Lets pick on Claydol..

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Danny B, Jul 2, 2008.

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  1. Danny B

    Danny B New Member


    3x Torchic (GE)
    2x Combusken (GE)
    3x Blaziken (GE)

    2x Cyndaquil (MT)
    1x Quilava (MT)
    2x Typhlosion (MT)

    2x Baltoy (GE)
    2x Claydol (GE)

    1x Moltress (MD)

    4x Pachirisu (GE)


    4x Call Energy
    11x Fire Energy


    2x Stark Mountain (LA)
    4x Rare Candy (GE)
    4x Bebe's Search (SW)
    2x Roseannes Research (SW)
    4x Prof' Oaks Visit (SW)
    2x Team Galactics Wager (MT)
    3x TM De-volve (LA)
    1x Energy Patch (LA)/Warp Point (MD)
    1x Night Maintence (SW)

    This is my idea for the DP-LA format (because I suck at pokemon and didn't win a trip to Worlds)
    Simple strategy; snipe there Claydol. They can get in a couple good draws before you get things going but without DRE and Scramble, i'd say there just as slow as you are (depending on the match-up thoe)then later game without Cosmic Power and a couple sniped bench pokemon, drop a TM-De-volve (or whatever its called) for a couple prizes, whether i'd be Kabuto, Kirlia, or Prinplup. Banette is a fun match-up cuz all there pokemon have 80HP or less:smile:
    But Kyogre is the worst thing to run into, enless you got one of thoes fancy hands and they get a horrible start, the match-up is like 2-98 lol

    Any thoughts go below, thanks for looking!
  2. ashinto

    ashinto New Member

    i think that the deck will be pulverizied by kingdra, no offense. this isn't the format for fire type pokemon with kindra able to do 60 damage t1, and also snipe with that. so, u should put in cards to make the deck faster, but idk wut cards.
  3. Danny B

    Danny B New Member

    Yea it probley would, but I don't think Kingdra will be that popular with all these possibiltys as old and brand new archetypes:

    Magnezone Lv.X/Electivire
    Fairy Tale
    Mewtwo Lv.X
    Rhyperier Lv.X
    Sniping decks with Lanturn LA

    But anyways I think Claydol GE with 4 Call/4 Patchy is just good enogh, I can always get T2 Claydol and then have a hand full of good stuff
  4. mrdraz07

    mrdraz07 New Member

    Kingdra is one of very few fast decks heading into next format. All it needs to set up is a Water, a Candy, and a Kingdra. 40 damage early in the game is devastating against everything.

    I'd play 4-3-3 Blaziken because Combusken is a beast early game.
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