Lucario Lv X and doble warp point,,

Discussion in 'Ask the Rules Team' started by mila, Sep 15, 2007.

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  1. mila

    mila New Member

    Hi, if a Lucario evolves to Lv X, attack with Close Combat, and in my turn, i play warp point to put off the power, and then play another warp point to put Lucario active (if the opponent only have 1 benched poke).. or I attack with Feraligatr d Drag off, the Close Combate +30 effect aplies?

    Thanks, and sry for my english.
  2. mtjimmer

    mtjimmer Master Trainer, Emeritus

    Your English is great - I understand your question.

    Close Combat puts an effect on Lucario - if Lucario goes to the Bench, it loses all effects on it (both Stance and Close Combat).

    Thanks for your question!
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