Leicester CC 23 Feb - Results

Discussion in 'Tournaments & Events Worldwide' started by Freddy K., Feb 23, 2008.

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  1. Freddy K.

    Freddy K. New Member

    Good event, report coming soon.

    Masters - Faisal K. (Ralts swarm)
    Seniors - Bradley (Chansey Scrunch stall)
    Juniors - Ben (I think his name was - Theme Deck's Revenge)

    ~fK :smile:

    TORCHWOOD New Member

    Congrats to everyone who won^ and to everyone who played.
  3. OllieK

    OllieK New Member

    damn i couldnt go... were there many seniors???? Besides you dont have to qualify to go to the nationals
  4. Freddy K.

    Freddy K. New Member

    Brief brief report. I played GG.

    Game 1 - vs Carl (Gardy/Togekiss/PorygonZ)

    A neat idea. Play Gardy, stack up energies using Togekiss. He wins the roll and goes first. I see Ralts and Togepi, I bust out Gallade T2 / T3 and have the DRE in hand so am able to use Psychic cut to KO his biggest threat and then sweep through what he has remaining in Basics (Porygon I believe and Togepi). Game lasted 7 minutes. 1-0
    We play another for fun and it lasted a while longer as we both get set up. I start with Ralts originally and destroy his hand with Energy, Gardevoir and Kirlia using TGW but he's able to come back using Pory2's Power. I rare up into Gallade and we trade prizes as he Psychic Locks me but I'm able to TD Gardevoir Lv X and KO his benched Pory2 for my last prize. GG Carl.

    I'm more in my zone Round 2.

    Game 2 - Dashi w/ Gardevoir

    Ralts starts for both of us, I have benched the second one and all I have in hand is Energy. I thought if he doesn't find a Basic it's game but he plays Potion. In those turns though I topdeck and draw into Rare Candy and Celio. It reminds me of how it should have been T16 Worlds 2007 and I slay his Ralts for game in 5 mins. 2-0
    We rematch and he has the same problems evolving so I fix his deck up for him.

    Game 3 - Kirsty (Magmortar/Entei/Raikou/Charmander (possibly Psychic TeCH as well)

    Kirsty's been playing for a long time (10 years), hopefully she'll be able to find more time off work to play on Saturdays. Legendary Basics >_< game could go anywhere depending on set-up We both quickly get set up much quicker and take control over the board but she wins the early prizes as I'm focusing on setting up a Gardevoir for the midgame. I misplay an Energy but in hindsight it was probably better to set up more than one attacker just in case the Active Pokémon could not attack or got KO'ed. I fall behind in Prizes intentionally to take out the biggest threat as I have a Gallade that has a Scramble and free reign of play. I then fall behind in play KOing a Benched starter of mine with Bring Down but it allows me to take down two of her Pokémon the next turn with the only threat being a Charmander that can gnaw for 10 per turn. 3-0 GG Kirsty.

    Five players in my division means auto-title for me but I play the Seniors Champion Bradley for pride and win against him. GG Bradley.


    - Allah
    - YP for her support
    - Zara and Riyaad my nephew and niece for TDing like pro's in their first ever games!!! NOObs pwnage!! :tongue: Read it here first - UK division 10 and under watch out!
    - me topdecking like a pro in my matches
    - Entei not being to see a single attack through
    - Phione-ix games - the choice venue for Champions. Excellent organisation for their first ever City Championship.
    - me for doing 230 damage against Bradley's Pachirisu ftw. :lol:
    - jacket potatoes - the choice food for Champions
    - TRUK, Chad and Pram for bouncing deck ideas off of. :thumb::thumb::thumb:
    - I thank you my supporters :biggrin:


    - we couldn't figure out who got what prizes at the time - my 18 boosters have to wait!
    - Secret Wonders instead of Great Encounters as prizes... hopefully it's Great Encounters next month.

    Next steps - Battle Road Spring/States (London and Leicester)/CC (Leicester II).


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    Yes there were but just short of that needed for an automatic Top Cut.

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