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Discussion in 'Regional Championships' started by Xicious, Nov 28, 2012.

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  1. Xicious

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    So it's already going to be less than 2 months for VGC players to prepare their teams for the upcoming "Winter Regionals". At this time a lot of players would have their team pretty much set except fine tuning some details and such. Which is good because when you're a VGC player you need to test a lot since you only have a limited number of tournaments available during the year, (this year being the highest at 5!) and you really want to make them count especially with the invite system allowing only a scarce few players into worlds. I unfortunately have not done any prep work at all heck I even barely beat BW2, I'm usually on my "A" game grinding out matches and fine tuning EV's. Well I decided from this day on I will focus 100% on getting my legal team together even though I'm soon about to have just a month to do so. Oh wait..... I can't...... Oh no!...... Why is this? Because Play!Pokemon(wish i could) has yet to announce the format for the upcoming tournament. "Oh but Japan is doing this!" you might say well guess what Japan also had Bicycle in their "boundaries crossed" set. I don't what any rumors or here-say I want a TO to put their name on the line and announce this thing.

  2. Benzo

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    The 2013 Pokemon VGC Format has been announced, It has been posted in the VG gossip area of this site and at this time- the link has to be fixed. This will be resolved soon, but from what I know, little has changed. Keep checking in the VG forum for the information, we will have it soon.
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