Lexington Mass Tourney Aug 23

Discussion in 'Local Tournaments' started by GL Mo, Aug 17, 2008.

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  1. GL Mo

    GL Mo New Member

    Lexington Pokemon Scramble will be held this coming Saturday, August 23, 2008!
    Modified Constructed format. Swiss Rounds with a Top Cut. Number of Swiss Rounds and size of Top Cut dependent on number of players entered. You may use all cards from Holon Phantoms on, plus the Newest set, Legends Awakened!

    Where: Hit and Run Sports and Games
    433 Marrett Road
    Lexington, MA 02421
    Phone 781-863-2255

    Registration begins at 10:00 am, Tourney at 11:00 am

    Cost $5.00 entry fee which will go toward prize support. We will also be having a fun Raffle!

    Please join us for a day of Pokemon, friends and fun!

    Additional info I just got from the TO. To celebrate the end of the season we will be having a "Mini-Scramble" of the Top 8 players after Swiss Rounds. It will be the top 3 Masters, top 3 Seniors, and top 2 Juniors in a single elimination playoff to determine the Pokemon Scramble Champion! Winner gets packs and a cool trophy! Hope to see everyone there!
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  2. mumsascrappa

    mumsascrappa Active Member

    Sounds like fun. We'll have to pass on this one though, as we'll be at our local league store on Saturday.
  3. GL Mo

    GL Mo New Member

    well, hopefully we'll see you Sunday in Tewksbury.
  4. mumsascrappa

    mumsascrappa Active Member

    At this point, we are planning to be in Tewksbury at PR on Sunday, so yes, hope to see you there.

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