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  1. Flaming_Spinach

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    Once again, we have a 2-in-1 deck article for you! (These are actually getting kinda common...)

    First, HomeofMew has a look at Typhlosion/Magmortar

    Then, Jason gives us a view on Magmortar/Delcatty

    Thank both of these writers for their excellent contributions to Pokegym!
  2. homeofmew

    homeofmew Active Member


    Article: Typhotar
    Author: homeofmew / Tina Michie
    Date: 9/13/07
    Current Format: HP-MT

    Deck List:

    Pokemon 21

    3 Cyndaquil MT
    1 Quilava MT
    3 Typhosion MT
    1 Skitty
    1 Delcatty PK
    3 Magby
    3 Magmar
    3 Magmortar
    1 Magmortar lv x
    1 Squirtle
    1 Blastoise d ( CG )

    Trainers: 22
    x2 Time Space Distortion
    x1 Night Maintenance
    x3 Celio's Network
    x4 Rare Candy
    x3 Stevens Advice
    x3 Holon Mentor
    x2 Quick Ball
    x4 Windstorm

    Energy: 17 Energy
    4 Double Rainbow Energy
    13 Fire

    Main Idea/ Strategy: Power up Magmortar and Level up to Magmortar lv x and burn them. From there you can do 100 damage to any of their pokemon or do 80 to their active pokemon (and burn the active pokemon). Either way you are doing 80 + Burn (Possible 110) to an Active pokemon or 100 Damage to any pokemon on your opponents side of the field.

    Remember doing 100 damage to any pokemon can only be done every other turn (because thats what Magmortar lv x says)
    However, with just Magmortar's Attack (along with Magmortar's lv x burn power) you can do 80, and if your opponent flips tails its 110 damage.

    Magmortar is your main attacker, Typhosion isn't that bad either to start with. I am going to start with Magmortar.
    You want to play Magby so you don't have to discard Energy when you play the Regular Magmortar.


    20 Damage for one energy is not a bad way to start the game with a 70 hp pokemon since you can use baby evolution first turn.

    Magmortar is much better when you have Magby under it and does 80 damage for 3 energy.

    Now for Magmortar lv x.


    When you level up to Magmortar lv x you have to discard energy to do 100 damage to any of your opponent's pokemon.
    Also don't forget to use Magmortar lv x's Poke Power. However you can't Flame Bluster every turn, but you can use Magmortar's Flame Drum for 80. Since you can use Magmortar Lvx's Power the total damage can be 110.

    Typhosion is also another key pokemon in this Deck and only 1 Quilava is needed, because the idea is to get to Typhosion as quickly as possible.
    For starters, Cyndaquil has a energy-less attack which is pretty nice if you start out with it.
    Typhosion is a really nice card it gets the fire energies back, and unlike Blaziken from Power keepers it makes your opponent discard energy.
    Since it says Water energy, it can get rid of Double Rainbow Energies and Holon Castform. Also it can stand 1 hit from Empoleon's attack (70+30=100)

    Firestarter also lets you charge up a Magmortar or Typhosion on the bench. When you discard 2 Fires from Magmortar you are left with the two other energy making it possible to attach another energy next turn and do 80 and you also can burn them with Magmortar Lv X again.

    Delcatty is really helpful you discard an energy and you draw cards. You also can get that energy back with Typhosion.

    Playing a 1-0-1 Blastiose line really does help, it shuts off your weakness. And it also can hit your opponent's bench pokemon with Blastoise's first attack.


    Later in the game when the Magmortar lv x gets knocked out you can either use Time Space Distortion (need 1/3 Heads) or Night Maintenance to get it back. Remember Night Maintenance is a trainer card, so you can use a Supporter to get it back in your hand

    Other Trainers:
    Stevens Advice: Drawing is critical to every deck, make sure you use stevens before you energy draw.

    Night Maintenance: This card is used so you wont deck out or you need pokemon or energies in your deck for any reason.

    Quick Ball: Gets out Pokemon fast that is not a supporter.

    Celio's Network: Can get any Pokemon you want in your deck since you are not running any ex pokemon.

