Kingnium for BR

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by i like nachos, Oct 3, 2007.

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  1. i like nachos

    i like nachos New Member

    Pokemon 24

    4x Horsea DF:fighting:
    2x Seadra DF:fighting:
    4x Kingdra EX DF:fighting:
    3x Chikorita DF:fighting:
    2x Bayleaf DF:fighting:
    3x Meganium DF:fighting:
    2x Pinsir DF:fighting:
    4x Holon Casform:colorless

    Trainers 26

    3x Holon Mentor
    4x Holon Adventuer
    2x Night Maintenance
    3x Bebes
    4x Rare Candy
    3x Windstorm
    1x Battle Frontier
    2x Lake Boundary
    1x Scott
    3x Buffer Piece

    Energy 10

    10x :fighting:

    The main attacker is Kingdra with set up support from Meganium.Meganiums first attack is also very helpful.
    Then with Kingdras Body you can prevent a good amount of damage.


    1-0-1 Alakazam MT for the anti Power
    1-0-1 Shiftry EX CG also for anti Power
    1-0-1 Exploud EX CG against Garchomp and decks that have multiple EXs

    Match ups

    Garchomp 65-35 With no weakness thanks to the second attack its difficult for Garchomp ecspecially if you play the Exploud EX tech

    Mario 55-45 Depends on who sets up faster

    Blissey 65-35 Blissey can still do massive damage and Kingdra is 2 prizes compared to Blisseys 1

    Electavire 85-15 With Lake Boundary and Kingdras no weakness thanks to the second attack and damage reduction from its Body its not even close

    DuskQueen 50-50 Its just a very even match up really depends who has better set up

    Inferncatty ??? haven't play tested it yet

    Empocario 45-55 Also very close but Empocario is just fast and strong

    If anyone has any ideas,more match ups, or techs let me know
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2007
  2. pokmeman

    pokmeman New Member

    My suggestions?
    -2 Pinsir d
    -1 Lake Boundary

    +1-1 Altaria ex form
    +1 Fighting energy
  3. sar86

    sar86 New Member

    I disagree with the Altaria line. They are too easy to knock out and you'd be giving up two prizes. The Pinsir would be benificial in helping get the pokemon set up faster
  4. Rayquaza14

    Rayquaza14 New Member

    -2 pinsir d (because you have the 4 castys allready)
    -1 buffer piece
    +1 mentor
    +1 castaway
    +1 strength charm

    only my oppinion :p
  5. ~`Flygon`~

    ~`Flygon`~ New Member

    either mawile or pinsir start.Ganuims arent needed
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