[email protected]@ames haves and wants HUGE UPDATE COME LOOK WANT HEATRAN LV X!!!!

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by [email protected]@me187, May 20, 2008.

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  1. HAVES:cool:

    LV X/ EX
    2x Garchomp LV X
    2x Glaceon LV X
    1x Porygon-Z LV X
    1x Cresselia LV X
    3x Magmortar LV X
    1x Infernape LV X
    1x delcatty ex
    1x Absol ex


    majestic dawn

    3 x Moltres lv 47
    6x zapdos lv 45
    3x articuno lv 46
    3x leafeon lv 42
    3x darkrai lv 48
    4x mewtwo lv 51
    4x rotom lv 37
    7x palkia lv 62
    5x dialga lv 63
    4x manaphy lv 32
    3x Cresselia lv 43
    3x Darkrai lv 48
    4x kabutops lv 56
    8x glaceon lv 44
    1x Phione lv 23 (not sure if im trading)

    majestic dawn RH's

    Rares RH
    2x Empoleon lv 49 (not sure if im trading)
    2x Bronzong lv 44(not sure if im trading)
    4x Espeon lv 44
    2x Unbreon lv 43
    2x Leafeon lv 40
    2x Flareon lv 43
    1x Vaporeon lv 45
    1x Jolteon lv 39
    2x Aerodactyl lv 44
    1x Omastar lv 53
    1x Scizor lv 42
    1x hippowdon lv 44
    4x toxicroak lv 32
    1x manaphy lv 32
    1x palkia lv 62
    1x phione lv 20

    Uncommon RH (Have more just ask)

    2x sudowoodo lv 25
    2x fearow lv 29
    1x lickitung lv 23
    1x manectric lv 34
    1x monferno lv 20
    2x staravia lv 23
    1x kangaskhan lv 28
    1x prinplup lv 24

    Common RH(Have more just ask)
    2x buneary lv 13
    1x electrike lv 18
    1x turtwig lv 9
    3x glameow lv 15
    1x shellos east sea lv 19
    2x hippopotas lv 25
    1x burmy sandy cloak lv 12
    1x croagunk lv 13
    1x munchlax lv 7
    2x starly lv 10
    1x chatot lv 30
    1x chimchar lv 6
    1x chimchar lv 7
    1x stunky lv 14
    1x combee lv 6
    1x drifloon lv 18
    1x aipom lv 15
    1x spearow lv 10
    1x piplup lv 8

    Trainers/ Energy RH(have more just ask )
    1x dome fossil
    1x fossil excavator
    2x mom's kindness
    1x pokeball

    Majestic dawn Non Holo Rares
    4x Emopleon lv 49(not sure if im trading)
    2x Bronzong lv 44(not sure if im trading)
    3x minun lv 24
    4x plusle lv 27
    6x flareon lv 43
    6x hippowdon lv 44
    4x leafeon lv 40
    4x phione lv 20
    6x vaporeon lv 45
    4x torterra lv 51
    5x jolteon lv 39
    3x unknow p lv 17
    7x umbreon lv 43
    4x espeon lv 44
    3x glaceon lv 46
    3x infernape lv 46
    3x Areodactyl lv 44
    5x Omastar lv 53
    4x Scizor lv 42

    Other holos/decks cards
    5x Call energy 2 (RH)
    1x sceptile lv 52
    3x togepi lv 4 RH
    1x garchomp lv 66
    1x gastrodon lv 43
    2x typhlosion lv 46 (2 rh)
    2x delcatty
    3x blaziken
    4x magmortar(1 holo,1rh)



    Lv X

    2x Heatran LV X
    Xx Leafeon LV X

    Other Cards
    Xx call energy
    Xx claydol lv 45 pokepower
    Xx Team galactics wager
    Xx Bebes search
    Xx Roseannes research
    1x omastar pk
    1x eeveelution deck box

    Thanks for looking and pm me any other offers.:smile:

    Good Refs:thumb:
    evil psyduck
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2008
  2. RandyDragon

    RandyDragon New Member

    CML for MD Moltres, please
  3. swampert97

    swampert97 Active Member

    Hey there. I want your Cresselia Lv X. I have 1 Empoleon MD, and a bunch o' Bebe's Search (how many do you need?). Please CML for more. LMK, Thanks
  4. pokemonforever

    pokemonforever New Member

    My Glaceon Lv. X for your Porygon-z Lv. X?
  5. yea i can do that PM ur Informatoin
  6. ChristianOrtiz

    ChristianOrtiz New Member

    i want your cresselia lv x.

    i have most of your wants besides the lv'x

  7. well il look at your cards saturday
  8. Umbreon28

    Umbreon28 New Member

    il trade a salamence ex for the magmortar ex the mintest one
  9. poke_master2008

    poke_master2008 New Member

    CML for....

    Cresselia Lv.X x1 (ONLY IF ITS 100% MINT)
  10. umbreon- no thanks
    pokemaster- i dont haveit atm my friend is using it.
  11. RandyDragon

    RandyDragon New Member

    please CML for Moltres
  12. i have updated my list check it out

    randy-didnt find anything sorry
  13. rerisenphoenix

    rerisenphoenix New Member

    Garchomp Lv X

    Glaceon Lv X

    How 'bout it?
  14. KaMewie

    KaMewie New Member

    I've got:
    1 Omastar MD -$5
    4 Double Rainbow Energy -$4 ea.
    2 Holon Fossil -$2 ea.
    2 Omastar PK -$3 ea.
    2 Absol ex -$8 ea.

    Total= 46

    I could use:
    1 Infernape LV.X -$10
    1 Cesselia LV.X -$15
    3 Togekiss GE -$3 ea.
    1 Garchomp MT -$3 ea.
    1 Pachirisu GE -$4 ea.
    1 Unown P -$2 ea.
    1 Leafeon (HOLO) -$3 ea.

    Total= $46

    How about all of mine for all of yours? LMK, thanks.

  15. Epyon0015

    Epyon0015 New Member

    2x Holon fossil
    2x omastar pk
    2x omanyte pk

    interested in (Holo Only)
    3 x Moltres lv 47
    3x zapdos lv 45
    1x articuno lv 46
    1x leafeon lv 42
    1x darkrai lv 48
    1x mewtwo lv 51
    1x rotom lv 37
    1x palkia lv 62
    1x dialga lv 63
    1x manaphy lv 32
  16. poke_master2008

    poke_master2008 New Member

    CML for....

    Glaceon Lv.X x1 (Only if ENGLISH and 100% MINT)
  17. Chanman

    Chanman New Member

    Have Garchomp Lv X want Glaceon Lv X
  18. HUGE UPDATE- come one come all and lets trade
  19. SuperStar

    SuperStar New Member

    CML for 2 Glaceon X. I have lots.
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