Lucardevoir LV X (the gardy family and his pet dog)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by megatron007, Dec 3, 2007.

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  1. megatron007

    megatron007 New Member

    Please help me with ideas for this deck:


    4 raltz sw
    4 Kirlias sw
    3 Gardevoir sw
    1 Gardevoir LV X
    1 gallade sw.
    3 riolu dp
    3 lucario dp
    1 lucario lv x mt.
    1 diglett sw
    1 dugtrio cg.
    22 pkmn


    4 prof oak visit
    4 celios network
    3 windstorm
    2 rosseanne research
    2 team galactic wager
    3night manintenance
    2 prof rowan
    20 trainers


    4 double rainbow energu
    7 :psychic: energy
    7 :fighting: energy
    18 energys

    The strategic is start with riolu-lucario for a bench damage with aura sphere, until i have in my hand the gardevoir lv x and the opponent bench is very damaged. with gardevoir LV x in play I knock out the opponent pkmn. Gallade plays the same role as lucario and he is the As under my sleeve, with his second attack. Dugtrio is for preven bech daqmage (especially for my gardevoirs).

    Please post yours ideas for the deck (please don't mencione rare candy because i don't have anithing, i wait for his card in the dp4 prerelease)
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