Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by evil eyeball, Sep 13, 2003.

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  1. evil eyeball

    evil eyeball New Member

    Why do people here tend to avoid buying large lots??

    Just curious as ive been having trouble finding buyers for a 785 card lot

    (my entire colelction)
  2. BJJ763

    BJJ763 Trading Mod Supervisor Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    Because usually "lots" include lots of commons or Basic energy cards, which people don't really need. It's a rare find to have someone looking for many cards from the early sets(*), most would be looking for 1 or 2 cards to complete their set(s).

    (*) Except if you had 1st ed. Base or Shadowless cards. People would go for a Lot made up of those cards. You will on occasion find someone interested in a Lot of 1st ed. Jungle or evern 1st ed. Fossil but those are few and far between.

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