KM's Trades - Updated with new wants and MD!

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by KaMewie, Mar 10, 2008.

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  1. KaMewie

    KaMewie New Member

    Rules and Regulations.

    1. Please read all rules before posting, if you do not read the rules, do not blame me for any mishap.
    2. Mint cards/items only please. If it's not in rather Good-Mint Condition, i'll accept it but, it'll have less value.
    3. Since this is my Trading Thread, you post the first offer.
    4. I send all my cards in Penny Sleeves and supported with a Toploader. If you send me cards without a sleeve or a Toploader, you will not get one in return. If cards are damaged because they are not protected with a Toploader, it is not my fault and I will not do anything to replace the cards.
    5. I send first to traders that out ref me by 8 or more Positive References, I send same time to traders with within a 5 Positive Ref gap with mine, or second from anything below than that 5 Positive Ref gap.
    6. Once I receive your cards, you're never gonna get them back, unless we strike another deal aside from the one we made.
    7. I accept offers/deals in this thread and PM's.
    8. I take refs from here (the 'gym) only.
    9. If you think you can get a better offer from another site/person, please don't post here as I know most of the card values.
    10. When I'm trading, I don't expect you to tell me the condition of the card. But, when finalizing a trade, I will ask you the condition. Note that if you care about the cards you're getting, do ask for the condition of it. If you don't ask and you have already received my cards, don't blame me for anything as I have not done anything wrong. Please care about the cards you are getting as I don't have the mind of a genius to tell every single person I trade with the condition of each of their card.
    11. I live in Malaysia. If you can't send cards here, I suggest you don't post here.
    12. I accept trades/offers from anywhere.
    13. Your cards will be arriving in a regular sized White Envelope (4.24" x 6.25") with a couple of Stamps on the Upper Right corner and a Blue Air Mail Sticker on the bottom left of the Envelope. Your address will be on the front of that mail and mine will be on the back. It should arrive from 7-14 Days from the next working day after the day i sent.
    14. If you can't abide/follow these rules, please don't post here as I do not wish to waste my time.
    15. Thank you for taking your precious time to read these rules. These rules will help you with the future of trading with me, and hopefully someone else.
    16. Rules will be updated if I find that I need more rules and if I find a neccessity of a rule. Thanks.


    Priority Wants:
    2 x Electivire (DP)
    3 x Garchomp (MT)
    1 x Empoleon LV.X (DP/Promo)
    1 x Infernape LV.X (DP/Promo)
    1 x Torterra LV.X (DP/Promo)
    2 x Glaceon LV.X (MD)
    2 x Leafeon LV.X (MD)

    Mew ex HP #100/110
    Mew ex LM #88/92
    Mew ex Players #007/PLAY
    Mew* DF #101/101
    [del]Mew d P5 #3/17[/del]
    [del]Mew d P5 (HOLO) #3/17[/del]
    Mew SW (HOLO) #51/132
    [del]Mew SW (Reverse HOLO) #51/132[/del]
    [del]Mew Nintendo Promos #40[/del]
    Mew McDonalds Promo 2005 #085/PCG-P
    [del]Mew P4 #4/17[/del]
    [del]Mew P4 (HOLO) #4/17[/del]
    [del]Mew HP #111/110[/del]
    [del]Mew LM (HOLO) #10/92[/del]
    Mew LM (Reverse HOLO) #10/92
    [del]Mew EXP #55[/del]
    Mew EXP #19 (HOLO)
    Mew EXP #19 (Reverse HOLO)
    [del]Mew WoTC Promo #47[/del]
    [del]Mew WoTC Promo #9[/del]
    [del]Mew WoTC Promo #8[/del]
    [del]Mew Southern Islands #1[/del]
    [del]Mew Bubbles #151[/del]
    [del]Ancient Mew[/del]
    Ancient Mew (Nintendo Misprint)
    Roota's Mew 8th Movie VS Half-Deck #002/020
    _____'s Mew Players Promo #013/PLAY
    Mew 10th anniversary movie promo #151
    Mew McDonalds Promo 2002 #033/P
    [del]Shining Mew Neo4 CoroCoro promo[/del]
    Mew Folder (Holds 156 cards)

    1 x Unopened Lucario Sleeves

    Low Priority Wants:
    X x Pachirisu (GE)
    X x Claydol (GE)
    X x Holo Energy Please Specify

    Note that the above are all deal sweeteners.

