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  1. shadowlion

    shadowlion New Member

    I have edited the deck and what is below is what it looks like at the moment.....keep the suggestions comming thanks alot.

    Pokemon: 17

    4 Riolu
    3 Lucario
    1 Lucario LVX
    4 Skull Fossil
    2 Cranidos
    3 Rampardos

    Trainers/Supporters: 28

    3 Fossil Excavator
    3 POV
    3 Castaway
    1 Steven's Advice
    2 Professor Rowan
    3 Rare Candy
    2 Night Maintenance
    4 Quickball
    4 Plus Power
    3 Cessation Crystal

    Energy: 15

    15 Fighting (don't have any DRE or Scrambles)

    Yes this deck SO far is missing 7 cards (53 total thus far) and this is where I NEED your advice and help. I am kind of at a block on what else to add....more pokemon perhaps a starter of some sort or more in the Rampardos line or just more Trainers/Supporters...I know the deck needs more card drawing or search to be more consistant (I would love to put Claydol but dont want to give up the Cessation Crystals, I know both could exist just have to know when to play the Crystals and probably go down to just 2 of them then or would just something like POV be ok). I will say I am not wanting to load up on a bunch of other search Supporters as I will say Gardy is well played in the area and I hate them stealing and setting up with Telepass...let them take all the Excavators they want :biggrin:

    As most of you can tell this deck is similar to Mario except using Rampardos line instead of Machamp and that is mainly cause of his two attacks which can do 60 and 100 respectively and he is weak against green instead of psyhic. Right now I am more interested in ideas to make the deck consistant and not so much on Matchup possiblities. so mainly ideas for good supporter/trainers or starting pokemon type things....Thanks (btw Ludo is some good music take a listen if you are unfamiliar :lol:
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  2. Flygon999

    Flygon999 New Member

    Play 3 Crystal Beaches if you don't have any Double Rainbows or Scrambles.
  3. ashinto

    ashinto New Member

    you might need more draw power in your deck, i think u should raise the number of stevens and rowans, and then and in either TGM or TGW.
  4. burnpsy

    burnpsy New Member

    hmm... my ideas are:

    POV / Speed Stadium
    Bebe' Search / Celio's Network
    TSD / more Night Maintenance
    ....can't think of much more...:frown:
  5. shadowlion

    shadowlion New Member

    Thanks for advice thus far. added some cards to get it to 60 so right now it is

    4-3-1 Lucario
    4-2-3 Rampardos

    3 POV
    2 Professor Rowans
    1 Steven's Advice
    3 Castaway
    4 Plus Power
    3 Cessation Crystal
    1 Crystal Beach (all I have right now)
    3 Fossil Excavator
    3 Rare Candy
    2 Night Maintenance
    2 Warp Point (dont think needed but just filler right now...whats something good here)

    16 Fighting Energy
  6. burnpsy

    burnpsy New Member

    this appears to be an all-out offensive deck, so my idea is to add strength charms (seen people using 'em along with 4 PlusPowers) or a starting pokemon...
  7. hamsandwich

    hamsandwich New Member

    How about some Relicanth (GE) as a starter? You can search for fossils and/or fossil excavators for no energy.
  8. Ajax

    Ajax New Member

    strength charm in and maybe some castaway?
  9. burnpsy

    burnpsy New Member

    that's a great idea!!! ^_^
  10. shadowlion

    shadowlion New Member

    Thanks again...I do already have 3 Castaway in the deck but not sure if I have any Strength Charms to use.
    I have played a few games with the deck now and I will say Rampardos is a Beast...I like Lucario but almost wish could replace him and wit Riolu why is it I can never roll heads haha oh well any more suggestion
  11. Instinct

    Instinct New Member

    Maybe try flipping the coin instead of rolling it? It may get you some heads. :wink:
  12. nekorion

    nekorion New Member

    Quickball's will only never do you wrong in a deck like this. You'll always get something you need since there are only 2 lines.
  13. shadowlion

    shadowlion New Member

    Thanks the quickball idea may not be bad idea not sure will try it out. will edit deck as trying it out at moment
  14. GL Mo

    GL Mo New Member

    Relicanth's Primal Calling energyless attack is useful in this deck, but you can only get your fossils out with it. Fossil Excavator is a Supporter Card, not a Trainer Card, so you cannot get these from your deck with Primal Calling.

    Nice deck, though, and it's fun to keep resurrecting fossils and Rampys from the discard pile with Fossil Excavator! I
    play my Rampardos deck with 3-3 Baltoy/Claydol, no Cess, and Scramble Energy which can win you games by producing a fully powered Rampy from nowhere if you are losing. I may try the Lucario build and see which I like better.
  15. Alazor

    Alazor Active Member

    Try a 1-0-1 Omastar (Power Keepers) and Absol ex (PK), it moves damage up to the active so Assurance can work better. I'd use 1 DRE and 2 Scramble. Add some Super Scoop Up if you're running Absol ex.
    Relicanth is an OK starter, you may want to however play at least 3 Roseanne's Research and cut down Fossil Excavator to 2. You can also use Permier Ball to keep on getting out your lv. X.
    (Only problem is if they bench and snipe you.)
    Claydol (GE) would be a great addition with Lucario.
    If Omastar (GE) can work in this deck, play that instead of the Power Keeper one.
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