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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by skarmory777, Feb 14, 2004.

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  1. skarmory777

    skarmory777 New Member

    16 Pokemon:
    4 Seadra(Water Arrow)
    3-Kingdra Ex
    25 Trainers:
    3-Pokemon Nurse
    3-Professor Oak's Research
    4-Warp Point
    2 Professor Birch
    4-Wally's Training
    3-TV Reporter
    2-High Pressure
    1-Town Volunteers
    19 Energy:
    3-Rainbow Energy
    4-Boost Energy
    12-Water Energy


    Well first thing your notice is way to many supporters.I try to limit them but all seem to necessary,I think thatz why it may be alittle slower than other Kingdra decks.Any and All suggestions are appreciated.
  2. Shift

    Shift New Member

    Max out on the Nurses, take out one Warp Point for one more Nurse, as 3 warps are pretty good. I would also suggest that you take out 2 Birch, add another Oak's Research and an Aquapolis Kingdra.

    *Waits for SuperWooper's fix of PETM instead of Wally's Training.* :D
  3. WaRrIoR04

    WaRrIoR04 New Member

    hmmm ide make it 4 sparce somehow keep the birch in my opinion it works in decks that dont run catty
  4. skarmory777

    skarmory777 New Member

    I don't use aquapolis cuz i only attach one energy and I don't need to move the NRG to get rid of damage.Just discard it.I like the birch, it helps when u got a small hand,i frequently have 1-2 card hands.I was gonna go 4 sparce but I decided on another high pressure over it cuz when scept has low pressure i'm dead.i'm pretty much dead against any scept anyway.Anyone know how to counter one with a kingdra deck(besides lots and lots of praying)?
  5. Shift

    Shift New Member

    You can always Tech in a few Crystal Shard (2 at the most) to get over Sceptile's Resistance.
  6. Dendrobatida

    Dendrobatida New Member

    -2 meditite
    -4 wally's training
    -3 oracle
    -3 rainbow energy
    -2 warp point

    +2 wobbuffett (sandstorm)
    +1 TV reporter
    +4 fast ball
    +3 multi energy
    +1 aquapolis kingdra
    +1 oak's research
    +2 switch

    reasoning for each:

    -meditite, + wobbuffett: Your main concern with adding meditite must be Ampharos -ex. We see that. However, at the CC's, your biggest threat isn't going to be ampharos -ex. It's going to be gardevoir, with a healthy dose of rayquaza on the side. Wobbuffett protects better against all three, with a OHKO of gardy, immunity to gardy -ex and rayquaza, and built-in immunity to amphy -ex as well. Meditite just doesn't cut it. It requires that ampharos -ex be damaged quite a bit in the first place, and amphy -ex prides itself on nursing, and thwapping your little meditites with its own wobbuffett. Wobbuffett is simply more versatile, a better tank, and harder hitter against a wider variety of decks.

    -wally's training, + fast ball: You lament your overdose of supporters, and here's one solution. Another would be pokenav, in which case you can reconsider the oracle subtraction above. If too many supporters really isn't a concern for you, then Professor Elm's Training Method is the way to go, since it is superior to wally's training in a great many ways. You're only running one evo line, so fast ball is a spiffy way to go.

    -3 oracle, +3 (other draw cards): Oracle is great, but a tad slow unless you've got, say, delcatty or pokenav to take advantage of it. By increasing your total number of oak's research, you've increased your general card draw. TV reporter isn't bad, but that's what I'd take out if you decide to go 4-4 on the oracle-pokenav. Otherwise, bump TV up to four too, insuring yourself 10 cards worth of pure draw engine. That, combined with the fast ball and dunsparce, should be enough.

    -3 rainbow, +3 multi: If you're going to run tech pokemon that only require one variant energy (meditite and wobbuffett both fall into this category), why add needless damage counters?

    +1 aquapolis kingdra: It's energy transferring ability is too powerful to not be used here, especially given that you've got three nurse already in your deck. Also makes wobbuffett that much stronger, since you can surprise with it (lay down wobbers, transfer energy from active to benched wobbers, switch, get the knockout).

    -2 warp, +2 switch: The idea of throwing all of your eggs into one basket seems a bit risky to me. There are plenty of situations that crop up wherein I'd rather not let my opponent switch out his active at the same time I switch (see above usage of energy transfer to the wobbuffett...doesn't do you any good if, during the switch, your opponent gets to pull back his or her gardevoir -ex, wobbuffett, or whatever you're trying to attack). I kept it 2-2 just to give you that option, in case you need it.

    Hope that helps, and good luck.

    Other stuff to consider: Does high pressure system REALLY help you more than, say, a crystal shard or two? Or more card drawing? or a few more switches? Or another dunsparce? Or that fourth Nurse? You run four switch cards already....

    Hope that helps,
  7. Victor

    Victor New Member

    You could convine your deck with 2 aquapolis kingdra.

    use its power and then pokenurse

    why do you have meditites??
  8. Dendrobatida

    Dendrobatida New Member

    Ways to combat sceptile:

    -4 boost, +4 metal, add metal pokemon of your choice...a 2-2 line will do fine. There are several passable steelix out there. Scizor is still available, though doesn't resist grass...

    again, crystal shard....

