Magic PTQ Kuala Lumpur Report

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  1. I've been so busy since I got my job and everything that I am now only having time to write up this report. Oh well here it is.

    I got there about a half hour early signed up and said hi to all my Magic budies. When were getting close to the starting time of the tournament our TO Glenn makes an announcement that we do not have enough product for everyone that signed up (which is ironic since he had one of our Yu-Gi-Oh judges show up to give him pointers on how to be a good TO:rolleyes:) anyways they spend about 45 min. getting the additional product and everything and we finally get started. What I opened really good it had 3 burn spells some good black removal and quite a few good creatures in black and red and a few big green drops so it was like "let me keep this, it might not be the best but it will probably be better then the junk pile I could end up with" I didn't get to keep it though:frown:. The "pile" I got was so bad it had 0 good rares since I don't count Liliana Vess as a good rare, I even had to call a judge over since the person registering put down one of the wrong uncommon lands. I ended up having to go black/green/white and run 41 cards with 6 of each basic land:nonono:. I noticed that someone 2 seats down from me ended up with a pack that had 2 Imperious Perfect and a few other green cards and I'm just thinking if only that were my seat:frown:.

    Round 1
    My opening hand actually has one of each of my lands but not much else I keep hoping I'll draw something good but the earliest drop I get is a turn 3 when he had one every turn and what's worse is he just uses a removal spell and gets rid of my 3 drop:frown:. Game 2 went the same way basically accept he beat me even worse 20 to 0:nonono:.

    Round 2
    I basically played a guy with the same deck accept he got a few better creatures and more removal. The only game that was worth mentioning was game 2 were he played his Liliana Vess right before I was about to play mine so I had to kill his so I could play mine. I think that if I just played mine and got rid of both of them the game might have gone differently but what am I going to do.

    Round 3
    At this point I'm basically waiting for them to get enough people to start a draft since there's no way I'm making it in to the top cut. I just played what ever I got opening hand and went with it.

    Draft time.
    No matter whose in our draft group I can at least say I have never been in a Magic draft where I didn't have fun. When we were done making our picks I had 2 of the Fairy Champion 1 of the Black Blue Duel and a Garruk and apparently one of the other people at our table also pulled a Garruk. I went merfolk fairy which I though was pritty good but it always seems to have a problem against red white giant kithkin especially when they have 2 Thundercloud Shaman, ouch.

    Not having enough product in the begining and having to start late.
    Opening a fairly good sealed and ending up with a really lousy one.
    Getting my face smashed most of the day (accept when I played type 1.5 with my friends for a while).

    Not having enough product when trying to teach one of the Yu-Gi-Oh judges what it takes to be a good TO.
    Trading a Chandra for a Garruk after the draft to one the Magic players I've known for a long time so he can complette his set of 4 of each Planeswalker.
    Our TO saying he will give us 3 packs of Morningtide for wrighting up a report:eek::thumb:.
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    :O good job 0-x :)
    you will do better next time :)

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