Mag X: Terrible Make-up Job, GREAT Pokemon. aade's Continued Reports...(post 1&5)

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by aade8, Sep 24, 2007.

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  1. aade8

    aade8 New Member

    This is the first tourny where I've felt really good about my playing, so I thought that I'd write a report. I had planned to judge most, if not all, of our BR, but then I thought that at least trying to play in one wouldn't hurt. See, I usually have terrible luck in tournaments, so I'm rather apprehensive. However, I had a fun deck that I had made up myself, that nobody was really expecting me to play (my colleagues had seen it, but didn't know that I chose it).

    My deck:
    No list, but simply said - Meganium MT + Crobat MT + Ariados MT = Extreme Annoyance
    While the Pokemon lines may seem inconsistent, I've actually had pretty good luck with it. The key player is truly Meganium MT with its first attack, which is absolutely hot. You can affect your opponent with possibly three status effects at once, and that is almost just rude. I also play 4 ER2 and 3 SSU. Needless to say, the deck is flippy, but FUN!

    Round 1 vs. Dustin (Umbreon777) w/Garchomp
    This match was very difficult, but I would expect nothing less from Dustin. I kind of knew that he was playing Garchomp, and considering that I had had Garchomp built for a long time, I knew how the deck worked. We both got starts that were much to be desired. Most of the other battles were done by the time the first prize was taken in our game (by me, afflicting status conditions with Ariados). He managed to get a hold of a Fire energy, and I knew what was coming. The good news was, he couldn't knock out my Meganium in one hit...unless he had two Pluspowers...which he did. BUT, another Meganium was waiting in the wings, and for one energy, I hit all three status conditions (I've done it against Dustin before, and I know he hates that). I managed to slowly suck away his powered Garchomp, and in the end, time was called on our game and I had taken more prizes, which astonished me completely. GG Dustin.


    Round 2 vs. Lady (sorry, don't know her name) w/Torterra and Parasect
    I had and incredible start having two Chikoritas, and a Spinerak. I put Chika active, so that if I go first, I might be able to put her to sleep. Then, we flipped...and I saw Zangoose PK...which can't be affected by special conditions...which is totally awesome. She went first though, so I was able to Mentor for some more basics (two Zubats and another Chika), and attach an energy to do Chika's second attack, and do 20 damage. I had also hit an ER2, so Zangoose didn't have any energy anymore. She attached to Zangoose again, and did CFF again, her bench now ready to be candied and fortified. I candy into Meganium DF (I teched one in because...well, why not?) and searched for my evo's (Crobat to Poison future threats, Megs to start my annoying rampage). So, I quickly learn that Parasect MT is very annoying, being that the first time she did it, I didn't wake up from Wild Spores, however, the second time she did it I did. So, it was ultimate status and effect play here, but my Pokemon came out on top in this one. I was very happy when she kept complimenting me on my interesting deck. GG


    Round 3 vs. Tim (Mewchou) w/Infernacatty
    This was it. I faced the man who has helped me so much, yet intimidates me so much at the same time. This was the most nerve-racking match ever (not to mention that I was scared horribly that my Megs would be slaughtered and cooked by his monkeys). I draw my hand...RC, RC, RC, Chikorita, Steven's, Grass, and Scramble. I can make a fight of this...he goes first with Skitty and hits me for 10. The one thing he didn't want to happen, and he clearly vocalized this, was T1 Meg...I draw...Meg MT!!!! I Candy and Ultra Power away! Needless to say, it was a very close and long game because both of us play rather slowly. Down to under five minutes, both of us three Prizes left. I watched him play out his turn, and also watched him put up his Delcatty ex to Upstream my active Meg MT. I was incredibly excited because he didn't remember that I also had Meg DF on my bench, and planned to Scramble and KO Delcatty ex next turn. He Upstreams, I awknoledge, get ready to draw...TIME............crap. Oh, well, exciting game Tim. GG


