Level 100's trading thread have lots; want any holos

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by level100, Mar 21, 2011.

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  1. level100

    level100 New Member

    HI my rules are:

    1. at the moment i can trade worldwide from the uk
    2.I'll consider all serious offers
    3. I will send cards in sleeves and toploaders
    4.lower or negative refs send first
    5. all pokegym rules apply
    6. have fun
    also if you dont ask for the condition of the card you cannot hold me against it

    a few of my pre dp cards arent in mint condition just ask thanks
    old haveskingdra neo genesis
    kingdra aquapolis holo and non holo
    some holo energies just ask
    promo 13 meowth
    promo 17 torchic
    pop 1 swampert and sceptile
    most holos from frlg to df
    and aggron ex kabutops ex and typhlosion-ex sandstorm
    macargo ex-ex dragon
    chansey ex-r and s
    mr mime ex-frlg
    zapdos ex - black star

    modified format holos and decent rares
    palkia col non-shiny
    rayquaza col non-shiny rh
    2 ssu
    rhyperior sv
    2dragonite la
    dark arceus
    spiritomb la
    giritina pt 9
    both sf dusknoir
    rh bebes
    magnezone sf
    2metagross la
    swampert sv rh
    t-tar sf
    abomasnow rh
    delcatty pt
    2xtorterra pt rh
    manectric pt
    ampharos pt x 2
    slaking pt x 2 1 rh
    2magnezone black star
    rotom md
    drifblim fb
    garchomp sv
    frosslass ar
    swalot ar
    yanmega sv rh
    probopass ar rh
    ho ho sw rh
    uagsire hgss rh
    elec fb rh
    rampardos pl
    charizard ar
    sh yanma
    shaymin ul
    venusaur sv
    2 blastoise ul
    magmortar ul

    4 crobat g

    lvx, legends and primes
    heatran x tin
    elec fb x
    charizard g x tin
    lugia legend full
    darkrai cresselia legend top
    kingdra prime
    arceus tin
    rayquaza c
    feraligatr prime tin
    blissey prime
    meganium prime pack
    2donphan prime
    skymin x pack
    houndoom prime

    sp stuff
    elec fb x
    1 drifblim fb

    a of a Japanese

    and much more (just ask)
    massive wants
    pokemon mats

    will trade well for
    Donphan prime

    others wants
    any staples
    any wotc holos and wotc promos
    pokemon legends
    col shinies
    any kingdra
    any lucario
    pokemon collector
    i will also trade for any random holos
    just offer away ;)

    Last edited: Mar 28, 2011
  2. Hikikomori-san

    Hikikomori-san New Member

    Interested in your:
    ninetales hgss
    dark arceus
    rh bebes non-LP
    fire arceus
    shaymin ul
    4 crobat g
    espeon prime
    feraligatr prime tin
    2donphan prime
    Kingdra prime
    1 poke turn
    1 cyrus
    1 energy gain

    Have from your Wants:
    1x Misdreavus WOTC Promo
    1x Dragonite Movie WOTC Promo
    1x Electabuzz Movie WOTC Promo USED
    1x Moltres Movie WOTC Promo USED
    2-2 KGL
    xX Primes (CML)
    3x Lucario UL

    Please CML, thanks!
  3. Gamer1oo

    Gamer1oo New Member

    cml for shymin x, is it the one with +40hp????
  4. Medix

    Medix Active Member

    I have UltraBall Playmat. Do you have any of my wants?
  5. Monkeylad

    Monkeylad Active Member

    Cml for:
    Kingdra Prime
    All your EX Pokemon

    From your wants I have:
    Pokemon Communication
    And if by WOTC holosw you mean Base/Fossil/Jungle holos, then I have some of those as well

  6. level100

    level100 New Member

    intrested in all those and any holos, didn't see any primes, could you make me an offer please thanks!

    No it isn't sorry.

