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  1. Dragon Strife

    Dragon Strife New Member


    1 Azelf LA 19
    4 Gastly SF 62
    1 Gengar SF 18
    2 Gengar (Prime) TM 94
    1 Gengar Lv.X AR 97
    3 Haunter TM 35
    3 Horsea UL 49
    3 Kingdra (Prime) UL 85
    3 Seadra UL 40
    4 Spiritomb AR 32
    2 Uxie LA 43


    2 Bebe's Search RR
    2 Broken Time-Space PL
    2 Lost World CL
    1 Luxury Ball SF
    1 Palmer's Contribution SV
    3 Pokemon Collector GS
    2 Prof. Oak's New Theory CL
    4 Seeker TM
    2 Twins TM


    8 :psychic:
    6 :water:


    The strategy is sortof like a basic LostGar. Setup Gengar Prime and Kingdra Prime as fast as you can. Then, once you have Kingdra and Gengar out, sea spray your opponents pokemon only 40 health away from knockout and then cursed drop and send them to the lost zone. There are many different combos that you can do with cursed drop and sea spray, but that is the main one. Usually LostGar focuses on Hurl into Darkness mostly, and cursed drop only if needed. But this strategy I feel takes away the problem with most LostGars in tournement and such where if you have to go into 30 +3, since LostGar is based around lost zoning things and not taking prize cards, you do both at the same time with this strategy.


    Mr.Mime : I was thinking maybe using Mr.Mime just in case i want to use H.I.D. then I can look at their hand and see how many pokemon they have and choose from there.

    Crobat g and poketurns: I was thinking maybe these too just to make it so I can drop more damage counters and knockout pokemon faster, putting them into the lost zone faster, etc.

    any suggestions will really help. Thanks ^^
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  2. Rambo

    Rambo Active Member

    Nice idea but wouldn't this basically be a "KO to win" type deck?
    Seeing as you need to KO to get to the lost zone.

    However i like the idea as it can knock out pixies with shadow room.

    I think you should change it up a bit,

    -2 Lost World
    -1 Gengar Prime
    +1 Gengar SF
    +1 BTS
    +1 Uxie LvX?

    This way you can still disrupt with gengar prime but change the objective to taking out opponents prizes. It's kind of like having a crobat drop every turn, but it can do more damage.

    Sorry if I dismantled your deck idea, but it feels like this may be more successful.
  3. Dragon Strife

    Dragon Strife New Member

    well I like your idea, except i dont have another gengar sf D=. It makes me really sad to say so but thank you for the idea. ^^

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    What if I put in a shadow skip gengar instead of another gengar sf?
  4. BlackBrock

    BlackBrock New Member

    i'd drop 1 seadra and jsut run 3-2-3 kingdra and add 1 mroe palmers, to keep gar and engery in your deck later. instead of tomb for a starter why not try mime jr. / slowking combo ? (second sight to rearange their top 3 cards then sue mime jr to put it in the lsot zone)
  5. Dragon Strife

    Dragon Strife New Member

    I would but I have made a deck like that and it. . .didnt go so well. . . but I'll try the palmer's idea on redhsark and see how it works.
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