lostgar stops vilegar and luxchomp

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by AlmightyGoldenGarchomp, Mar 6, 2011.

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  1. This is a deck I came up with to counter vilegar and luxchomp, that uses the technique of lostgar.


    x4 ghastly SF
    x3 haunter SF
    x3 gengar prime
    x2 eevee RR
    x2 glacion MD
    x2 glaceon lv. x
    x2 electrike PL
    x2 manectric PL
    x2 mime jr.
    x1 chatot g
    x2 dialga g
    x1 dialga g lv. x


    x2 lost world
    x3 broken time-space
    x2 bebe's search
    x2 SD rader
    x3 seeker
    x2 pokemon collector
    x2 twins
    x1 palmer's contribution
    x2 warp point
    x2 bench shield
    x3 cyrus's conspiracy


    x10 psychic energy

    This tries to stop luxchomp with glaceon lv. x's chilly breath to neutralize healing breath and bright look, and dialga g lv. x to block allergy flower against vilegar. It is important not to use glacion and dialga at the same time, because dialga stops glacion's chilly breath. Manectric is there to stop garchomp c in lostgar from killing everyone on the bench.To win, it uses lostgar strategy.
    obviously, this idea is in its infancy, and I believe there is a lot of ways it can improve. Helpful suggestions are always welcome.
  2. Kagami

    Kagami New Member

    I see what you are doing, and as I play a Gengar Prime deck, here is what I suggest.

    Play Mesprit instead of Glaceon. You drop it to the bench and they can't use any PokePowers on their next turn.
    You can combo this with seeker to keep a lock on them, while focusing on lost zoning stuff with Gengar.

    - 2-2 Glaceon X
    - 2 Mime Junior
    - 2-1 Dialga G x (It would lock your glaceon anyways, and it locks Gengar too.

    Play Haunter TM > SF as it has free retreat.

    + 1-1 Absol G X / Palkia G X
    +2 Mesprit
    +2 Uxie
    +1 Azelf

    then you can easily remove SP radar, bench shield, 3 psychic energy and add

    + 2 Pokemon Communication
    + 2 Twins (four's consistency is amazing)
    + 2 Rescue Energy
    +1 Seeker (Also much more consistent and quick)

    As your deck is now, it is much too slow to win using the LostGar stratagem of Lost Zoning 1+ Pokemon a turn,
    Glaceon must be active and thus you'd have to attack with him for his usefulness to pay off. Remove it.
    Chatot G is also superficial and you could replace it with Uxie or another collector for quick Pokemon dropping.

    Just my 2 cents.
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