    Round 4 vs. Holly w/Mario
    This tournament was on Sunday, and Holly won the Saturday BR, so I knew this wouldn't be easy. Stancing Lucarios are really annoying to run into, but I felt that if I played it right, especially having Crobat to back me up (it being Psychic), I could pull it out. I had an ever so common energy drought, but I managed to get set up pretty well. She Stanced, but then I double Poisoned her with Crobat, so it worked. The game goes on, I play Meg finally and start to really annoy her with conditions. She never managed to get a Machamp out, which was good because I was afraid of Revenge. Finally, down to the wire once more, she played Lucario X again...and forgot to Stance! She brought her three kids with her, and was very distracted at that moment, so after consideration, I let the game rewind so she could play as she meant to. However, I had another Crobat waiting to Poison it, and in the end, time was called and I won. Very GG Holly.


    I knew my resistence would be high because Holly had won most of hers, Dustin was also 3-1, and the Lady didn't do to bad either. As fate may have it , I make the cut to the top two.

    T2 vs. Tim w/Infernacatty
    I had already played against this, and knew that my only chance was to start afflicting him with status conditions ASAP, or else all would be lost. We begin playing, and we both got a decent set up. However, we were interrupted by an extremely unfortunate circumstance.

    Tim thought to check his backpack because, for reasons beyond me, he though that his DS was missing. Absentmindedly, I check the seat next to me to look at mine, and make sure it was there as well. BOTH OF OUR DS's WERE GONE!!!! Then, Holly, the woman I played in R4, shouted that one of her daughter's deck (which the little girl HAD BUILT HERSELF!) was also missing. We searched, and searched, but they were all gone. Somebody had stolen my DS game with 200+ hours of gametime on it, and Tims which he was working hard on as well, and THE LITTLE GIRLS HANDBUILT DECK!!!! It really upset all of us. The police were called, but we all knew that there was really nothing that could be done. Whoever had taken the items could've already resold them by now. I'll admit, I cried.

    We resumed the game, but I was in no condition to play effectively. Tim played with a vengeance, and I was totally distracted (I went a turn without playing a Supporter, and had a Steven's in my hand, and I really had needed to use it!). Tim won the first game handily, and I was still very upset, and just conceded the match. Everybody was feeling down, everyone feeling bad for everyone else, but life must go on.

    So, up until the end, this was just about the best tournament I've played. I can only hope that future matches are as good as some of the ones I played at this event!

    Thanks for reading! - Alex
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  2. KazamBolt

    KazamBolt Active Member

    That is another showing of a deck with no real strategy can do very well.

    And, I am sorry about your DS.
  3. Mewchou

    Mewchou Member

    No real strategy? Affect with special conditions and don't let them retreat out of it. I'm pretty sure that's a real strategy. Nice backhanded compliment.

    Anyway, nice job Alex. We both just needed a better strategy of not getting our stuff stolen. Oh, and my Skitty doesn't hit for 10 ;)
  4. KazamBolt

    KazamBolt Active Member

    Oh. I didn't see that part. Sorry!
  5. aade8

    aade8 New Member

    Well, at least I remembered that it was a Skitty...I had trouble remembering the specifics.

    Like Tim said, affecting my opponent with as many Status effects as possible, and then not allowing them to easily get out of them, is the strategy (whittle down their health little by little). However, the strategy isn't all that complicated, so I see how you could say that. The good thing about the deck I played was all the options I had. For example, my opponent plays Luke X - I can play a Warp Point if I have it, or I can auto-double-Poison it with a benched, or active Crobat. I also play TSD so that I can do it over, and over, and over again. Extremely annoying. I even annoy myself when I playtest against it!
  6. aade8

    aade8 New Member

    Second BR for Alex...

    Okay, here goes the second weekend of our BR...

    On Saturday, I woke up really late, and actually was very late to our side tournament that was going on that day, which I was supposed to judge. Luckily, my TO was cool and still counted me as doing my job when I finally got there. Afterwords, I got to test out a couple of decks that I was thinking about playing on Sunday for the weekend biggie, and the results were interesting.

