MA States Report. I WASN'T USING AN ARCHETYPE?!!?!?!

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by Let Fire Fall, Mar 8, 2008.

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  1. Let Fire Fall

    Let Fire Fall New Member

    Well Brandon( Skull Bash ) Michael ( Foley ) and I got up at 6AM and I was still sick after being sick for 3 days :/. Anyway, we live in CT and we drove up to MA. It took us like an hour and a half but it was really funny. We were all playing the same deck. There’s kind of a long story behind it but basically we were running Furret / Magmortar / Sloking. You can see the list and everything HERE.

    If you don’t wanna go to the other thread and check out the list, basically its just

    Start with Furret. Set up Mag/king. When Furret dies send up Scrambled Mag and Level it up ( use Slokings to fill in whatever part of that you’re missing. We run 3 premier ball so you could easily swarm Magmortar Lv X the entire battle. I don’t think there’s ever actually been a time where I was just attacking with regular Magmortar )
    GaG – 60/40
    Mag/Ty/Cat – 70/30
    Hurricane/Gatr/whatever you want to call it – 70/30

    That’s all we thought we needed to test against.

    Anyway, we get there and trade for the last things we needed. The head judge is probably the nicest guy ever and let me borrow like 12 cards. Round 1 parings went up and I sat down.

    Round 1 – My bro ( Mirror )

    I get pared up against him Round 1…..great. Apparently there were two other sets of brothers that got paired up against each other too which is really weird. What are the odds of that happening with 60 people in Masters? Seriously, somebody find out the odds for that.

    He started with Sentret and I with Magmar. I was about to T2 him with Magmortar + DRE but he galacticed my hand away. I got the kill anyway but everybody knows that you lose to Magmortar once you let them get behind on prizes. He comes back for the win.


    Round 2 - Some guy ( vulpix/ray ex.dec)

    Didn’t get to see much of this. I went first, attached to Magmar and did 20. T2 evolved and killed him. He sends up ray does 50 to me, I respond with Mag X + DRE and use Flame Buster + Torrid wave to do 120 FTW.


    Round 3 – Some guy ( Kingdra ex/ Tyranitar ex )

    I hate losing the first round and getting paired up against bad decks. I start with Sentret he starts with Horsea. I bench Magmar and attach pass to it. He uses Sleepy Ball but I wake up. T2 I evolve to Furret and Magmortar, attach Scramble to Mag and use Keen Eye. T3 he KOs me, I send up a benched Slowpoke, evolve, trump carded for warp point I think, don’t really remember, and used the warp point to bring up his Tyranitar ex fully loaded. I had 2 Scramble and a Fire so I was doing 140 + burn and he flipped tails. After that he got up Kingdra ex or something but whatever.


    Round 4 – Some Lady ( Blisscario )

    I win.


    Round 5 – Kid from pokegym ( Gallade )

    So finally some real competition. I get a horrible starting hand when I actually need a good one, but I still start with Sentret and Magmar on the bench. Lots of stuff happens, I groupe for a few turns and still manage to get up Magmortar by T3. This guy candies to Empoleon out of nowhere and I’m like “ -__- …..are you serious…..Empoleon ” I’m never really able to recover because he kept warp pointing out every Magmar I benched and killed it. He took my picture after, not really sure why.


    Round 6 – Some guy ( Hurricane )

    I was semi-nervous going into this one just because if you get a horrible start against Hurricane like I did last round you can’t really come back anymore. We set up, lots of stuff happens, like T3 or something I Battle Frontier lock him the turn after he discarded Windstorm with Magnetons power. I almost laughed. He still managed to kill off a few Magmortars. I remember at the very beginning I was gonna use Mag X to snipe a Gatr on the bench for 100 before the active Mag died but I look through my deck and its prized….great. Anyway back to when he killed a few things. I respond with Double Scrambled + 1 Fired Magmortar X late game and wreck the active Gatr. He finally got a Windstorm off a prize but I just layed down a new BF and Galacticed him. After that I just won. Time was called like 10 seconds after I took all my pizes. I think he took 3? Idk whatever. I had double Trump Card the entire game so I always had what I needed.


    So I miss top cut. Brandon and my bro both finish 4-2 as well so it just goes to show that you don’t have to run an archetype to do decent at a tourney.

    It's weird because in our testing, we were 60/40 against Gallade and at the Tourney we were 60/40 against it. It was perfect.


    BJJ for letting me borrow all those cards
    Michael and Brandon for both getting 4-2
    Premier Ball
    The deck running really smooth


    Empoleon tech?
    Michael getting paired up against the only Empoleon deck there and losing.
    Getting paired up against my brother Round 1

    I hope everybody enjoyed the reporrr.
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  2. Foley

    Foley New Member

    i get paired up against the only empoleon deck there with a slowpoke start:nonono:
  3. Let Fire Fall

    Let Fire Fall New Member

    haha yeah, you were the only one to get it the entire time.
  4. phoenixback4fire

    phoenixback4fire New Member

    The picture was for our NE forums so people can match faces with names ( let fire fall NOW sticks out as someone i know because of it )
    and our match was great i mean you kept coming back and back with more mortars and even the mag lvx which I only survived via the roll for burn then ohko ing it with a plus power. on my empoleon

    Nice report!

    TODDakaESTEBAN New Member

    losing to that kid with empoleon killed your bros ratings, this is like his first tourney he's only been playing a week shainna lost to him too lol
  6. Papi/Manny

    Papi/Manny New Member

    Slowking is amazing. I was considering running him with a bunch of anti-metagame techs (shiftry ex, dusknoir, ect.). Never got around to building/testing it though. Glad to see somebody realized its useage over claydol. Nice job.
  7. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze New Member

    Very nice original deck idea its too bad you 2 brothers had to play 1st round. Also it was nice seeing you guys again.

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