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  1. Jason

    Jason New Member

    G'day all!

    few things to be said:
    1. I live in Australia.
    2. NO CML's. I will not check haves lists, however I still check your wants as long as you have what I want.

    I have the following for trade:

    1x GOLD pikachu sleeves
    1x SILVER shaymin sleeves
    7x GREEN shaymin sleeves
    1x BLACK pokeball sleeves (tournament ones)
    1x Palkia pink sleeves
    Xx Darkrai sleeves
    Xx Leafeon/Glaceon sleeves
    (will have more coming in soon... INCLUDING GIRATINA RED :thumb:)

    Got those lv.Xs for trade:
    1x cresselia german
    1x magmortar english
    1x electivire english
    1x gardevoir english
    1x gardevoir japanese
    1x delcatty ex

    I have heaps of rev foils and holos/rares from most recent sets and i have alot of holo basic energies so just ask! I also have movie promos for trade (the ones you get from this year movie set in japan)

    DP Promos
    -?? Heatran X
    -?? Regigigas X
    -?? Dusknoir

    POP8 - Only seeking for COMPLETE SET!

    MT Rev foils
    -Gible MT rev foil x2
    -Blissey MT rev foil x2

    SW Rev foils
    -West Sea Shellos
    -Roseanne research x3
    -Bebe's Search x1

    GE Rev foils
    -Baltoy x2

    LA Rev foils
    (need 2 be updated)

