Lightning King (e-on)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by djcati, Oct 28, 2003.

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  1. djcati

    djcati New Member

    I suck at thinking of deck names.

    OK, second try at a modified deck, this time the E-on format. When I built this, PUI hadn't confirmed the format, and I figured Best Of promos would probably be allowed but obviously, that's not so. I'm keeping the 'buzz here for now, cause my TCG club at school won't be running by anything official (yet), but I'll take any good E-on suggestions from anyone so I have a half-decent tourney deck.

    Strategy? Still none, really, except to try and get Kingdra as soon as possible (People still keep playing Magcargo, and Blaziken decks will rule the scene soon, so I'll get a water foot in now, huh? :p) if I'm playing a said Fire deck, or one of my electrics if I'm not. Kingdra was the only thing working for me at te SE challenge (if only I'd used my Forest Guardian to get him and evolve Seadra, then blast away Blaziken! COulda upped my score to 2 wins. XD)
    The thing I'm wishing for now is a remake of Cleffa, because that is one broken card! XD Anyways, here (I've got a few proxies for now, marked in brackets, help getting those cards or any you suggest will be appreciated, I'll put a topic up in the trade forum too, plus I'll stop using run-on sentences. I never talk this much IRL 0.o)

    Energy x 26

    Lightning x 12
    Water x 14

    Trainers x 16

    Town Volunteers x 2 (1 proxy)
    Desert Shaman x 2 (1 proxy) (muahaha. You all shall ph34r t3h Desert Shaman...)
    Energy Restore x 1
    Moo-Moo Milk x 2 (.. Potion was reprinted in R/S, ne? Screwy Moomoo milk)
    Full Heal x 2
    Prof. Oak's Research x 3
    Forest Guardian x 3
    Prof. Birch x 1

    Pokemon x 18

    Voltorb (SK 113) x 2 (1 proxy)
    Electrode (AQ) x 1
    Electabuzz (best of) x 4
    Horsea (AQ) x 4 (1- 85, 3- 84)
    Seadra (AQ) x 2
    Kingdra (AQ) x 2 (1 proxy)
    Eevee (AQ) x 2 (1 proxy)
    Vaporeon (Sandstorm) x 1
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