Lost Deck in Cities at always gaming , chatworth , CA

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by victini3000, Jan 15, 2012.

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  1. victini3000

    victini3000 New Member

    So , i when to cities around the end of November , and i lost my deck there .:frown: It was a deck with emboar , reshiram FA , and Hydragon . It also had rh pokemon catcher , rare candies and more . I am so sad that i lost it . My name is Zack Murray and i'm the kid who always has the pikachu hat . It was a sleeved deck with victini japaness sleeves. It also had pokemon proffessor dice . It was all in a Emboar tin , if you have it or have any leads please pm or comment . THERE WILL BE A REWARD IF YOU FOUND IT OR HAVE IT . PLEASE SEND TO ME . HUGE REWARD !!

    thanks ,
    :fire: Victini3000:fire:

    ( posted in cities because i losted in cities championships
  2. Dragon100

    Dragon100 Member

    Pls check with Tony Torres. Or Marco Carreras. Pls Bring your parents with you to talk with them

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