Luxchomp with no twist :)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by magikarp ex, Feb 26, 2011.

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  1. magikarp ex

    magikarp ex New Member

    2-2 Luxray Gl
    2-2 Garchomp C
    2-2 Uxie
    1 Azelf
    1 Crobat G
    1 Promocroak
    1 Dragonite FB
    1 Ambipom G
    1 Lucario Gl
    1 Unown Q
    1 Bronzong G
    1 Roserade Gl
    1 Weavile G

    4 Cyrus
    3 Collector
    2 Bebe's
    1 Twins
    1 Aaron's
    4 Poke Turn
    3 Energy Gain
    2 SP Radar
    3 Power Spray
    1 Premier Ball
    1 Junk Arm

    4 DCE
    4 Call
    3 Lightning
    1 Darkness
    1 Psychic

    Strat: Bright look with Lux, Smack bench with Chomp. Unown Q For Karp-killing.
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  2. himynameisrobson

    himynameisrobson New Member

    Seems pretty solid.
  3. Forte

    Forte New Member

    weavile g????????
  4. Nintendan

    Nintendan Active Member

    I would take out an Energy Gain for a Power Spray or SP Radar.
    I used to run 4, but when I run 3, it's perfectly fine. Having that extra SP Radar is super duper handy. It has helped me in loads of matches.
    And you really should make room for 1 more spray. One of the reasons why LuxChomp can beat many decks is because of it's ability to stop them at a dead end by spraying Set Ups. You need at least 3 sprays or your disruption won't be very strong and fast.
    Edit: Also, I would think about removing a Premier Ball and an Uxie.
    Junk Arm is ridiculously helpful in LC, so you should test it out.
    Try these changes:
    -1 Uxie
    -1 Energy Gain
    -1 Premier Ball

    +1 Junk Arm
    +1 SP Radar
    +1 Power Spray

    You could take out 1 Call/Collector, but I think since you can fit 4 of both of them in, I would keep them.
  5. magikarp ex

    magikarp ex New Member

    Yah, I was thinking 1 gain for a spray.

    Forte: Weavile is a nice opener, and an amazing Gengar Counter.
  6. Nintendan

    Nintendan Active Member

    Just wondering... have you tested the Weavile VS Gengar Prime?
    If you have, how effective is it? I haven't really played LostGar before/yet.
    Might drop my Dialga line for it/Absol G X
  7. magikarp ex

    magikarp ex New Member

    I'm going to leave in the thick Uxie line, but also - Ball for Radar.

    ---------- Post added 02/26/2011 at 08:40 PM ----------

    I'll be honest, Absol G does the job MUCH better, but i'm going to try Weav out :)
  8. magikarp ex

    magikarp ex New Member

    Bumpage. Also, made the list super standard.
  9. Dootar

    Dootar New Member

    Looks like a pretty standard luxchomp.

    -1 twins
    +1 aarons
    With luxchomp, you'd be ahead most of the time.
  10. magikarp ex

    magikarp ex New Member

    Twins is just too good against Lostgar to take out :'P Prob go back to Weav though :/
    Also, i'm loving how 2 Uxie X is running :D

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