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  1. The Breeder

    The Breeder New Member

    I'm going to start out by saying, that I haven't playtested this deck yet, and it will probably need lots of revising, depending how it goes in the test. See this just as a prototype or beta deck. The potential of the deck should still be visible

    Pokémon (19)
    4/3/1 Magmar/Mmortar/Mmortar LvX

    3/1/3 Togepi/Togetic/Togekiss

    4 Sableye SW

    Trainer/Supporter/Tool/Stadium (23)

    4 Rare Candy
    4 Quick Ball
    3 Master Ball
    3 Professor Rowan
    2 Great Ball
    2 Windstorm
    2 Night Maintenance
    2 Copycat
    1 Felicity Drawings

    Energies (18)
    16 Fire
    2 Scramble

    Idéa of deck: The goal of this deck is to be quick and be a fast hitter. The optimal start is to start with
    Sableye and do Rummage to get some trainers early on. The deck has a pseudo fishing engine in it and consist of a total of 17 trainers, so you should be able to get a minimum of 1-2 trainers for each Rummage. Hopefully a Rare Candy that you can use to get a Togekiss out early on. Starting with Magmar isn't bad either, since the pseudo fishing engine probably will give you Magmortar and Magmortar Lv X early on, to deal some early damage. The most horrible start would be Togepi but the odds of that is somewhere around 25 %, and Togepi can if you are lucky bring you a pokémon with the last attack (preferably Sableye).

    Obviously the main hitter is Magmortar with Flame Blast that gets loaded up by Togekiss, to extreme levels. I'm a bit uncertain about the energy constellation, maybe it needs more fire and less Double Rainbow (this is the part I feel most uncertain with and this will probably change dramtically after a playtest). Still I kinda like DRE, since it can give you some extra speed in some tricky situations. You might comment that Togekiss is luck based, and you probably won't get more than 2-3 energies from the power. However if you've played with a fishing engine you know how fast it deplete your deck, and the things that will be left alone in the deck are the energies and the few supporters. The choice of Rowan and Copycat is to get back energies from your hand to the deck, and to get new cards. Felicity Drawing is there for extra draw power. A Probable scenario is have a hand of a bunch of energies, Rowan and Copycat. Then you use Rowan, keep Copycat, and hope for the best, like getting something to set up another Togekiss, and hope for no/few energies from the Rowan. If it failed you at least got some fresh cards.

    That's pretty much everything, and I don't expected you to read all the comments, since many of you are pro players and probably see the main idea directly. Still I think it is mandatory according to the board rules. Feel free to come with suggestions or try the deck out. :lol:
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  2. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    you need 16-18 fire energies.
    Scramble > DRE
  3. The Breeder

    The Breeder New Member

    Modified a bit

    DRE is know Scramble, and I've cutted down some trainers to give room for more energies....
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