    I have 2 donphan prime, a rare candy, a haunter ar rh (I might have both); could you make me an offer please? Thanks

    Didn't see anything sorry
  7. rizor

    rizor New Member

    Yeah I Have:

    2-1 Palkia Dialga Legend
    1-1 Kyogre Groudon Legend
    0-1 Raikou Entei Legend
    0-1 Raikou Suicione Legend
    2-1 Darkrai Cresselia Legend
    0-1 Suicione Entei Legend
    0-1 Lugia Legend
    0-2 Ho Oh Legend
    1-1 Rayquazza Deoxys Legend
    x2 Lucario UL
    x1 Lucario UL RH
    x1 Lucario POP 8
    x1 Lucario LA
    x3 Lucario C
    x4 Kingdra UL
    x1 Kyogre SL-6 COL
    x1 Suicione SL-11 COL

    Do you have something of what I want, please thank ....................:)
  8. Chaos0

    Chaos0 Active Member

    hi do you have any holo 1st ed old cards?
  9. drifloon kill

    drifloon kill New Member

    i lik your
    rh bebes
    2 kingdra prime
    2domphan prime
    magnezone sf
    dark and fire arceus

    i have
    2 pokemon communication
    2 celebi prime
    1 feraligatr prime
    1 absol prime

    LMK also check my thread
  10. Medix

    Medix Active Member

    How much do you value your cards?
  11. Hikikomori-san

    Hikikomori-san New Member

    1x Ninetales hgss
    1x RH Bebe's non-LP (or more)
    1x Espeon prime
    2x Donphan prime
    1x PokeTurn

    1x Misdreavus WOTC Promo
    1x Dragonite Movie WOTC Promo
    1x Electabuzz Movie WOTC Promo USED
    1x Moltres Movie WOTC Promo USED
    1-1 KGL
    3x Lucario UL

    LMK, thanks!
  12. level100

    level100 New Member

    I have a couple of your wants and am also intrested in your play mat, what would you like for it? Thanks

    No I don't sorry
    Didn't see anything sorry
    I can't do that sorry, could you do

    espeon prime
    something else

    1x Misdreavus WOTC Promo
    1x Dragonite Movie WOTC Promo
    1x Electabuzz Movie WOTC Promo USED
    1x Moltres Movie WOTC Promo USED

    Well I go by Troll and Toad prices so:

    donphan prime $10 (I have 2)
    rare candy $2.80
    gastly tr rh $0.50
    haunter ar 41/99 $0.33 (I have 2)

    andc the mat at $20

    Could we work something out thanks
  13. vaporeon

    vaporeon Moderator

    Whats the condition on

    zapdos ex - black star
    gardevoir ex d
    flygon ex d
    latios ex d
  14. Medix

    Medix Active Member

    Do you have more Rare Candies? Whats condition of your cards?
  15. Hikikomori-san

    Hikikomori-san New Member

    Sure, I can do that. I'll throw in some Lucario ULs to make up for the USED conditions (they're really used... : / )

    Anything I could do for the 2x DonPrimes?
  16. level100

    level100 New Member

    Sorry those cards are all gone, is there anything else you're interested in?

    I'd be willing to include 1 more rare candy (hp); they are all near mint. Thanks

    Thanks, I'm sorry but they are currently involved in a trade. What something else would you like from my list
  17. Hikikomori-san

    Hikikomori-san New Member

    The PokeyTurn? I can throw in some Holos from my list if you'd like. I have billions. = / LMK what holos you'd like, thanks!
  18. level100

    level100 New Member

    Sorry I don't have that any more, though I could still add in ninetales hgss if you could possibly add in any random holo, thanks
  19. Hikikomori-san

    Hikikomori-san New Member

    I can throw in 7-8 random Holos (do they have to be Modified or can they be from older sets?) if you throw in the Ninetales HGSS & Bebe's Search RH non-LP.

    LMK, thanks.
  20. level100

    level100 New Member

    I can definitely do that, the bebes is sw, I don't mind which sets they are from, the ninetals and espeon prime are both nm, whereas the bebes has quite a lot of surface scratches, but stil very playable. Thanks
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