Lesausages- Psyduck is now Clefairy??? Ontario Provincials Report.

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    So yeah I wake up at like 7:00 go on the gym and the beach for a bit and drive to the event. My dad and I get lost on the way but we find the hotel after. I talk with Jacob and Cameron and decide I should use my list of Luxchomp as I wasnt fimiliar with my other choice. Keith tells me his deck and its awesome. I have a fun match with Andrew A and help my friend Charles find the Regigigas Drag off he needed.

    Round 1
    Javier Y W/ Luxchomp V.S Chris W/ Random.deck
    I start with Smeargle and Garchomp C and just tow through his deck. He has a treecko and I just end up sniping it and draw 6 prize cards right away.


    I went on the hotels internet but it was extremely terrible so I just played minesweepers with Nick, Jacob and Jorge.

    Round 2
    Javier Y W/ Luxchomp V.S Gilbert H W/ Gyarados
    I dont like facing Gilbert as sometimes I lose but i try and go for a donk because he has a Ditto active. I misread Dittos body and I thought it only copied the active I had while it was his turn (which was Crobat G) and I wouldve donked but yeah. The donk screws up my hand and bench space so he knocks some stuff. I get Uxie X out and trade off once. He mesprits me which screws me up again and I call trade off next turn by accident. He says okay and as soon as I look at the top card he called a judge. We find a way to resume the game with no warnings involved. I pretty much couldnt get set up after he knocks my Uxie X out so I lose.


    I was pretty mad I lost because of the fact I misread the body. Keith and I start his Vlog and I play minesweeper again.

    Round 3
    Javier Y W/ Luxchomp V.S Adam W/ Magnezone
    Cameron and I both tell him I play Magnezone with Luxchomp (LOL) and he takes it seriously. I start Luxray and Garchomp and he starts double Magnemite. He misplays which cost him the game because he retreated his Magnemite into another Magnemite. He gets one magnezone out but I easily knock it out because he couldnt draw into energys.


    Yay I have a chance of making topcut.... I have a fun game with Jacob Lesage and I take one prize because pairings were up once again...

    Round 4
    Javier Y W/ Luxchomp V.S Nathan W/ Dialgachomp
    I face Nathan quite a bit as we both go to the same league. I assume hes playing Lanturn as that was the last thing he played but I see a Dialga G so I know its Dialgachomp. We have an epic game throughout the whole thing. I start by snap attacking his Garchomp C but he collectors for some bench. I dont remember much of the game but I remember time being called during his turn. Its 4-1 in my favour and I have various ways of getting damage on him. He Remove losts and gets no heads. Its my turn and I draw, I get a poketurn so I poketurn my active, attach a lightning energy and a energy gain to my benched Garchomp C, I galactic switch and Level up My Garchomp C and Dragon rush his Crobat G for the game.

    GG Nathan!!

    Im excited as I can make topcut if I win my next round. Keith is 3-1 also and I chill with him downstairs at the lobby.

    (I forgot what I did after that)

    Round 5
    Javier Y W/ Luxchomp V.S Theo W/ Machamp
    Dang I hate versing my friends to see who makes it. Theo and I both have great starts and I start out by snap attacking his Spiritomb. He Darkness graced into Machoke and I knock out his Tomb. He gets a Machamp out and k.os my Ambipom G. I dragon rush his active after and he attaches a belt. I then Crobat G Flash bite his active and knock out his Machamp for two prizes. He then revenge kills my Luxray with another Machamp. I have to stall by trying to portrait now but he has no supporters. He now knocks out my Smeargle and takes the lead. I knock out a benched spiritomb again by sniping but he then takes the game because I have nothing I can catch up with.


    I dont think I can make the top 4 cut now so I just go down to the lobby and I hang out with some of my friends.

    They put up the rankings and I get 9th. My dad wants to leave but theyre handing out prizes so I just ask to wait one more minute. It turns out I won a binder.

    It was a great tournament and I had fun at my first Provincials.

    Winning record
    Dad for taking me
    Jacob Lesausages
    Zach Lesausages
    Keith For being 4-1 when I left
    Charles for being 4-1 also when I left
    Having fun
    winning a prize
    Finding a random pack of Stormfront Sleeves on the floor??
    Keiths Vlog

    Losing for misreading
    Missing top 8 (pack prizes)
    Getting lost on the way

    Thanks for reading!
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