    Match ups:

    vs Empoleon: 40/60 you are going to have a tough time winning, however it is possible, make sure you get Blastoise d out and try attacking with Typhosion, also Windstorm will help get rid of any pokemon tools they play

    vs Kricket: 70/30 Unless you get a lone pokemon start you basically win, Your pokemon just have too much HP and the decks weak against fire

    vs Infernacatty 50/50 It basically comes down to who sets up faster.

    vs anything Delta: 60/50 With Holon Trainciever gone Delta Decks won't set up as fast, and with Magmar as a high hp pokemon first turn and then Magmortar soon after will be hard for them to beat
  3. Jason

    Jason New Member

    MagmaCatty Deck (Magmortar + Delcatty/ex)

    Ever wanted to try and get Magmortar and its Level X form to do wonders? This is the way to go otherwise you will be burnt...

    Magmacatty is a deck which contains two main Pokemon lines - Magmortar and Delcatty. The first half of the deck name, Magma which comes from the first half of all 3 of the Pokemon in Magmortar evolution line - Magma + Baby (Magby), Magma + Red (Magmar) and Magma + Mortar (Magmortar). The second half of the deckname, Catty which comes from Delcatty. That's how Magmacatty got it's name. Typhlosion is in the deck but it still be called Magmacatty cause its a cute name :)

    REMINDER: Magmortar Lv.X is errated so it said "Discard 2 ENERGY CARDS" not "Discard 2 Energies"

    Author: Jason P. Windham, with credits goes to Sam H. and Ricky B.
    Format: HP-SW
    Date: 16th September 2007
    Last Updated: 5th December 2007
    Deck: Magmacatty: Magmortar SW/Typhlosion MT/Delcatty PK/Delcatty ex CG

    Deck List

    Pokemon 22
    4- Magmar MT
    3- Magmortar MT
    1- Magmortar Lv.X MT
    3- Cyndaquil MT
    2- Quilava MT
    3- Typhlosion MT
    3- Skitty PK
    2- Delcatty PK
    1- Delcatty ex CG

    Energy 14
    10- Fire
    3- Double Rainbow Energy
    1- Scramble Energy

    Trainer 24
    3- Celio's Network
    3- TV Reporter
    3- Roseanne's Research
    3- Windstorm
    2- Nights Maintanence
    2- Steven's Advice
    2- Warp Point
    3- Team Galactic's Wager
    3- Rare Candy

    The main strategy behind the deck is to do many wonders of the Magmortar line, to deal heavy damage to your opponents.

    Most of the time, you would start doing early beatdown with the Magmortar line while setting up Typhlosion to refuel any Pokemon with the discarded fire energies.

    One of the main attackers for the deck is the Magmortar line. As I said, there are many attack choices in the Magmortar line, such as Flame Blast - a R attack which does 20 times the amount of Fire energies attached to Magmortar, which is a straight beatdown attack. Then there's Fireball Bazooka - a RCC attack which does 40 damage to the Defending pokemon as well as an additional 20 damage to two Benched pokemon. Also the Lv'X's Flame Bluster which does 100 damage for RRRR with a small drawback. Magmortar Lv.X also have a PokePower - Torrid Wave which allows you to burn your Opponent's Active pokemon when in Action position. Don't forget that Magmortar's PokeBody - Flamebody allows you to heal 20 damage when attaching a Fire Energy to Magmortar, which is a useful tanker in some suitations.

    The other main attacker is Typhlosion, which is a stage 2 pokemon whom helds the all time favourite, Firestarter PokePower which brings back a Fire Energy from the discard pile to one of the Benched Pokemon. Don't forget that it's only attack - Evapourating Heat, a 6 damage attack, which can be so useful in matchups that use Water Energies, Double Rainbow Energies and Scramble Energies.

    Delcatty from Power Keepers, is a massive draw power pokemon which allows you to discard an energy to draw 3 cards. Don't worry, your energies are not wasted since it is useful to charge up a mid-late attack damage from Delcatty Ex, which is from Crystal Guardian. Delcatty Ex can be a great secondary attack because of Upsteam, which allows you to bring all the discarded energies back to the deck.

