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  1. Sceptile King

    Sceptile King New Member

    this Deckis an idea that needs to be improved.
    the list
    1x D/C lengend
    1-1 Bronzong TRU
    2-2-2 Flygon
    1-1 Umbreon UD
    1-1 Mismagius UL
    1-1Slowking COL
    2x Mime Jr.
    1x ambipom G
    2x Spiirtomb AR
    1x Darkrai Promo

    1x Rainbow
    1x Rescue
    2x Metal
    6x Dark
    4x Darkness
    2x DCE

    1x Indigo Plateau
    1x Lost World
    1x Miasma Valley

    2x FSL
    2x Copycat
    2x Fisherman
    1x Buck's Training
    1x Cynthia's Feelings
    1x Black Belt
    1x Energy Pickup
    2x Energy Exchanger
    3x Research records

    the strategy of this deck is to either
    1. hurling Pokemon and cards into the Lost world with DC Legend and Mime Jr.
    2.Take out the opponet with hard hitters like Flygon, Darkrai, & DC Legend.

    The Cards:
    Umbreon Is used for Stalling slighty
    Ambipom G for Garchomp
    Mismaguis used for energy rotation
    & Slowking to ensure that I am either hurling Pokemon In the Lost World or important cards

    I already know cards that will need to come out.
    Thank You for Reading my decklist and future comments.
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  2. Sceptile King

    Sceptile King New Member

    Bump..... (I don't usually do this)
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