    I have had my Magmortar deck stewing for a while. Taking out a couple things here, need some more draw power there, that sort of thing. I decided that it was time for it to premier. I must say, for an uncertain debut, it did very well.

    Sunday BR (Sep. 30)
    I had everything ready, decklist filled out and all. My hour trip down went very smoothly, and since this BR started later than some others, I got to eat lunch at an Italian place (Spaghettis) beforehand, which was great.

    We had more people show up at this BR that any of our others before, so it was 4 rounds for the Masters, with a top 4 cut.

    My deck is Magmortar/Mag X/Typhlosion/Lati-siblings

    Round 1 vs. Nice Lady from KY (names still are not my strongsuit...) w/Garchomp and Ambipom
    This game was rather interesting. I went four or five turns with a seriously stupid energy drought (being that I need to Firestart and attach a lot of energy to get the big hits). I didn't draw much in the way of help, but I got a Speed Stadium, along with two heads, and that got me going. She had had time to build a Garchomp by that time, but I also play the very convenient Holon FF, and that took care of Garchomp. Not to mention that I also had Lati-lock going on for me. I whittle her Chomps down with the extra Burn condition, and Mag's Flame Drum. She had some playful Ambipoms annoying me late game (got to discard 3 energies with Tail Influence!), but I had Firestarter and enough fuel to keep me going till the end. GG.


    Round 2 vs. Nice Guy w/Empoleon and Feraligatr
    When he flipped over his Piplup, and me my Latias ex d, I wasn't too confident that this one was going to go through. Unless I got my Holon FFs going, this wasn't going to be cool. I found out quickly, though, that he wasn't too sure about playing his own deck, and was not altogether comfortable with it. I go first start out with Latias ex d, and attach a Holon FF and Fellow Boost a Fire. He attacked for 10 the next turn with Totodile or Piplup (can't remember). I manage to get a decent set up, retreating Lati and coming out with Typhlosion- powered and ready to damage and discard his W energy. That bought me enough time to start Firestarting and building up Mags. The turn after I knocked out his powered Crocanaw, he drew a Gatr. That is kind of how it went for the rest of the game. GG.


    Round 3 vs. Tim w/Infernacatty
    I thought that Tim would play something else today, but he said he wasn't too sure about his other idea, so he went with what he was comfortable with. I knew that this would be tough because Tim is really good, and Infernape is really fast. I start out with Latias ex d again, and also go first. I can't remember if I was able to attach and Fellow Boost, but I don't believe so. He started with Chimchar, and played a Celio. He debated whether to get an Ape and try to take me out quickly, or get a Cat which would set him up better. He decided to go with Ape, and it didn't turn out well. He attempted Meteor Puch, and got instant tails. We continue on a game of chance, me trying to draw what I need to set up, and him trying to get a Cat to draw with (he got NO Supporters except for that Celio). He kept failing Meteor Punch, which had to be aggrivating, and I kept drawing and building. I was able to get out multiple Magmortars, and my X. Both my Cyndaquils were prized, so I didn't get out my Firestarter Typh until the end. I think he did finally draw a Cat, but I was too set up by then. Time was called, and I had taken more prizes. GG.


    Round 4 vs. Dustin w/Garchomp and Raichu
    I specifically included the Lati-lock for Garchomp, so I knew that I had a way to deal with this. I don't remember what I started with, but I believe that I had an energy problem, yet again. I do remember Mentoring twice to get my Babies and such going. I know that I got Professor Rowan at the perfect time (one card left in my hand anyway). He had evolved into a Gabite by then (he had been Pushing Down my others before) and had his Water energy attached and ready to go. When he realized that Lati-lock would cripple Garchomps spectacular ability, he wasn't exaclty happy. I manage to get a good set up, Firestarting and rapidly powering up Mags. I burn, Drum, and Bluster. GG.


    It felt really wierd to be undefeated. I've never know what it was like before, to actually feel good.