    Still, though, to be so concerned about one other deck that you weaken the overall structure of yours just to try and combat it is risky (for example, adding 2 of a marginal countergym before addressing other, more pressing needs within your deck). If you play in a sceptile-heavy environment, oky doky. However, I'd concentrate on making the strongest, fastest pure kingdra deck you can. Would you rather be the "dude who plays the nasty kingdra deck that can even beat sceptile" or the "dude who plays the kingdra deck that's so teched out against sceptile that our blaziken decks kick its butt on a regular basis"? Your choice.
  9. skarmory777

    skarmory777 New Member

    I think i'm gonna tech in 2 crystal shard and pull out high pressure system.Kingdra has high retreat anyway.I'm gonna go with multi,only reason i went with rainbow at the time was cuz i was at my friends when i made this deck and he only had extra our CC only like 4 gardevior out of maybe 40 people were played.It was a very odd tournament with a very different metagame.Ampharos ex/magneton was played and took first in all age divisions.I ended up tieing exactly(same resistance,points,etc.) for 2nd place in my age group against another gardy deck.It was fun I got 14 packs and pulled not one kingdra/seadra, only a pitiful horsea.Thx for the suggestions i'm sure it will help.Still sceptile is a big problem so anymore suggestions will be appreciated.
  10. Misdreavus

    Misdreavus Member

    Crystal Shard might help with resistance on Sceptile and enables you to OHKO Rayquaza ex with a Boost, so I think that's a good idea. Fast Ball seems a little risky here... with 4 Seadra and 4 Kingdra it's not going to be very easy to get what you want, and then you wasted a card and revealed some of your deck to your opponent. Wally's Training is faster too, seeing as how it can get you a very good start by having a turn 2 Kindgra ex that didn't skip over the Seadra stage.
  11. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    And here it is Shift, and here it is.

    I told you I wouldn't say it again, but I'm saying it again. What are you going to do, come to my house and kill me? *Suspiciously eyes everyone who knows his address because he's traded with them*

    NEVER USE WALLY'S TRAINING UNTIL EXPEDITION IS NO LONGER PART OF THE MODIFIED FORMAT! There is no reason to use Wally's Training in a deck right now, unless somebody is paying you money to use it! Read the texts of the cards yourself, I'm too lazy to type it up this time.

  12. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    Meditite is the current Wooper of the format. Neo Genesis Wooper was, in case you don't play organized stuff often, used, along with Discovery Qwilfish and Destiny Mantine (Giant Wave) to combat probably the most popular deck in the format, which was Neo-on: EnteiCargo *shudder shudder*. Wooper knew DOubleSlap: for two colorless energy it could flip two coins, each heads did twenty damage. Two heads knocked out an Entei or a Cargo. Wooper's Amnesia attack was also useful because Entei and Cargo only had one attack, in case you didn't have the energy for doubleslap yet. That's why I'm...SUPERWOOPER! The greatest tEcH ever! Is that how you spell tech? Or is it tECh? Oh well.

    Getting back to Meditite, water decks play it because it has an attack similar to Wooper's Doubleslap, which is useful against electric types. Of course Meditite isn't even half as useful, since of most electric types played today, and there are only two, mind you, Dragons Amphy EX and Magneton, only one is knocked out with two heads. The other needs two two heads in a row to be knocked out. Talk about relying on luck!

    Anyway Skarmory, take out the Meditites. Put whatever you want in: Weakness Guards, better supporters, PETMs AND NOT WALLY'S TRAINING (Horrible screaming in background) but lose the Meditite. They can't compare to...

  13. skarmory777

    skarmory777 New Member

    PETMs are ok but I rely on mainl speed in this deck.If i go up against a sceptile deck i want kingdra ex out turn 2 for heavy damage on scept using water arrow.The supporters i'm workin on cuz I only played this deck against a BAR and Flygon deck.I need to get crystal shard to tech in for high pressure, and lose a few supporters,but wallys in this deck is way better than PETM.
  14. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    Yes, this is prolly one of the few, slight rare sights, where PETM is outshined by a Wally's Training.... Turn 2 Kingdra, with Seadra and Horsea under it. After loosing to one yesterday, that 1 turn sooner is too good to pass up for this big hitter.....
  15. Dro~

    Dro~ New Member

    If you're allowed to play the japanese cards, I would recommend using nintales from adv 4 or 5, I don't remember. Its power prevent pokemon ex from attacking ninetales. It also protects kingdra ex from sceptile, aggron ex.
  16. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    dude have u read the meditite card? hes second attack is like a rage but counting ur opponent's damage counters and not ur own, hes attack is:

    (F)(C) 10+ this attack does 10 damage plus 10 more damage for each damage counter on the defending pokemon.

    this means an amphy with 5 damage counters goes down in 1 hit, and a magneton with 3 damage counters goes down, so i don't see why he shopuld take them out???? its great tech vs amphy ex and fighting weak pokes, the problem is its (F) nrgy required for the attack but Multi Energy easily solves that.

  17. Dro~

    Dro~ New Member

    That's why meditite is so much of a surprise. Your opponents never know if you have a meditite in your hand and don't know if they should waste their nurses to remove that 50 damage. If they don't, meditite can power up in one turn thanks to AQ kingdra and ko amphy in one hit. For other pokemon like gardevoir ex, it needs have at least 70 damage on it in order for meditite to ko. 70 damage can be easily done by kingdra ex's hydrocannon with 1 water and 1 boost...
  18. skarmory777

    skarmory777 New Member

    If i'm against Ampharos ex then water arrow puts easy damage on him and meditate comes out and finishes them off.Right now it's my only protection against them.I also teched in 2 crystal shard.I hope they help i'm planning on playing against my friends scept deck sometime soon.Thx again for all the advice and help from everyone.
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