Looking for Mewtwo EX Cards

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by DarkTyranitar, Dec 18, 2003.

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  1. DarkTyranitar

    DarkTyranitar New Member


    I am searching for 2 or 3 Mewtwo EX cards, from the Ruby & Saphire set.

    Since I'm trying to complete a Psychic set for my youngest son by Christmas, this is a rush deal.

    I'm willing to trade straight up one of the following EX cards for each Mewtwo EX:

    a Promo reverse holo Kyogre EX

    or from the Sandstorm series:
    an Aggron EX
    or an Aerodactyl EX
    or a Typhlosion EX
    or a Kabutops EX
    or a Wailord EX

    or from the Dragon series:
    an Ampharos EX
    or a Magcargo EX
    or a Muk EX.

    In addition, in a separate trade I'm searching for 4 - 8 Boost Energy cards, (from Aquapolis, I think).

    I have numerous cards in many of the Pokemon series' to trade for, but am looking for an uncommmon to uncommon or two common for an uncommon trade.

    Send me a message off line if you're interested.


    - Tony
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  2. Mew35

    Mew35 Member

    3 x Mewto Ex

    I have three

    I like
    Amphsaros Ex

    Yu have any japanese cards for trade ??i live in holland so Christmas won´t be reasonable
  3. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Mew35, DarkTyranitar doesnt have any Japanese cards
  4. Mew35

    Mew35 Member


    isn´t it up to him to answer my question ??
  5. DarkTyranitar

    DarkTyranitar New Member

    Actually Jason,

    You did kind of jump the gun here.

    Mew35, I do have a small number of Japanese cards, that you may (or may not) be interested in.

    I'll get a listing later on this evening and let you know what I have.

    Just to check here though, those Mew-Two EX cards are English ones, correct?

    - Tony
  6. Kyogre

    Kyogre <a href="http://pokegym.net/gallery/browseimages.p

    I'll do a strait up Mewtwo EX for an Ampharos EX. Plain and Simple. PM me if you want to finish.
  7. number_one_pokemon

    number_one_pokemon New Member


    i have two mewtwo ex's for trade i need two magcargo ex's if you want to trade just post
  8. Perfect0ne

    Perfect0ne New Member

    I can swap my mewtwo ex for your ampharos ex- i live in NY so it may work if you mail me quick- [email protected]
  9. DarkTyranitar

    DarkTyranitar New Member


    Deal! (A Mewtwo EX from you for an Ampharos EX from me).

    I'll send you a PM shortly, with the specific information.

    Number-one-Pokemon, although I'll check, I'm pretty sure that I only have one Magcargo EX for trade. PM me your particulars (your full name and mailing address) if you're still interested.


    I'll have to check to see if I have more than one Ampharos Exs for trade.

    I'll email you or send you a PM later on this evening.

    I'd like to thank YOU ALL!! Your offers are greatly appreciated!

    - Tony
  10. penguin_master

    penguin_master New Member

  11. Mew35

    Mew35 Member

    pm please

    ok pm me please
  12. bullados

    bullados <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showthread.php?

    I've got one Mewtwo ex for trade. I need either of the following:

    1 Gardevoir ex


    2 Gardevior (2 holo=1 ex)
  13. DarkTyranitar

    DarkTyranitar New Member


    Thanks for the offer, but I don't have any extra Gardevoir exs or Gardeviors to trade. I've used all of the ones I have in both my Psychic deck, along with that new one I'm constructing for my son.

    Since I can't seem to hear from number_one_Pokemon, that Magcargo EX is still available. In addition, I still have the following EX cards up for trade:

    a Promo reverse holo Kyogre EX

    (from the Sandstorm series: )
    an Aggron EX
    or an Aerodactyl EX
    or a Typhlosion EX
    or a Kabutops EX
    or a Wailord EX

    (from the Dragon series: )
    a Muk EX.

    I also still need 4 - 8 Boost Energy cards along with several Professor Oaks Research. (I have other cards to trade for these). If you have any that you're interested in trading PM or email me your wish-list.

    Since I'm sitting on a box of Dragons (which won't be opened until Christmas) , I more than likely will have additional EX cards to trade.

    - Tony
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2003
  14. TheAnswer3

    TheAnswer3 New Member

    I have a Mewtwo EX. Possibly a second i will cheeck later today

    I need
    Flygon #4
    Muk EX
    Xx Professor Birch
    Xx Rare Candy LMK will work something out.
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