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  1. This deck revolves around speed.

    Treeko (dragon) 4
    Grovyle (Promo) 3
    Sceptile (Energy Trans) 1
    Scep EX 1
    Aqua's Chichou 1
    Aqua's Lanturn 2
    Magikarp (Dragon) 3
    Gyarados (Dragon) 2
    Aqua's Walrein 2
    *new* Pichu (expedition

    Archie 3
    TV Reporter 2
    Aqua's Machine 01 3
    potion 2
    Professor Oaks Research 3
    Aqua's Conspiritor 3
    Wally 2
    Aqua's Schemer

    Multi 4
    Rainbow 4
    Grass 11 (took one out)

    The aim of this deck is to get Lanturn and (e-trans) Sceptile out super quickly so i can move energy around. With Lanturn's poke-power i can attatch extra energy per turn. The multi and Rainbow act as :lightning & :water for my deck, and can be moved with E-Trans. And the pichu is there for stalling.
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