    Card Haves:

    2 x Absol ex (PK)
    1 x Latios ex d (DF)

    4 x Manaphy (POP6)
    3 x Pachirisu (POP6)
    1 x Lucario (POP6)
    1 x Porygon-2 Pre-Release Stamped

    Regular Holos:
    1 x Tangrowth

    Majestic Dawn:
    Regular Holos:
    1 x Mewtwo

    Reverse/Alternate Rare Holos:
    1 x Infernape
    1 x Glaceon (#20)
    1 x Manaphy
    1 x Darkrai
    1 x Vaporeon
    1 x Flareon

    Regular Rares
    2 x Hippowdon
    1 x Phione (#27)
    1 x Plusle
    2 x Glaceon (#20)
    1 x Minun
    1 x Leafeon (#24)
    2 x Unown P
    1 x Toxicroak
    1 x Vaporeon
    1 x Flareon
    1 x Jolteon

    Great Encounters:
    Regular Holos:
    2 x Porygon-Z
    2 x Cresselia
    1 x Rotom
    1 x Tangrowth

    Reverse/Alternate Rare Holos:
    1 x Wigglytuff
    2 x Kingler
    1 x Darkrai (#3)
    1 x Slowking

    Regular Rares
    4 x Exploud
    2 x Wigglytuff
    2 x Primeape
    2 x Milotic
    1 x Palkia
    2 x Slowking
    1 x Butterfree
    1 x Wailord
    1 x Latias
    2 x Unown H
    2 x Altaria
    4 x Lapras

    Secret Wonders:
    Regular Rare Holos:
    1 x Raikou
    1 x Suicune
    1 x Jumpluff

    Reverse/Alternate Rare Holos:
    3 x Electrode
    1 x Wormadam Trash Cloak
    1 x Golduck
    2 x Lickilicky

    Regular Rares
    4 x Unown S
    2 x Plusle
    1 x Minun
    2 x Wormadam Sandy Cloak
    1 x Electrode
    2 x Wormadam Trash Cloak
    1 x Golduck
    1 x Golem
    2 x Sunflora
    1 x Jynx

    Mysterious Treasures:
    Regular Holos:
    3 x Feraligatr

    Regular Rares
    3 x Manectric
    1 x Abomasnow
    1 x Sudowoodo
    1 x Unown I

    Diamond and Pearl:
    Reverse/Alternate Rare Holos:
    1 x Wynaut

    Regular Rares:
    2 x Wynaut

    Power Keepers:
    2 x Absol ex

    Regular Holos:
    1 x Gardevoir
    2 x Delcatty
    1 x Blaziken

    Reverse/Alternate Rare Holos:
    1 x Machamp
    1 x Blaziken

    Regular Rares:
    2 x Magneton

    Dragon Frontiers:
    1 x Latios d ex

    Regular Holos:
    1 x Pinsir d
    1 x Nidoking d
    1 x Heracross d
    1 x Milotic d
    1 x Feraligatr d

    Reverse/Alternate Holos:
    1 x Nidoqueen d
    1 x Feraligatr d

    Regular Rares:
    1 x Seadra d
    2 x Xatu d
    1 x Tropius d

    Crystal Guardians:
    Regular Holos:
    1 x Manectric
    1 x Tauros

    Regular & Reverse/Alternate Rare Holos:
    1 x Luvdisc
    1 x Manectric
    1 x Sableye
    1 x Blastoise d

