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Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by meganium45, Mar 3, 2008.

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  1. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    OK, I drop my son off to go to TN with the H Family - what cool people...find out my wife is sick, and say, "we have an extra space, we can take 1" Zak JUMPED on the opp to go and see his TN friends (and win the State Title against some elite competition).....

    I get home and the wife says "well, if you take Zane, I am feeling a bit better, you all can go, but not 8 hours (OK), so we do a quick brainstorm, and come up with KY!

    Off to KY with Mason, Andrew, Alex and Zane in tow!!!

    We get there, have a great hotel stay (except the Zane stays up until 330), and get up and go to the event!!!

    I have playtested against Mags, and Gallade, and decide to go up against a deck that rocks Gallade (which I happened NEVER to play against) - Flygon EX / Nidoqueen...old school.

    Really cool note - we show up, and see the SWEETS from TX!!! Wow! This is going to be fun...

    Buzz also is that the #3 player from Worlds is there - and sure enough he was!

    We talk to Matt (who is RELIEVED that Andrew is a Senior now), hang out and get ready for round 1.

    Side note - PROPS to Bernie and his crew for keeping registration moving with a big crowd! You guys ROCKED!!!

    I go into round 1, and get paired against Mr. Sweet! Wow!!

    He is playing a cool Darkrai build, and I start off with Castform, Nidoran on my bench, Mentor and another Casty in my hand...Ideal, right??? No energy for 3 turns...OOOOF.....I am so far behind, I come back a bit, make a game of it..but started out too far behind!!! (0-1)

    I have a Zane, who confuses me for the next round. I lose to the reigning KY state champ next round (Mags) and end up 2-3.

    A good day, with my 6 year old going 4-0 Swiss, and losing in the semis. He played a GREAT game in the final round of swiss, winning a 28+ minute game going down to 1 prize each in the final swiss round!

    He lost in the T4 - but still ended up with the 3rd place GLASS! WAY TO GO BUBBA!

    My other son went 5-0 swiss, and lost in the top 4 to the eventual champ (and world top 3). My son's friend went 4-1 swiss (only losing to my son) and fell in the finals to the CHAMP!

    So my son ended up with 3rd place Glass, his friend with 2nd place glass...a GREAT day all around!

    Props to:

    Bernie and Venjamin and his staff - the tourney went off without a HITCH! You all rocked.
    The venue for putting up with my 2 year old in his fussy moments.
    The parents and kids who took time to play with my 2 year old to keep him distracted. He was one tuckered puppy at the end of the day!
    The Sweets - you all were great fun to hang out with all day! The kids seemed to really get along!
    All of the Kentucky players and parents! What a great group.

    Slops to:
    Energy droughts!

    See you all in Missouri!

  2. ColdCoates90

    ColdCoates90 Active Member

    Congratz on Alex taking third, sounds like fun was had by all :smile:
  3. Berne13us

    Berne13us New Member

    Thanks for the props Vince! It means a lot coming from you, come on east anytime


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