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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by pokepop58paulbest, Jan 19, 2004.

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  1. pokepop58paulbest

    pokepop58paulbest New Member

    I am currently looking for a few error and otherwise misprinted cards. This is the list:
    1st ed or shadowless Nintales error...missing 80 on 2nd attack
    dark dragonite error...#5/82 non halo..could be 1st ed and/or Ul
    dark persian promo error...missing 60HP at top of card
    base set Wartortle error... own picture in evolution box
    Pre release Clefable... with blue or brownish lettering
    base set diglett error..1st ed and/or UL...sideways or upsidedown fist on 1st attack
    jungle error cards..halos without symbol
    aqua #20 lanturn RH- (I need the corrected version)
    dragon #63 magnemite RH- ( I need the corrected version)
    any factory misprint cards.. blank spots,washed out pictures,misplaced printing,miscolored cards etc.
    Please message or email me directly with items you might have for trade or sale.
    Thanks, Pokepop58paulbest :lightning
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  2. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Hey 'pop58.
    Sorry for the issue with the sn.

    I have some squarecuts. Are they of interest to you?
    I also have an extra Jungle rare Electrode 1st Ed (wrong picture).
  3. Oak

    Oak New Member

    Look at my post and you will see a whole bunch of error cards that I have, such as:
    Voltorb (monster ball error)
    Base Diglett (sideways Fighting energy)
    Jungle Flareon (no expanison sign)
    Jungle Electrode 1st edition (with Base Set Electrode picture)
    Jungle Butterfree ā€œdā€ edition
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  4. pokepop58paulbest

    pokepop58paulbest New Member

    I am interested in any square cuts. Not to worry about the SN. it all worke dout. Please email me with a list of errors you have. I have a have list on another site I can cory to you for trade, or we can talk about prices. Thanks :)
  5. Oak

    Oak New Member

    Go to the White Ninja 5's post and you will find the Wartortle error card. He has 2 of them for trade.
  6. WaRrIoR04

    WaRrIoR04 New Member

    ive got the dark dragonite error and almost all of the jungle error cards heres what i need

    3 blaziken rs holo
    2 rayquaza ex
    3 cacturn(ss holo)
    4 oaks research
    2 birch
    2 oracle
    4 boost energy
    1 vampire lord (yugioh)
    1 don zaloog (yugioh)

    just lmk
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2004
  7. pokepop58paulbest

    pokepop58paulbest New Member

    I have these cards to trade.( rayquazza EX )or these-(cacturne x2 RH,4 x oaks research,2x birch) for the dark dragonite error card. Please message me about working out a deal.
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