LoxChomp and Wittz Roll Wisconsin States

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by Little Wittz, Mar 21, 2011.

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  1. Little Wittz

    Little Wittz New Member

    So I wasn't able to make it to Illinois states, so I thought I should just kick some butt at Wisconsin. I didn't really know how the new set changed the format, so I decided to just run the same deck that I've been running since last years nationals, LoxChomp. Its really similar to sablock but it runs a fat luxray and garchomp line in addition to sableye and hand disruption supporters.

    Round 1:pooka with Dialga Chomp.
    So I'm a little discouraged already knowing that I have to play an extremely good player. And I was even more upset when I flipped 4 tails on initiative. My start was so bad that he got a KO with skuntank g on my sableye. So he's up a big amount, and I just play it out for whatevskis. And end up taking like 3 prizes to his 5.


    Round 2: sablock variant
    We both start sableye, and he starts with a judge and I luckily get a collector and a double colorless energy. So I initiative with my sableye and drain his only supporter. I take a big advantage and we eventually start to split prizes but I win 6-2.


    Round 3: Luxray Garchomp Blaziken
    This game went really similar to the first one. I flip 0-4 on initiative flips again and it ends up setting me farther back than it does him to go for the hand disruption. The prize trade switches on and off, and I lose 6-4.

    1-2 At this point I'm pretty upset and even consider dropping. But I decided to keep on playing until I get another loss and try to make something out of the day.

    Round 4: Idk, but I really needed this as a pick-me-up
    He starts unown q, and I have sableye and a dark energy in hand.


    Round 5: Rob Downs with Regigigas
    He sees that I'm running sp and starts off the game with going straight for the mewtwo X. Fortunately I was able to get out my honchkrow sv in 3 turns, and He had put alot of uxies and mesprits on the bench to fuel the Riot, and I'm able to oneschot it. I then retreat the Krow and start taking prizes off o the pixies with Garchomp and Luxray for quick KO's as he sets up a giggas on the bench. He belts the giggas and sacrifices and starts to truck. I use a roserade gl to poison bind it for a turn just so I can get some excess damage on it. The next turn I'm able to one shot the giggas with honchkrow sv with a fashbite and take my last two prizes. Probably the best game in terms of quality.


    Round 6: sableye with crobat g and an eevee??
    We both start sableye but he attaches and attacks mine for 10 and I initiative the lone collector in his hand. He takes a knockout the next turn But then I set up and KO all of his pokemon before he ever gets going.


    Round 7: Magnezone
    I start off with luxray and garchomp and he has a spiritomb and pachirisu and 5 energy. I ko his only two pokemon in 3 turns, he couldn't draw into another pokemon or supporter.


    So I'm able to pull of the 4 game win streak to make the top 16 and get ranked 10th. My brother JWittz went 7-0 (with LoxChomp as well) so I know that the only way we can play is in the championship.

    Top 16: Gyarados
    I get an extremely favorable match-up so I'm a little excited.
    Game 1: I again double tails the initiative flips, but he has the worst possible game he could ever have. He never gets a bts, His azelf and a karp were prized. And he flips 6 total tails in a row with superscoopups and a portrait of an initiative in my hand. I was able to bright look for easy prizes and Snipe around until he scoops and starts game 2
    Game 2: He gets a really solid start. He gets all 3 karp down and a belted dos, and he uses warp energy and seeker to heal off a turn. I try using switchero on the belt to an azelf, and I end up dragon rushing it for two prizes, but I can't keep up with the prize trade. I then try to do every possible legal move I can in order to let the clock drain a little, because I knew there was under 15 minutes and that I could win in a short third game.

    Game 3: He opens with fairly little of anything. He plays most of the cards in his hand on the bench and never plays a supporter. I Luxray and Garchomp until I take 4 prizes and he scoops with a fairly small amount of time left.

    Jwittz wins as well so I figure it might be a possibility.

    Top 8. Javier Perez with LuxChomp.
    I've never lost to luxchomp with my deck so I feel that I should be pretty successful.
    game 1: He opens with an awful hand and I lock it to make it even worse and take 3 prizes until he scoops.

    game 2: I lock him again and start to take a lead. But then I totally misplay a powerspray that ends up costing me in the long run. He ends up going up by 2 prizes and I figure its not worth the time.

    game 3: We both start with sp pokemon, but I chose to go first which gave me a big advantage. I'm able to powerspray an uxie drop and KO his sp pokemon before he can ever level up or get anything going. He scoops after I was up 4-1 on prizes.
    My brother wins as well, cool beans.

