(list included!)Warty finally gets to play! Murray UT 2nd place report.

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by HurricaneWarty, Jan 7, 2008.

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  1. HurricaneWarty

    HurricaneWarty New Member

    Well going into this last weekend of cities, I had only been able to play in two due to work. I was a little sour about my X-2 finishes with Magmortar, and I decided that with all the gardy/gallade that had been winning around here lately to take a gamble and switch decks. I felt like Megagatr would be best against the metagame here. Great matchup with gardy/gallade and the only bad matchup was Hurricane, of which only one was being played as of the week before, so I took my chances. Here's what the list looked like:


    4 Corsola
    2 Totodile d
    2 Totodile
    2 Chikorita
    1 Chikorita d
    2 Bayleef d
    3 Croconaw
    4 Feraligatr d
    3 Meganium d
    1 Holon's Castform


    4 Rare Candy
    4 Celio's Network
    4 Oak's Visit
    3 Buffer Piece
    2 Holon's Mentor
    2 Castaway
    1 Windstorm
    1 Night Maintenance


    4 d Rainbow
    3 Lightning
    3 Scramble
    3 DRE
    2 Fighting

    24 (or 26 I forget) Master's equals 5 rounds of swiss and a top cut of 4.

    ROUND 1 vs. Grass deck

    This guy is new and I forgot your name I'm so sorry! Between waiting 2 days and getting back to school today my mind is a little fried. I know I got a Corsola start and setup quickly. I didn't see much other than a couple Turtwig's and one other basic which I ran through with a t2 Meganium and 3 Feraligatr's to back it up the next turn.


    ROUND 2 vs Gardy/Gallade Jeremy G.

    Jeremy won last week with this exact same deck, so I knew this would be a good litmus test as to whether or not it would be a long day. I get another Corsola start to his Ralts. I go first and setup my Chik/Dile/Dile. He plays another Ralts and a Wooper on his bench and passes. I get not much my 2nd turn, so I attach to Chik and rally again to fill my bench with another Dile and a Chik. He candies into a t2 Gallade on me and I start to hold my breath. I know this will be the true test for me. Luckily all he can attach is a scramble and has to pass with a psy and scramble on it. I am able to get a Meganium going by the time he gets another energy on it, and 2 Gatrs in support the next turn before I let him kill my Corsola. I Scramble a Gatr and Fang him for 80. He turns over the prizes needed and kills my Gatr. I Scramble my Meganium now and kill it with a Mega Impact and take board control from there. He stalls with a couple Ralts and a Wooper before he finally finds a Rowan and gets a Gardevoir going, but I drag it off and Fang it to death before he gets more than 1 attack off with it. I end up winning 6-3.


    ROUND 3 vs Gardy/Gallade Josh S.

    Will Josh took 2nd last week with this deck lol! He has won a cities this year with it as well. He starts with a Riolu and I with Corsola (again!). I have like energy, energy, candy, candy, corsola in my hand and start to panic again. I actually go ahead and with no supporters in my hand rally my castform and 2 delta basics, figuring I can draw for 2 next turn and at least try a setup that way. He cyclone energy's his Riolu I believe and I end up putting the Castform up. I get a huge top deck though and hit Celio's. I go for my Meganium and grab some Croc's and another Meganium and candy a second Meganium to get everything I need in my hand. I end up killing his Lucario in a couple of turns and really take control from there with my amazing 2nd turn. He doesn't get much going and burns through alot of cards with excavate just trying to survive, so by the time he finds enough stuff he doesn't have the energy he needs. I end up winning 6-2 on prizes if I remember correctly.


    ROUND 4 vs. Typhlosion/Magmortar/Charizard

    I forget this guy's name too unfotunately =(. He is semi-new, I remember him really starting during battle roads. Anyway I start with a couple Chiks and he with a Charmander. He doesn't see any real evolutions early and I run through things with a Meganium t2. He finally sees a Magmortar after I get 3 prizes, but he only gets one knockout with it and I have a pumped Gatr waiting. I end up benching him for the win!


