Looking For Several Graded Cards -- Please Read for List!!!!

Discussion in 'Buyers House' started by RarerThanYouThink, Jan 18, 2008.

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  1. RarerThanYouThink

    RarerThanYouThink New Member


    I'm looking for the following cards graded by either PSA or BGS:

    (If graded by PSA, I prefer a 10. If graded by BGS, I prefer a 9.5 or 10.)

    (I will pay slightly to WAY more for BGS graded 10 cards than PSA graded 10 cards.)

    1. Dark Charizard:
    - First Edition English
    - Japanese

    2. Umbreon Star

    - If it's in English, it's got to be 1st Edition unless it's a promo.
    - Anything Japanese
    - I will pay the MOST for a BGS 10 Mewtwo ex.

    4. Holon Phantoms Mew ex:
    - Japanese or English

    5. The extremely NOT rare Mew #9 Holo Promo:
    - The card's not rare or valuable at all, but if you've got it in a BGS 10 (or a PSA 10), I'll pay pretty hefty for it.

    I can pay via PayPal or Money Order.
    I also have a 1st Edition Dark Dragonite Error card (the non-holo one -- you know the one) that I literally just opened within the last month that I can send if you're willing to cut the price of any of the cards I'm asking for.

    Please e-mail me at [email protected] -- ASAP!!!!

    If you have any other BGS 10 or PSA 10 cards to sell that aren't on my list, E-MAIL ME ANYWAY!!!! I may be interested in buying them!

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