KOBE: Innocent or Guilty or WHY should we care?

Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by )v(ajin_ipg21, Aug 8, 2003.

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  1. )v(ajin_ipg21

    )v(ajin_ipg21 New Member

    ALRIGHT let's see what this BOARD is made of:

    HE made an idiotic decision that will cost him millions and perhaps his FAMILY?
    BUT is the media circus to be believed (NOT the CA gubernatorial race mind you).

    Did Kobe fall into the typical STRATOSPHERIC Stardom mentality that he was untouchable?

    Is this woman just looking for attention and some COMPEND$ATION?

    OR is it just another MEDIA story blown completely out of proportion?

    Let's see CAN we discuss maturely? Have a good lively debate?

    NOW this is what I WANT from a board...

    PLEASE ALL OPINIONS welcomed & NO FLAMING nor single word answers =/ (it'll just detoriate into a POLL >_< )
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  2. PokemonCardSell

    PokemonCardSell New Member

    I am SICk and TIRED of hearing that on the news. The media as we know it always does this. Blows stuff way out of proportion. I do not know wether he is guilty or not. Im just tired of hearing this every single day.
  3. Nick15

    Nick15 Member

    My vote: Why should I care?

    So he's famous, big deal. Under what circumstances should any of us care? I mean would you like to have the skeletons in your closet exposed on national TV and gossipped in the tabloids?

    Lords knows when I'm famous I'm gonna pay people to NOT talk about me. I'd rather live a private life where no reporters can get to me. :D
  4. GreatFox

    GreatFox New Member

    Blah... it OJ all over again. I didn't care then and I don't care now.
  5. Ugh, the only thing I'm really sick of is all the die-hard fans who see him as perfect. Granted he was, I'm told, one of the better role models(Appearently was spotless, until now), but most of the callers I hear on the radio talking about this keep insisting he's innocent based SOLELY on the fact that he never did anything before this.

    Whether or not he's technically guilty of the charges, he still had an affair, as far as I'm concerned, that's bad enough. Now he has to deal with it.
  6. Dek

    Dek New Member

    Nick15, ur absolutely right. It's Kobe's problem, not ours. So why should we get our noses into other people's business. So there's controversy around a celebrity. WHOP DE DOO!!! Look at P. Diddy. Look at Eminem. Look at Michael Jordan. It's not the first time stuff like this happens. People that aren't even celebrities probably do this same stuff, and the media doesn't give two hoots about then because they aren't famous.

    It just goes to show that the media, the paparazzi (no clue how to spell it), and telemarketers are the real terrorists in our country :lol: (Sorry, but I just had to say that)
  7. Orange Soda

    Orange Soda New Member

    And now, for some news that has absolutely no effect on your life whatsoever, we turn to Sadie for the celebrity gossip...

    If I ever get around to making this 'net comic book/story/whatever that I've been planning, that'll probably go in there somewhere.
  8. Marril

    Marril New Member

    If this weren't some bound-to-be media circus, I might actually care enough to look up what this guy did and then form an opinion. As it is, I think I'll go do something more worthwhile: read somethingawful and actually manage more brain activity than researching this.

    I mean, it's not like there are more important issues (flippin military issues no less) that we could spend more time hearing about, than some celebrity being an idiot...
  9. BPM

    BPM New Member

    I didn't care about celebrities' lives before, and I still don't care now.

    There are more important issues to worry about (like Marril said). If I wanted to split hairs over something in the news, it'd be something related to something somewhat IMPORTANT.

    And like Zero said, yeah. He WAS spotless. But so were other folks before they did something wrong. You can't base someone's present/future actions by using their past. Well, you can. But there are still cases where they do things that wasn't part of their norm.

    Honestly, I can't wait for this to be done and over with.


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