    So I'm basically in the top cut being the only undefeated to this point in my division. My brother's are both 3-1 in Seniors and need to win to get there!

    ROUND 5 vs. Raichu/Electivire Mason H.

    This round was a wreck I made a couple of decisions way too late. He rips off a t3 Raichu and 2 Buzzes so he is fully set. I don't get Meganium until t6 and that kills me. I try to get his Elecbuzz's dragged off so I can then one-hit them with a 2 energy Meganium, but by the time I get to them he has too much energy on the field. I get beatup by an Electivire and Electivire Lvl. X. It ends up 6-3 for him.


    I still end up top seed in the cut, and both my brother's win and advance as well. Here is what the t4 cut looks like:

    1st: Justin D. (Me) MegaGatr
    2nd: Mason H. Electivire/Raichu
    3rd: Taylor D. Hurricane
    4th: Andrew M. (master_of_puppets) T2 Banette

    TOP 4 - Andrew M. (master_of_puppets) T2 Banette

    Game 1 -

    I honestly can't remember if we went 3 games or not how ad is that. Game 1 he gets the t1 ascension and then plays a Cessation Crystal t2. Thanks for that! I go ahead and evolve everything anyway without getting Croc's power or Meganium's power, because I figure I do enough damage anyway that his low hp pokemon shouldn't be bad to go through if I can match his speed. I go through his first Banette with a Meganium which he ko's back after a ghost head to set it up. I end up delta reductioning with a buffer piece on though, so he can only do 30 max with his 2nd attack. I end up running through things fairly easily despite his t2 Cess and also Cess'ing the next Banette.

    Game 2/3???

    If we played a 2nd game it went fast and he killed me, but I can't remember if that happenend or not. Anyway, the other game I won went pretty much the sameway, except he plays a crystal beach lock on me, but it ends up hurting him cause he could have taken board control with a DRE'd Banette early on by getting a Bayleef with it. So I end up in the top 2!

    TOP 2 - Taylor D. Huricane

    Game 1 -

    This was the one deck I was hoping someone else would get for me. Oh well, I do my best! Our first game is classic. We both setup fast and get through our decks, relying on Nightly Garbage Run's and attacks to recycle our decks. I think I have him, but he surprises me with a tech Gatr d which I am able to play around, but then drops a Magnezone on me when he's behind, giving his DRE'd Gatr and Scramble'd Magnezone free retreat. A great play and great tech IMO. This game goes 30 minutes and we are tied 1 prize to 1. He is able to get a Totodile/candy/Gatr on my to draw his last prize showing me like 8 energy before I can drag off one of his pokemon for my last prize.

    Game 2 -

    This game started out exactly like game 1, but I just couldn't get anything going after I tied it up 3-3 on prizes. His huge damage output with my inability to OHKO a 130 HP beast just did me in! Oh well I gave it a great run and Taylor is a great player, I have no regrets at all!

    So I end up 2nd, and I was 2-0 vs. Gardy/Gallade so that shows me I made the deck choice that was best for the day. 2nd tastes much better when you know you made the right choices. I also kept my misplays way down considering the lack of play time I had over the last month and a half with all the snow and work I had to go through.

    PROPS -

    A big event to finish cities out
    My brothers both top cutting and going 3rd/4th
    Andrea for doing a great job running the event
    Simba for bailing me out when I showed up a little late and forgot some key cards in my rush out the door!
    Shawn for filling in judging and doing an expected flawless job!

    SLOPS -

    Andrew for thinking he could beat me. C'mon I'm like 5000-1 against you in tournaments now man! =P.
    Hurricane - the evil gatr beat my good one! lol.
    crap in my 10 packs

    Hopefully I can make the strong run I expect out of myself during states and regionals. I feel really good about my playstyle and this format. Thanks to everyone who reads this and posts!
  2. Lord Broly

    Lord Broly New Member

    Congrats on 2nd with Gatranium. I'm very suprised that it
    beats GG. Anyways congrats again.
  3. ChicoBlanco

    ChicoBlanco New Member

    Good Job dude.

    beating Gardylade oldschool style.... i gotta say, it takes mad skillz.


    -ian b

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