    Here are the in-depth information of the cards used in the deck.


    The Magmortar Line

    *Click on image for a larger image.*Magmar is a decent starter with a 20 damage attack from Flare. It has Flamethrower, which can do 50 damage with a 1 energy discard but most of the time, you would evolve into Magmortar.

    Magmortar is one of your two main attackers. It have a solid R attack - Flame Blast, which can do 20 damage times the amount of Fire Energies attached to Magmortar. This is one of the good tricks if you want to do a T2 pokemon KO if you started with a Magmar. However, it all depends on what your opponent started with.
    Fireball Bazooka is one useful attack to spread damage to the bench, with an attack cost of RCC. Useful once again when building up damage to allow a one hit knockout from it's Lv.X stage.
    Flame Body PokeBody is yet a very nice PokeBody which allows Magmortar to be healed of 20 damage when the Fire Energy is attached to from the hand.

    Magmortar Lv.X is the main power source in the whole deck. Why? Magmortar Lv.X have a great Poke-Power Torrid Wave, which allows you to burn the opponent's Active Pokemon in hope of the opponent to flip tails to deal 30 damage to their Pokemon.
    The only attack printed on the card is Flame Bluster, which does 100 damage to any one of your opponent's pokemon for RRRR energy cost with a 2 energy discard and a turn to wait before using that attack again. It is still very good card to use in the deck.
    The Typhlosion line
    *Click on image for a larger image.*
    Cyndaquil is a Basic Pokemon with a free 10 damage attack (Tackle) and a 20 damage attack for RC (Live Coal).

    , a Stage 1 Pokemon evolved from Cyndaquil only have one attack - Fireworks, a 40 damage attack for RC. It is a useful attack for building up T2 donks if you start with Cyndaquil, or if you flips tails, don't worry, you would be able to retrieve it via Typhlosion's Firestarter PokePower.

    Typhlosion, your other main attacker - is also a supporter to reuse the discarded fire Energies via it's Firestarter Pokepower. Attaching a discarded fire Energy to a Benched Pokemon is still a great additional bonus. However, it's only attack - Evaporating Heat is a 60 damage attack for RRC which allows you to discard either a Water Energy, a Double Rainbow Energy or a Scramble Energy - in most matchups.
    The Delcatty line
    *Click on image for a larger image.*

    There are two Skitty in the format - one from Power Keepers and another from Crystal Guardian. The choice is well depends on your preference.
    If you start off with Skitty PK, it wouldn't be so bad. Since she can use Tail Whip to stall for time if your struggling on your setup.
    If you start off with Skitty CG, it would be a little better since it do 10 damage from its Tail Whap to active. It also have a 20 damage attack to any one of your opponent's Pokemon, which is Feint Attack.

    Delcatty PK serves one main purpose in the deck. The purpose of using Delcatty is to use her Poke-Power Energy Draw. By using that power, you can get your setup going smoothly by drawing 3 card's from the top of your deck and maybe you'll be able to get more energy cards in your hand. You should never use her as her attacker because she will do 10 damage which is pretty darn low.

    Delcatty ex is another Pokemon which serve a great purpose in the deck. It's Poke-Power, Constain allows you and your opponent to discard any extra card's in your hand until both of you have 6. Usually, you would want to discard energies (but make sure you have at least 2 in your hand). Also, this is useful when disrupting your opponent's large hand.
    Delcatty ex have a wonderful attack, which is Upsteam. Since you often discard energies by alot of methods in the deck - Magmar's Flamethower, Magmortar's Flame Drum, Magmortar Lv.X's Flame Bluster, Delcatty PK's Energy Draw, Delcatty ex's Constain and TV Reporter, this is one handy attack to use to reuse the discarded energies for more attacks.


    Fire Energy - Pretty self explaintory

    Double Rainbow Energy - An Energy card which can be attached to a Pokemon to provide two Rainbow Energy of any kind but with a small drawback, it lose 10 damage and also, it cannot be attached to Delcatty ex.

    Scramble Energy - An Energy card which can be attached to a Pokemon to gain up to three Rainbow Energies but with a small drawback, it all depends the prizes. If you're losing, a Scramble is really handy since it give you three Rainbow Energies, otherwise its a hopeless one colorless Energy.