    Top 4: Vilegar
    game 1: I hear my brother donk his oponent with a sableye on his first turn, and I use initiative to take out his collector and leave him with only a communcation (he had a spiritomb start) and a haunter and gengar and energies. He draws and passes, and I'm able to dragonrush the next turn with a garchomp C for a donk as well.

    Game 2: I initiative out some of his search, which cripples him a little bit but he eventually draws into some supporters. I used roserade gl to poison bind 3 different spiritombs for knock outs, and I'm able to two shot the only gengar he ever sets up (he hits the fainting spell, but it didn't make a big difference). He then tries to set up another gengar, but leaves a haunter that has 2 energy on it on the bench, and I'm able to dragon rush it- which causes him to scoop.
    Well, it happened, me versus my brother in the state finals.

    Top 2: Jwittz with Loxchomp
    We had already had a similar matchup for the championship at Huntley cities, only he ran his with blaziken instead of luxray. He beat me so I needed some revenge.

    Game 1: We had already known that the mirror was as dumb as it gets. Judge turn 1 and see what happens. So I judge away his god hand and leave a lone crobat g for him. I get a collector (he claims I was luckier but I ran 4 collector and he only ran 3 so I was just more probable) and start to set up. He can see that he wasn't going to win so he scoops early.

    Game 2: Judge turn one. He gets a collector and special dark. He collectors for a bat a q and a sableye and retreats his garchomp C , flashbites, and overconfidents for the donk.

    Game 3: I want to say it was an epic battle that went down to the wire, but its really just the same story as the previous two games. He starts off with a judge and gives me gold, and himself crap. I'm able to get set-up right away. After a couple turns I get a solid advantage but could really use a good top deck to break the game open, before I draw I say "watch me top deck this Cyrus" (the game had been pretty friendly the whole time) and as I look at the card for turn, the judge just shakes his head in laughter and disbelief. My brother gets pretty upset at this point. From there the cards were perfectly coming into my hand as if it was meant to be. I garchomp for a good amount of prizes and he takes a few return KO's, but every single time I needed a spray in hand- I'd either top deck it, or get it off of my prize. At one point he even tries Giant tail with dragonite fb. He takes a 2nd prize, before I luxray up a crobat g for the game/tournament winning ko.

    9-2 .

    So I go from potentially dropping out of the tournament, to going on an 8 game winning streak to winning it all, So felt extremely lucky. It was pretty cool to face my brother in a large tournament finals, and win a tournament at the state level for the first time. Jwittz will probably have a video explaining his rounds and other state's successes- so if you're interested in how he got two second places in back to back weeks happened for him just visit his website.

    cheesy moral of the story- never give up, because you never know what crazy things might happen by the end of the day.
  2. JPN Gallade

    JPN Gallade New Member

    Fantastic job winning Wisconsin States, Cody. Way to show Wisconsin who's boss! Your Loxchomp is looking to be one very interesting and good deck that can even have potential to win worlds!

    Good luck in Regionals and Nationals!:thumb:
  3. JWittz

    JWittz New Member

    Great job, bro. It's one thing to just get on a hot streak and win non-stop like I did, but winning out from a 1-2 start is really impressive. I wouldn't have even thought of the Luxray play if you hadn't been playing it earlier, so I owe you for that, too. As always, the mirror games are probably the dumbest I've ever played, but there's nothing that'll change that : P. See you at nats!
  4. Little Wittz

    Little Wittz New Member

    thank you very much. And Josh I like how you say "see you at nats" as if we aren't going to see each other between now and then. Silly Jawittz.
  5. prodigal_fanboy

    prodigal_fanboy New Member

    Congratulations with the hybrid. Also, in case you were wondering, I'm pretty sure I was the guy who asked you about your brother in League of Legends a few days ago.
  6. Little Wittz

    Little Wittz New Member

    Thank you very much. However. . I don't play league of legends. .
  7. kyle_thomas

    kyle_thomas New Member

    Someone who was in the top 4 had a pokemon communication in VileGar?
  8. prodigal_fanboy

    prodigal_fanboy New Member

    Then it was someone else with the screen name Little Wittz with an older brother named Josh...

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwkward. Good luck at regionals.

    SLOW DECK New Member

    Great Job Cody!!

    I am glad I didn't win our round 5 game. Didn't know what sort of roll you had coming.

    I was basically convinced by Kevin Anen that I did snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Even if I won, I wouldn't have made cut, thus it worked out well in the end. I ended 4-3 with losses to you, dead hand vs Magnezone, and my the arriving late loss pushing me to the end of what every record bracket I would finish in.

  10. yoyofsho16

    yoyofsho16 New Member

    Why is that a bad play?
    Vilegar clearly falters when its lock is taken away. The best thing when your Vileplume is missing would be recovery.

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