Kyogre's Crazy Haves! Need VIP Package Stuff!

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Kyogre, Apr 7, 2004.

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  1. Kyogre

    Kyogre <a href="

    I'll start off with my wants:
    1x Sceptile EX
    1x Cradily EX
    1x Raiku EX
    1x T/A Kyogre (Holo Only)
    Xx RH Oracle
    Xx POR (Normal or RH)

    Anything from the VIP Package. If you want to trade it, then I'll trade for it!


    Team Aqua Magma:
    5x Suicune EX
    2x Blaziken EX
    2x Swampert EX
    1x Sceptile EX
    1x Entie EX
    3x Jirachi
    1x Absol
    3x 1/95 -Team Aquas Cacturne
    3x *2/95 -Team Aquas Crawdaunt
    4x *3/95 -Team Aquas Kyogre
    4x *4/95 - Team Aquas Manectric
    3x *5/95 -Team Aquas Sharpedo
    2x *6/95 - Team Aquas Walrein
    1x *7/95 - Team Magmas Aggron
    1x *9/95 - Team Magmas Groudon
    1x *10/95-Team Magmas Houndoom
    2x *11/95-Team Magmas Rhydon
    2x *12/95- Team Magma’s Torkoal

    EX Dragons:
    3x Rayquaza EX
    3x Ampharos EX
    2x Kingdra EX
    2x Muk EX
    1x Dragonite EX
    3x Latias EX
    3x Latios EX
    1x Golem EX
    3x Magcargo EX
    2x Charmander (1 is CC Promo)
    2x Charmeleon
    1x Charizard
    2x 1/97 Absol
    2x 2/97 Altaria
    3x 4/97 Flygon
    1x 5/97 Golem
    3x 6/97 Grumpig
    3x 7/97 Minun
    3x 8/97 Plusle
    2x 9/97 Roselia
    1x 10/97 Salamence
    2x 11/97 Shedinja
    2x 12/97 Torkoal

    2x Aerodactly EX
    2x Aggron EX
    1x Kabutops EX
    2x Raichu EX
    3x Typhlosion EX
    3x Wailord EX
    2x Armaldo
    1x Cacturn
    3x Cradily
    1x Flareon
    1x Jolteon
    2x Luntatone
    2x Mawile
    1x Sableye
    1x Seviper
    2x Shiftry
    2x Solrock
    1x Zangoose

    Ruby and Sapphire:
    2x Mewtwo EX
    4x Sneasel EX
    3x Scyther EX
    2x Magmar EX
    3x Lapras EX
    3x Hitmonchan EX
    1x Chansey EX
    2x Electabuzz EX
    3x Aggron
    2x Beautifly
    4x Blaziken
    3x Camperupt
    6x Delcatty
    2x Gardevoir
    2x Hariyama
    1x Manectric
    3x Mightyena
    7x Sceptile (Yeah 7)
    1x Slaking
    4x Swampert
    2x Wailord
  2. ToysRUsKid

    ToysRUsKid Active Member

    cradily ex for blaze ex? lmk
  3. TheAnswer3

    TheAnswer3 New Member

    I have Sceptile ex and a holo TA Kyogre

    Blaziken ex
    Firestarter Blazikens
    Delcatty w/ Energy Draw

    lmk we can work somethin out
  4. |PoKeY|

    |PoKeY| New Member

    I have sceptile ex, RHH TA Kyogre, entei EX for Blaziken EX?
  5. Tank Engine

    Tank Engine New Member

    I have cradily ex. I will trade it for a R/S holo blaziken.
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