    TV Reporter
    One of the best straight-draw cards in the game. What else has a chance of grabbing you THREE cards with a discard, which could help Delcatty ex CG Upsteam attack damage.

    Roseanne's Research
    This is one of the key supporters in your deck, allowing you to get 2 basic Pokemon or 2 fire Energies quickly.

    Celio's Network
    A great card with so many options to choose from. It can get you a basic pokemon, or an evolution card whenever you need it.
    Other option can be Bebe's Search but still, it is better than Bebe's since it does not have any drawbacks however you still need to topdeck a Delcatty ex if needed. You may like to go for 2-1 Celios/Bebe if you do not like to try to topdeck a Delcatty ex.

    This deck needs 3 of them, because this deck rely's heavenly on pokemon powers. A single Cessation Crystal can cripple your deck. You need some counter.

    Night Maintanence
    This is a very handy card when you want to return certain pokemon back into the deck or if you want to return your energy cards and all you'll keep drawing are energy cards at the end. Its a very good card mid game or end game. However, its a dead card at the beginning of the game since your discard pile will be low.

    Steven's Advice
    A great draw card to speed up your setup, times the amount of Pokemon your Opponent have in play.

    Team Galactic's Wager
    The best card in format - which allows disruption to the deck. Having Delcatty as a nice backup draw which could save you from losing the wager.

    Warp Point
    A very handy card which can take advantage of bad starts, high retreat costs and anything threating. This can be a good short timing counter to Cessation Crystals in case you dont have a Windstorm in hand.

    Rare Candy
    This cards allows you to evolve a Basic right away without waiting a turn - i.e. Delcatty or Magmortar, or skipping Stage-1 - i.e. Typhlosion.

    Future Cards

    None as of right now.

    There will be more but it will be added in as the time goes. Come back later for more.


    Infernape 60-40
    Since Infernape is weaker (attack power wise), you need to be more careful in setting up by avoiding early 80 damage donks since their only way of bring back their Double Rainbwo Energies is by Delcatty ex's Upsteam. Very sure that Magmortar can beat the deck rather easily due to alot more power over Infernape. The only way Infernape can win the match is if the opponent manages to get infernape T1 or T2.

    Kricketune 60-40
    This deck is pretty tough to handle at the beginning thanks to Cessation Crysal and the fact that Kricketune can do 70-80 damae T2. But if you manage to stay in the game and you have Magmortar all charged up, then Kricketune has pretty much no chance of winning against Magmortar thanks to Weakness. Double Rainbow Energies and Scramble Energies are a must in keeping up with the matchup to make it easier.

    DuskQueen 60-40
    There are several ways to beat the deck. You need to set up faster than theirs and be careful of Dusknoir's Dark Palm Pokepower and Nidoqueen consistant 90 damage every turn. However it all depends on how careful both players were in the matchup as well as the speed of both decks.

    Feraligatr 55-45
    Versusing Feraligatr can be tough, but it is very well depends on how fast the deck setup. Most of the time, you would mostly beat their setup and deal alot of damage to them but, be careful of the weakness and make a great usage of the Scramble Energies in case. Alternatively, always use Typhlosion to discard their Water Energies to slow their setup even worse.

    Empoleon 40-60
    This is one very tough matchup - probably the hardest and the only difficult matchup you would get becuase of Prinplup and Empoleon's very wide bench spreading damages and a upperhand on weakness. So the only way you would win is by taking careful advantage of your bench and Scramble Energies as well as getting a Typhlosion out to slow down their energy attachment since you would attach energies faster than them.

    Electivire / Flygon 60-40
    Facing its opposite, Electivire can be a great match but still, Electivire can deal heavy damage however - because of the setup, Magmacatty can set up much faster than Electivire and can get damage done faster but it still depends on the prize advantage. Still, you need to be careful in this matchup as well as the other ones.

