Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by piline, Mar 8, 2008.

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  1. piline

    piline New Member

    HI guys ;)

    Magmortar 4/4
    togekiss 3/2/3

    fire 18 ( savage)

    2 bebe search
    3 cileo
    4 rare candy
    4 pokedex
    2 steven
    2 W.P / pass
    3 scoop up
    1 copycat
    2 dusk/master ball
    2 great ball
    1 mentor

    strat > level up tokiss and magmortar for a maximal carnage ^^
    scoop up for tokiss for use serene grace ( rare candy optimised )
  2. landogriffen

    landogriffen New Member

    You do have a good deck idea but just run 1-1 togekiss tech in a magmortar/typhlosion deck. It'll work out alot better.
  3. piline

    piline New Member

    great deck ,

    Review the trainers, very good unfolding of the deck, I think add a decatty former technique, in order to relaunch the game: lol: the super scoop up have created a very unpleasant surprise to the enemy: D
  4. piline

    piline New Member

    A small change in my deck

    magmortar 4-4 ( 4-3/1???)
    togekiss 3-2-3
    pachi 4
    delcatty ex 1-1 tech

    fire 16

    cileo 4
    pokedex 4
    R candy 4
    steven 2
    scoop up 3 (kiss kiss kiss :lol: )
    master/dusk ball 2
    POV 2
    copycat 1

    I think to make
    -1 pachi
    +1 TSD

    what's do think??? I adding delcatty ex in tech and pachi for starter
  5. Flygon999

    Flygon999 New Member

    Yes, you need 1 Magmortar X. Have you thought about Claydol?

    You also need more Supporters.

    -1 Pokedex 910is and +1 Super Scoop Up.
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