - Ex Holon Phantoms through Majestic Dawn
    - Nintendo black star promo cards 037-041 and DP01 and higher
    - POP Series 4,5,6
    - Diamond & Pearl Trainer Kit

    If card has been reprinted in one of the sets mentioned above the older version can be used (i.e. Warp Point, TV Reporter, etc).

    Based on attendance. After swiss rounds are completed, cut to single elimination per age group with 1 hour match, best 2 of 3 (top cut will be based on attendance per age group with a MAXIMUM cut of 4).

    Prizes (Junior, Senior, & Master Divisions)
    1st - Pokemon TCG Trophy Card & 8 booster packs of Majestic Dawn
    2nd - 4 booster packs of Majestic Dawn
    3rd - 2 booster packs of Majestic Dawn
    4th - 2 booster packs of Majestic Dawn

    Side Event (Following the Swiss rounds)
    Entry Fee: $5.00
    Format: Modified
    Prizes: will depend on the number of players that enter.
  2. Hagrid23

    Hagrid23 New Member

    Congrats to the following:


    1 - Aaron G
    2 - Michelle H
    3 - Aaron C
    4 - Nate M


    1 - Charles S
    2 - Errol S
    3 - Ryan F


    1 - Mark H

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