    High value stuff
    -Metagross Star

    -P5 Holo Mew delta

    ex series rev foils
    -RS4 Camerupt
    -RS7 Gardevoir
    -RS9 Manectric
    -RS10 Mightyena
    -RS12 Slaking
    -RS14 Wailord
    -RS17 Donphan
    -RS18 Nosepass
    -RS19 Pellipper
    -RS20 Sceptile
    -RS21 Seaking
    -RS22 Sharpedo
    -RS24 Weezing
    -RS27 Combusken
    -RS29 Delcatty
    -RS31 Grovyle
    -RS32 Grovyle
    -RS33 Hariyama
    -RS34 Kirlia
    -RS35 Kirlia
    -RS37 Lairon
    -RS38 Linoone
    -RS39 Manectric
    -RS40 Marstomp
    -RS41 Marstomp
    -RS42 Mightyena
    -RS43 Silcoon
    -RS49 Aron
    -RS50 Aron
    -RS52 Electrilke
    -RS55 Goldeen
    -RS57 Makuhita
    -RS60 Mudkip
    -RS61 Numel
    -RS62 Phanpy
    -RS65 Poochyena
    -RS67 Ralts
    -RS69 Shroomish
    -RS70 Skitty
    -RS71 Skitty
    -RS73 Torchic
    -RS74 Torchic
    -RS75 Treecko
    -RS76 Treecko
    -RS77 Wingull
    -RS78 Wrumple
    -RS79 Zigzagoon
    -RS80 Energy Removal 2
    -RS82 Energy Switch
    -RS83 Lady outing
    -RS85 Lum Berry
    -RS87 Pokemon Reversal
    -RS91 Potion
    -RS105 Fighting Energy
    -RS106 Water Energy
    -RS107 Psychic Energy
    -RS108 Fire Energy
    -RS109 Lightning Energy
    -SS1 Armaldo
    -SS2 Cacturne
    -SS3 Cradily
    -SS6 Jolteon
    -SS7 Ludicolo
    -SS8 Lunastone
    -SS11 seviper
    -SS13 Solrock
    -SS18 Kecleon
    -SS22 Shiftry
    -SS23 Steelix
    -SS25 Vaporeon
    -SS28 Anorith
    -SS30 Azumarill
    -SS31 Azurill
    -SS32 Baltoy
    -SS34 Delcatty
    -SS35 Electabuzz
    -SS36 Elekid
    -SS38 Illumise
    -SS39 Kabuto
    -SS40 Kirlia
    -SS41 Lairon
    -SS45 Lombre
    -SS48 Nuzleaf
    -SS54 Wynaut
    -SS55 Xatu
    -SS56 Aron
    -SS57 Cacnea
    -SS59 Cyndaquil
    -SS61 Duskull
    -SS62 Duskull
    -SS66 Lotad
    -SS67 Lotad
    -SS69 Natu
    -SS73 Psyduck
    -SS74 Ralts
    -SS80 Slakoth
    -SS84 Wingull
    -SS85 Zigzagoon
    -SS89 Wally's Training
    -SS90 Claw Fossil
    -SS91 Mysterious Fossil
    -SS92 Root Fossil
    -SS93 Multi Energy
    -DR5 Golem
    -DR7 Minun
    -DR8 Plusle
    -DR9 Roseila
    -DR10 Salamence
    -DR13 Crawduant
    -DR14 Dragonair
    -DR15 Flygon
    -DR19 Salamence
    -DR20 Shelgon
    -DR21 Skarmory
    -DR22 Vibrava
    -DR23 Bagon
    -DR24 Camerupt
    -DR25 Combusken
    -DR28 Forretress
    -DR29 Gravelar
    -DR30 Gravelar
    -DR31 Grovyle
    -DR33 Horsea
    -DR34 Houndoom
    -DR35 Magneton
    -DR36 Marstomp
    -DR37 Meditite
    -DR39 Seadra
    -DR40 Seadra
    -DR41 Shelgon
    -DR43 Shuppet
    -DR45 Swellow
    -DR46 Vibrava
    -DR47 Vibrava
    -DR49 Bagon
    -DR51 Barboach
    -DR54 Corphish
    -DR55 Geodude
    -DR56 Geodude
    -DR57 Grimer
    -DR59 Houndour
    -DR60 Magikarp
    -DR62 Magnemite
    -DR63 Magnemite
    -DR66 Nincada
    -DR67 Nincada
    -DR71 Pineco
    -DR72 Slugma
    -DR73 Spoink
    -DR76 Tailow
    -DR78 Trapinch
    -DR79 Trapinch
    -DR80 Treecko
    -DR81 Wrumple
    -DR82 Balloon Berry
    -DR83 Buffer Piece
    -DR84 Energy Recycle System
    -DR85 High Pressure System
    -DR86 Low Pressure System
    [[Note of Legends: A stands for Team Aqua's, M stands for Team Magma's]]
    -MA2 A Crawduant
    -MA3 A Kyogre
    -MA4 A Manectric
    -MA5 A Sharpedo
    -MA6 A Walrein
    -MA7 M Aggron
    -MA8 M Claydol
    -MA9 M Groudon
    -MA10 M Houndoom
    -MA11 M Rhydon
    -MA12 M Torkoal
    -MA13 Raichu
    -MA14 A Crawduant
    -MA15 A Mightyena
    -MA16 A Sealeo
    -MA17 A Seviper
    -MA18 A Sharpedo
    -MA19 M Camerupt
    -MA21 M Mightyena
    -MA32 M Baltoy
    -MA34 M Houndoom
    -MA39 Bulbasaur
    -MA41 Jigglypuff
    -MA43 Pikachu
    -MA46 Squirtle
    -MA49 A Chinchou
    -MA50 A Corphish
    -MA52 A Electrike
    -MA57 A Spheal
    -MA60 M Baltoy
    -MA61 M Baltoy
    -MA62 M Numel
    -MA66 M Poochyena
    -MA67 M Rhyhorn
    -MA73 Maxie
    -MA77 A Conspirator
    -MA78 A Hideout
    -MA79 A TM01
    -MA80 M Ball
    -MA83 M Hideout
    -MA87 Magma Energy
    -HL3 Crobat
    -HL4 Dark Celebi
    -HL6 Exploud
    -HL9 Machamp
    -HL16 Bellossom
    -HL17 Chimecho
    -HL25 Snowcloud Castform
    -HL26 Sunny Castform
    -HL31 Claydol
    -HL66 Meditite
    -HL76 Surskit
    -HL78 Togepi
    -RG16 Tauros
    -RG52 Wigglytuff
    -RG54 Bulbasaur
    -RR5 Dark Houndoom
    -RR18 Dark Sandslash
    -RR27 Qwilfish
    -RR90 Rocket's Trickey Gym
    -RR91 Surprise Time Machine
    -DX43 Nuzleaf

