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Discussion in 'City Championships' started by Hatter™, Dec 15, 2007.

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  1. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    So i play Mad ol'Hatter(Banette+friends).

    List coming later...
    the techs were: 1/1 lati-lock,1 Sableye, 1 Minun, 1-0-1 Blastoise d
    The deck is 6-1 in sanctioned games this season.. i made it worse:lol:

    3 Rounds,Top 2 cut
    Round 1: Guy whos #1 in world(G&G)
    We go to time, but he beats me. i forgot my latilock shuts off stoise... o well. i knew no top 2 for me.

    Round 2: Dad (BallHatter[bliss/trode])
    I get T2-4 doing 80 damage. pretty easy win.

    Round 3: Stripes(Typhlosion/Ape)
    I get T2 80 and lock in a crystal beach so he can't dp anything.

    I know i cant get Top 2 because DukeFireBird was ahead of me even though we had the same tie breaker and opponents opponents tie breaker.

    so this isnt THAT boring:
    G&G v Bliss/Lucario
    G&G won.

    Being Alive
    Team M

    Not being able to play DFB
    Me being sick
    No chance of getting invite to worlds now :(

    Anyway, thanks for reading..

    Last edited: Dec 15, 2007
  2. Mew*

    Mew* Active Member

    Battling the best in the world is actually kind of cool since you loose less points when you loose, and you gain more points when you win.

    Geeze, that sounds a little fishy to me... Isn't the TO or judge supposed to do that?
  3. DukeFireBird

    DukeFireBird Gallery Administrator<br>Forum Moderator

    Congrats on your T4

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  4. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    I have nothing against you, its just a question, because I want to know in case i need help when i become a judge, I want to know if i can ask a player for help.

    well i AM sick.

    I know you were gonna get T2 anyway because you won round 1 and I lost.
    And, there wasnt a top 4.

    Anyway, gj on 2nd.
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2007
  5. Ampharonic Warrior

    Ampharonic Warrior New Member

    Hi everyone! lol
  6. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    Keith Omg Bbq!!
    I Missed Ya Today Man, The #1 Dude In The World Came!
  7. Ampharonic Warrior

    Ampharonic Warrior New Member

    Great! Well I hope you had napkins and towels then... I'm just sitting here, eating pizza.
  8. PikaChika

    PikaChika New Member

    Hello everyone. I am sorry that there is such a mess here. First of all, I asked Chris to help me the software. I am not really good with the software, because I did not get any experience in it. I even checked the standings to see that everything was correct. I hope that you can talk to me about this, Josh.
  9. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    Julisa, my question had nothing to do with today, it was just a question! ok?
    Im sorry my question blew this thing out of the water...
  10. ToysRUsKid

    ToysRUsKid Active Member

    Whose this #1 Player?
  11. Jason

    Jason New Member

    emmunal divens... truk.

    anyways gj josh.
  12. Stripes

    Stripes New Member

    Just bad luck u facing him 1st round. Awesome deck Josh, and thanks for the the typhlosion.

    Seeya at Henderson.
  13. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    That's the spirit.
  14. Dark Weedle

    Dark Weedle New Member

    what a mn player doing in nevada?
  15. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    Woopr: yep!
    Dark Weedle: Simple, and he told me. points.
    i dont know why he came to NV though, i think he gained like 11 points = D
  16. Adam Garcia

    Adam Garcia New Member

    um im #1 in the world after they post the 3 tournies i won in the past 2 weeks lol
  17. ryanvergel

    ryanvergel New Member

  18. Dark Weedle

    Dark Weedle New Member

    long travel for 11 points this early in a season
  19. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    Im not sure if he knew we had people with like no points. he said he just wanted to get to the 1800's

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