    Top 4 vs. Nice Lady w/Machamp and Sandslash
    Game 1 - I get an outstanding hand, starting off with a Jynx, but able to rapidly get out my Typhlosion and Magmortar. She got out a Sandslash here, and Poisoned my Magmortar X, but the game was too far gone by then. My Mag X continued to survive, and just obliterated the rest of her set up. She never managed to get out that Machamp, unfortunately, to start Revenging me.
    Game 2 - Not nearly as good of a start as last time. I don't remember what my first Pokemon was, but I had no draw power what so ever, until I got a Speed Stadium. I flip tails. Wonderful. She goes, and flips two heads for Speed. It continued that way, me not getting much, much less any of what I needed, and she got good flips. I did get out Magmortar X, but she Dynamic Punched it, got heads, and it was really down hill from there.
    Game 3 - I knew that the time remaining was short, so this match would be about speed. Machamp is fast, but Mag can be to if played right. I started off with Smoochum, going first. I thought...crap...this is crap. She can totally turn one me. I use Smoochum's attack to get a Fire and a Magby. She had started with Sandsrew, though, so all was not lost. She was only able to Sand-Attack me, so Smoochum lived! I drew into a Mentor. That was the key to my strategy, and got me leaps ahead in the game. I got Babies and Cyndaquils, and all was cheery. She got out a Sandslash again, started to Poison me again, but again, I was too set up for her. GG.

    Top 2 vs. Tim w/Infernacatty
    Game 1 - Tim turn 1 donks me. Enough said.
    Game 2 - This game took a lot longer than it probably should have. I had a lone Magby start, and it was not looking hopeful, considering the last game. I had chosen to go second, and luckily drew into a Copycat. I get a fresh hand, which was, at least, a little better, but I don't believe that I got a basic. He was having energy problems, though, so I had time. He started to knock out my Pokemon, but then I come back and Scramble a Mag X. I knock out an Ape, I think, but I'm still behind on prizes. He brings up another Ape, and graduates it to Ape X. Not enough Fire energy in the discard, though, to do Flare up. Telepathically realizing that I was going to try to burn the Ape, and then Bluster the benched Delcatty ex, he retreats Ape and brings up the Cat. He Upstrems me for 100, not quite enough to knock me out. I knew that I had a way to get ahead here. I had a fire, and the means to Bluster his Cat. So, of course, here is where I misplay. I had a Typhlosion on the bench, and thinking that I wanted to Firestart something, I play Holon Mentor to discard my only Fire in my hand to Firestart it. I failed to realize, however, that I now had no way to get another Fire onto Mag X in order to Bluster, I only had a Holon FF. I realize it too late. I firestart to Typhlosion, I think. I burn the Cat, and Drum it, in hopes that it would be knocked out between turns. He flips...heads. It was downhill from there. He knocked out my Mag, and I really didn't come back. I had an interesting last resort theory going on with the Lati siblings (using Latios ex d and Lake Boundry to knock out the Ape), and all I needed was LB or Scott. I play TV....get the Scott. My only hope of survival was my lone Typhlosion, with 110HP. I put it up, but he Constrains (STUPID CAT!!!) and was able to Flare Up for his final prize. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

    So, I second at another BR. I think I still did pretty well for myself. I hope I did, at least.

    Holly and her group of Cheerleaders
    The Nice Lady I played in top cut engaging in really interesting conversation
    Magmortar X for being awesome, and having a crappy make-up job

    Delcatty ex
    Turn one donks by Infernape
    Delcatty ex
    Getting nothing, yet again, out of my prize packs
    Delcatty ex

    Thanks! - Alex
  7. Skarmbliss

    Skarmbliss New Member

    great job man :thumb:. That is one interesting deck youve got there, affecting all these annoying special conditions. It could well be the new age flariados with all those annoying special conditions
  8. aade8

    aade8 New Member

    If you want to build a FUN deck, try the MT Meg. It is SOOOOOOOOO much fun to play. The catch is that it doesn't always work, but when it Really fun, I recommend trying it.

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