    stuff from the wizard days
    -promo9 mew (holo)
    -GH1 Blaine's Moltres
    -GH23 Brock's Sandslash
    -GH31 Misty's Poliwrath
    -GH36 Blaine's Kangaskhan
    -GH41 Brock's Lickitung
    -GH44 Erika's Exeggutor
    -GH46 Erika's Gloom
    -GH60 Sabina's Slowbro
    -GH63 Blaine's Ponyta
    -GH97 Blaine's Quiz #1
    -GH99 Charity
    -GH103 No Removal Gym
    -GH105 Blaine's Last Resort
    -GH109 Erika's Maid
    -GH114 Misty's Wrath
    -GH115 Pewter City Gym
    -GH117 Sabrina's ESP
    -GH120 Vermillion City Gym
    -GH126 Trash Exchange
    -GC4 Erika's Venusuar
    -GC7 Giovanni's Nidoking
    -GC17 Blaine
    -GC24 Giovanni's Pinsir
    -GC26 Koga's Muk
    -GC28 Lt. Surge's Jolteon
    -GC31 Blaine's Charmeleon
    -GC36 Brock's Sandslash
    -GC46 Koga's Golbat
    -GC51 Lt. Surge's Eevee
    -GC63 Blaine's Mankey
    -GC66 Blaine's Vulpix
    -GC103 Erika's Kindness
    -GC110 Sabrina
    -GC116 Master Ball
    -GC120 Rocket's Secret Experiment
    -GC124 Fervor
    -GC126 Warp Point
    -NG32 Croconaw
    -NG Onix
    -NG Noctowl
    -NG Togetic
    -NG Lugia
    -NG Gold berry
    -NDi Butterfree
    -NDi Politoed holo
    -NDi Espeon holo
    -NDi Umbreon holo
    -NDi Umbreon rare
    -NDi Houndour
    -NDi Scizor holo
    -NR Entei holo
    -NR Ho-oh holo
    -NR Raichu
    -NR Misdreavus holo
    -NR Celebi holo
    -NR Blissey holo
    -NR Delibird holo
    -NDe Dark Forretress
    -NDe Light Arcanine
    -NDe Dark Feraligatr
    -NDe Light Lanturn
    -NDe Dark Ampharos
    -NDe Dark Exeggutor
    -NDe Dark Slowking
    -NDe Unown H
    -NDe Unown X
    -NDe Dark Donphan
    -NDe Dark Tyranitar
    -NDe Light Wigglytuff
    -NDe Light Dragonite
    -NDe Pokemon Personality Test

    japanese 3rd gen wants
    -Mew ex HP
    -Mew ex PLAY#7
    -Jirachi VS Movie Set
    -Deoxys VS Movie Set
    -Lucario VS Movie Set
    -Roota's Mew (Lucario VS Card #2)
    -Ranger Capture card (Manaphy VS Card #18)
    -Pokepark Green set
    -Satoshi's Kimori ADV#36
    -Haruka's Achamo ADV#37
    -Takeshi's Mizugozu ADV#38
    -???'s Kirlia ADV#39
    -???'s Absol ADV#40
    -Defense form Deoxys PCG-P#18
    -PCL Stadium card PCG-P#24
    -Pokemon Center Treecko PCG-P#37
    -Pokepark Lugia PCG-P#38
    -Pokepark Suicune PCG-P#39
    -Pokepark Munchlax PCG-P#40
    -Pokepark Groudon PCG-P#42
    -Pokepark Pikachu PCG-P#43
    -Pokepark Celebi PCG-P#44
    -Pokepark Latios PCG-P#45
    -Pokepark Whismur PCG-P#46
    -Pokepark Torchic PCG-P#47
    -Pokepark Mudkip PCG-P#48
    -Pokepark Tauros PCG-P#49
    -Pokepark Jirachi PCG-P#50
    -Mew PCG-P#69
    -Lucario PCG-P#75
    -Lucario PCG-P#79
    -Mew PCG-P#80
    -Mew PCG-P#85
    -Mime jr PCG-P#86
    -Bonsly PCG-P#87
    -Munchlax PCG-P#88
    -Weavile PCG-P#89
    -Lucario PCG-P#90
    -Mew PCG-P#91
    -Lucario PCG-P#92
    -Pokepark Lucario PCG-P#93
    -Mime jr PCG-P#97
    -Mantyke PCG-P#137
    -Buizel PCG-P#138
    -Chatot PCG-P#143
    -Buizel PCG-P#151
    -Chatot PCG-P#152

    list of stuff people borrowed from me
    -Omaster PK rh
    Due date: 13th August 2009 (Worlds)

    -Claydol HP rh
    Due date: asap!