    Regular Rares:
    1 x Marshtomp

    Holon Phantoms:
    Regular Holos:
    1 x Mew

    Special Energies:
    4 x Holon FF Energy
    4 x Holon WP Energy
    2 x Cyclone Energy
    2 x Warp Energy
    4 x Boost Energy
    6 x Scramble Energy
    3 x Health Energy
    4 x Double Rainbow Energy
    3 x Recover Energy

    6 x Great Ball
    2 x Copycat
    4 x Professor Birch
    4 x Dual Ball
    3 x Scott
    4 x TV Reporter
    4 x Island Hermit
    6 x Master Ball
    4 x Windstorm
    4 x Castaway
    4 x Holon Mentor
    4 x Crystal Beach
    11 x Celio's Network
    5 x Strength Charm
    4 Cessation Crystal
    1 x Leftovers
    1 x Amulet Coin
    1 x Professor Oak's Research
    2 x Crystal Shard
    1 x Fossil Excavator
    1 x Skull Fossil
    1 x Old Rod
    1 x Mr. Stone's Project
    4 x Potion
    4 x Holon Adventurer
    4 x Rival
    5 x Energy Restore
    12 x Energy Search
    4 x Switch
    5 x Energy Removal 2
    6 x Steven's Advice
    4 x Holon Fossil
    2 x Phoebe's Stadium
    4 x PokeNav
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2008
  2. Jason

    Jason New Member

    have 2x claydol
    wnat your rev foil aqua manectrick
  3. KaMewie

    KaMewie New Member

    2 Claydols for my Team Aqua Manectric? LMK.
  4. Jason

    Jason New Member

    is the dual type one with a pokepower..also want other rev foils from ma so i got heaps of foil energies....
  5. KaMewie

    KaMewie New Member

    I don't understand what you said, but my Team Aqua's Manectric is the Rare one.
  6. Jason

    Jason New Member

    no dark type on it?
  7. KaMewie

    KaMewie New Member

    It's the lightning and darkness dual type.
  8. Jason

    Jason New Member

    thats the one i want

    do you have other team magma team aqua rev foil cards? if so pls list em
  9. KaMewie

    KaMewie New Member

    No more. That's all I have.
  10. KaMewie

    KaMewie New Member

    Updated with new haves & wants!!
  11. Formula Nine

    Formula Nine New Member

    Nice doing business with you! I hope to do some more trading in the future! :)
  12. KaMewie

    KaMewie New Member

    Thanks for the trade bud. Anyone else?

  13. Rashad

    Rashad New Member

    i have
    2 multi energy
    1 copycat
    1 roseannes
    3 porygon Z
    1 cessation

    i want palkia Lv.X
    and 1 Palkia
    1 Blaziken Ge
    1 Typhlosion MT
    1 Mew SW

  14. KaMewie

    KaMewie New Member

    Rashad, I see that there are mixed between the two traders. Can you split them up? Between me and my friend? Thanks.

    If I'm right, this is the things you want from,

    1 Palka LV.X
    1 Palkia
    1 Mew SW

    You have:
    3 Porygon-Z
    1 Cessation Crystal

    and My friend:
    You have:
    2 Multi Energy
    1 Copycat
    1 Roseanne's Research

    You want:
    1 Blaziken GE
    1 Typhlosion MT?

    LMK, thanks.
  15. Rashad

    Rashad New Member

    yeah LMK if that's cool
  16. KaMewie

    KaMewie New Member

    He doesn't need the Roseanne's anymore. So, how about:

    1 Typhlosion MT


    2 Multi
    1 Copycat?

    LMK, thanks.

    For me,

    1 Palkia & 1 Mew for 3 Gon-Z? LMK, thanks.

  17. Rashad

    Rashad New Member

    No Thanx
  18. KaMewie

    KaMewie New Member

    On Both trades?
  19. Rashad

    Rashad New Member

    yes on both trades
  20. KaMewie

    KaMewie New Member

    Could you make a counter offer? LMK, thanks.

    Update, now with Gardevoir, Gallade, Absol & more new wants! Offer away!!!!!!
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