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  1. tglilly

    tglilly New Member

    My husband has just started playing pokemon seriously and I helped him to build a deck that is like kricketune but he wanted Meganium in it and he refuses to take it out. Because fo this his deck speed suffers from it. I wonder if any one can give me sugestions on how to speed it up alittle more... I can't think of what to do . Any sugestions would be helpfull.

    4-Kricketot MT
    4-Kricketune MT

    3-Cessaation Crystal
    4-Night Maintenace
    1-Warp Point
    3-Quick Ball
    3-Island Hermit ----to find prize krickets
    1-Holon Mentor
    1-Scott-----will change in to a Castaway when I get another
    2-Rare Candy
    3-Celio's Network
    1-Dusk Ball
    2-Crystal Beach


    He uses the krickets as normal but when the game get's late or he is having probums getting the krickets he uses Meganium. I tried sugesting getting rid of it for extra space but he won't have it. So please help with the trainers I know it's not quite right. Thanks.
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  2. pokmeman

    pokmeman New Member

    In a deck with only 13 pokemon, Dusk Ball is not a very good choice. Use another Quick Ball or Great Ball instead.
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