    Silent Swordsman lv.3
    -Psychic Energy (used for plox counter)
    Due date: asap!

    -1x Mew star delta
    -1x Latios ex delta
    -1x Leafeon lv.x JP
    -1x Blastoise delta CG
    -1x Corphish rh HP (50hp)
    -1x Psychic Energy 2007 league foil (used for plox counter)
    -2x Baltoy rh GE
    -1x Roseanne research rh SW
    -1x Night Maintainence 1MT

    Last edited: Oct 19, 2008
  2. pokefan84

    pokefan84 New Member

    CML for metagross star will trade big!
  3. drugenalmighty

    drugenalmighty New Member

    im interested in your
    green and silver shaymin sleeves
    2-darkrai sleeves
    silver pikachu sleeves
    leafeon glaceon sleeves
    black pokeball sleeves
    i have
    13 buizel
    16 pikachu
    23 glameow
    rhyperior lv.x
    also please cml.
  4. Jason

    Jason New Member

    your buizel,pikachu,glameow for green shaymin sleeves? lmk
  5. drugenalmighty

    drugenalmighty New Member

    well i want to trade the rhyperior for more sleeves make me a full offer.
  6. Jason

    Jason New Member

    i dont value rhyperier much cause it will be released as promo tins, sooo...

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    , i think i should have states 07-08 pin somewhere.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2008
  7. drugenalmighty

    drugenalmighty New Member

    ok well is there anything else you want on my list cause i want the pin but i realy want
    green shaymin sleeves
    black pokeball sleeves
    silver pikachu sleeves
    leafeon glaceon sleeves
    darkrai sleeves
    in that order
  8. Jason

    Jason New Member

    your buizel,pikachu,glameow for green shaymin sleeves+states pin? lmk
  9. drugenalmighty

    drugenalmighty New Member

    im cool with that but can you please cml for any of the others?
  10. Jason

    Jason New Member

    the only thing that i would like from you is the rhyperier lv.x

    interested in another green shaymin sleeve for that?

  11. drugenalmighty

    drugenalmighty New Member

    no lets finalize via pm.
  12. shaymin707

    shaymin707 New Member

    i have a japanese rhyp x ,promo mime jr,promo rioulu,and a prof.cup darkrai mat,interested in dialga sleeves,black pokeball sleeves,and gold and silver pika sleeves
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2008
  13. Ninjask_161

    Ninjask_161 New Member

    I have -P5 Holo Mew delta (I have multiple if you are interested), and also a Mesprit Lvl. X, please LMK, im interested in sleeves and other types of merch. and i need cards as well.
  14. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    Jase, meneeds your Silver Shaymin Sleeves.

    For Glaceon X?
  15. xchasex

    xchasex New Member

    i have a spare mime jr.
    check my wants?
  16. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Peter, no thx.

    Chase, a wailord rh for the mime jr?

    Ninjask, my magmortar lv.x and Leafeon/Glaceon sleeves for mespirit lv.x and p5 holo mew + p5 pikachu on wailord holo? lmk.

    drugenalmighty, PM me.

    shaymin, your darkrai playmat for my dialga sleeves? lmk.
  17. shaymin707

    shaymin707 New Member

    sorry,i value my mat higher than dialga sleeves,thanx anyway

    are you interested in anyother cards i have that i listed?
  18. Jason

    Jason New Member

    how about black pokeball sleeves and dialga sleeves for the darkrai mat? lmk
  19. xchasex

    xchasex New Member

    yeah if the wailord is mint i can do that.
  20. Jason

    Jason New Member

    sure mate, PM me ;)
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