Kingdra ex or Omastar? Two deck ideas

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by AbsolutelyNobody, Apr 2, 2004.

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  1. AbsolutelyNobody

    AbsolutelyNobody New Member

    Well, thank you for reading. Now for some background. I built my omastar deck first, and without ever testing it, i entered a CC. Now, this would seem like suicide, but it actually worked! I took first, but I was extremely lucky that day. 2 decks I feared never played me, having lost their first round. I ended up going undefeated, and tied the 15+ winner so we both could win, (I would have won even if i had lost, i later found out, but he was in hot water -_-). I have since modified the deck with psy energy and some trainers.
    Then in my dragon box I got 2 Kingdra ex and decided to make that deck. It seemed very viable against blazi, if I can get enough speed. My immediate area has little competitive players, and apprentice has never worked (and dragonstudios is always down) so I can't really test this deck. Anyway, without further shpeel, here are the decks: :)

    Pokemon: 19

    3x Buried fossil (have only 3 and one myst fossil under trainers)
    4x Omanyte (ss)
    4x Omastar
    3x Wobbuffet (ss)
    1x Solrock (only one)
    1x Meditite (dr)
    3x Ditto (sky)

    Trainers: 23
    1x Mysterious Fossil
    3x tv reporter
    3x Masterball
    3x prof oak res
    2x oracle
    3x shaman
    2x switch
    2x mr brineys compassion
    2x potion
    1x underground lake/hps
    1x shard
    1x vollunteers

    Energies: 18
    3x psy
    4x multi
    10x water

    Anyway. Swarm with omastar and pull down if necessary. I guess you could call this omastar TeCh. The fighting are for lightning, wobby for ex/psy and dittos for anti stuff. Yup, this is it, the pathetic deck that won the Gresham OR CC. Now, on to the Kingdra.

    Keep in mind, i am very inexperienced w/ kingdra, so this may be pretty rough (ive played about 7-10 matches and have lost 1-2)

    4x Dunsparce
    2x Horsea (aq rev thrust)
    2x Horsea (dr, retaliate)
    3x Seadra (dr, water arrow)
    1x Seadra (dr, waterfall)
    3x Kingdra ex (do i need one more?)
    1x Kingdra (Aq, not been a lot of help yet, but no great oppertunities)
    2x Wobby

    Trainers: 27
    3x TV rep
    2x Copycat
    3x POR
    2x Oracle
    2x Wally's training ( :D )
    4x pkmn nurse
    3x switch
    2x crystal shard
    1x weakness gaurd (tons of grass at league, not at tourneys, basicly, open spot)
    1x town voll
    1x warp point (maybe 2/2 w/ switch?)
    1x NRG recycle system
    1x HPS

    Energy:15 (low, and i usually use 18)
    9 water
    4 multi
    2 boost (i really want more, but is hard to get, as you probably know)

    Well, a rough idea, am i going the right direction? Just turbo kingdra. It hasnt been to any big tourneys, but may be okay.

    Any help is appricated very much!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!! :D :D :D
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2004
  2. GrandmaJoner

    GrandmaJoner Active Member

    This won't work too well...especially against non blaziken decks. WHat about blaziken/rayquaza? It shold murder both those decks...sorry
  3. HypnosProjectHQ

    HypnosProjectHQ New Member

    I think I'll comment on your Kingdra deck, being that it looks much rougher than the Omastar deck.

    -2 Copycat
    -1 Switch
    -1 Weakness Guard
    -1 Water

    +1 Oracle
    +1 POR
    +1 Warp Point
    +2 Boost
  4. the black guy

    the black guy New Member


    Good idea for turbo kingdra but it needs some kind of back up because bar and sceptile ex decks will own it.Just try to fit in some backup,like in my kingdra deck I use espeon for garde and blaziken decks.good deck though
  5. AbsolutelyNobody

    AbsolutelyNobody New Member

    Thanks for your imput! HypnosProjectHQ, i will make the changes for everything, except ill have to wait for the 2 boost. If i was to put a second line in my kingdra (probably espeon or a fire, both of witch would help, 'cause the 2 decks I feared at the CC were a garde, sceptile, and kabu ex.), what would i take out?

    Oh, and one thing I would like to know, Which one do you think is better?

    Thanks :)
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