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    The people at the league I go would want a list of all the promos released so far. I could give them most, but I didn't remember any promos that were given away in europe or any of the promos that don't have the promo symbol like the bagon promos. Can anyone provide me with a complete list of all promo cards released so far, including the promos, non-promos and all other promotional cards? Thanks so much

  2. RainbowRichards

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    from a PTCO thread :

    Nintendo Promos

    #001 Kyogre (magazine insert - NP, Scrye, Inquest)
    #001 Kyogre Holo (convention give-away)
    #002 Groudon (magazine insert - NP, Scrye, Inquest)
    #002 Groudon Holo (convention give-away)
    #003 Treecko RH (League Season 2)
    #004 Winner Grovyle (League Season 2)
    #005 Mudkip Holo (UK only)
    #006 ???
    #007 ???
    #008 Torchic RH (League Season 1)
    #009 Winner Combusken (League Season 1)
    #010 Mudkip RH (League Season 3)
    #011 Winner Marshtomp (League Season 3)
    #012 Pikachu (from collector's tin)
    #013 Meowth (from collector's tin)
    #014 Latias (from Pokemon Heroes movie)
    #015 Latios (from Pokemon Heroes movie)
    #016 Treecko (from new Target promotion - given out at Target snack shops)
    #017 Torchic (from new Target promotion)
    #018 Mupkip (from new Target promotion)
    #019 Whismur (from new Target promotion)

    #004 Grovyle (League Season 2)
    #009 Combusken (League Season 1)
    #011 Marshstomp (League Season 3)
    #94/109 (R&S symbol) Metal Energy (League Season 5)
    #93/100 (SS symbol) Multi Energy (League Season 6)

    93/109 (R&S symbol) Holo Darkness Energy (League Season 4)
    93/109 (R&S symbol) Winner Holo Darkness energy (League Season 4)
    94/109 (R&S symbol) Holo Metal Energy (League Season 5)
    94/109 (R&S symbol) Winner Holo Metal Energy (League Season 5)
    #93/100 (SS symbol) Holo Multi Energy (League Season 6)
    #93/100 (SS symbol) Winner Multi Energy (League Season 6)
    50/97 (Promo symbol) Bagon with Scrye magazine logo (Scrye magazine insert)
    50/97 (Promo symbol) Bagon with Inquest Gamer logo (Inquest magazine insert)
    50/97 (Promo symbol) Bagon with GenCon logo (SoCal GenCon giveaway)
    50/97 (Promo symbol) Bagon without logo (Nintendo league merketing kit - sent to old WotC and Gamekeeper stores)

    Prerelese Cards:
    EX: Sandstorm - Prerelease-stamped Armaldo
    EX: Dragon - Prerelease-stamped Gyarados

    and this list doesn't include the CC-logo Charmander...
  3. Prime

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    OMGosh! Thank you so much! The people at my league will so love the list! Thanks again.

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