    Mario 30-70

    Blissey 60-40
    Blissey may be a tank but you have a strong upperhand in this matchup, depending on how fast both decks set up. However the problem is, your opponent Blissey might have topdecked a Boost which ends you. The main advice is to be careful in this match.
    There are many different variants for Blissey, such as Banette, Lucario, Electivire, Magmortar, Weavile, Delcatty and the list goes on.... Think carefully on whenever you're doing.

    Torterra 90-10
    Autowin, that all I can say since Torterra needs so many turns to charge up their costly attacks and you would mostly outspeed their setup and took a strong advantage of their Fire weakness.

    Gardevoir/Gallade ??-??
    Have not really playtested this match yet, however from theory - a fast Magmortar against the deck would deal alot of damage and would outspeed the deck. Also, use Typhlosion wisely when taking out the Double Rainbow Energies used by Gallades.

    Honchkrow/Absol - 65/35
    Getting a very fast Magmortar out and keep tanking the beast as well as be careful of your hand so the matchup will not be too difficult since it only deals low amount of damage. Use Magmortar Lv.X handy to KO a charged up Honchkrow.

    I feel this deck is good and will probably one of the many decks that will dominatie Battle Road tournaments. So if i miss out any matchups, please let me know. If you want to talk about my list be my guest.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2007
  4. Regis_Neo

    Regis_Neo Moderator

    Both are pretty good deck articles, showcasing 2 different ways in which to play Magmotar.
  5. ShadowGuard

    ShadowGuard <a href="

    Very nice Articles. ^^

    I tested some Magmortar Decks in Apprentice, first with Typhlosion, then only with Delcatty and Delcatty ex, and I think the second runs better.

    My deck still has some things different than the MagmaCatty introduced here (no use of Magby, 2 Magmortar Lv.X), but at this point I can't really say if this changes would make the deck better or worse.

    In the MagmaCatty article at the Future Cards, you imho should mention Hamana's Research, which is in the Japanese Shining Darkness set and will maybe release with Secret Wonders.

    Both Basic Pokémon search and enough Energy on the hand are very importortant for Magmortar, so I think this could be one of the best supporters in this deck.
  6. shiftrymaster68

    shiftrymaster68 Active Member

    Blissey 2HKO's Magmortar, and some varients can even OHKO it. I wouldn't say that Magmortar wins the matchup.
  7. PokeMontoya

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    Is it possible to add Magnaton to the second list??
  8. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

  9. Blassari

    Blassari New Member

    Really GOOD articles!
    I think I test those...
  10. Jason

    Jason New Member

    you dont need magneton since the deck worked so well without one

    magby might be going bye bye with the release of SW since the mew Magmortar is probably much better IMO and i think a MT tech might still going to happen..but we will wait and see

    two of the new SW trainers will see play in this deck - Hannah researcher - yes thats a useful card as im thinking of doing a Mentor-Hannah split, and of course the Prof Oak Visit so you dont have to discard something important early-game. there might be more but still, we will wait and see.

    anyone with excellent blissey builds, can we have a game on appr anytime? thanks.

  11. Dante63s

    Dante63s New Member

    I love the articles! But I dont see the reason to play Typlosion, its ok, but not worth it, so I would go with Jason's list that look solid, both nice articles.

    Jason: nice how you put the images little one next to the other, never thougt of that, unique.
  12. KingGengar

    KingGengar New Member

    Props! Good articles on great new Pokemon. Love that Magmar!
  13. Pokekid

    Pokekid New Member

    just wait for DP3 Mag, then this deck becomes awsome
  14. spazcrackers

    spazcrackers New Member

    nice articles guys.

  15. Chromecatz

    Chromecatz New Member

    I like HomeofMews list better.
    and your blissey matchup is very wrong jade.
  16. Skarmbliss

    Skarmbliss New Member

    Very nice article Jason and im glad that your article got posted. I like your list better IMO. This makes me want to use a Magmortar deck =)
  17. Did either of these decks see Battle Roads action?
  18. Flaming_Spinach

    Flaming_Spinach Feature Editor

    The Typhlosion variant was played at the Salem Battle road by 2 people.

    One of them went 3-2, getting 5th place.

    The other went 4-1 in swiss, made the cut, and got 2nd overall.
  19. lolganium

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    has anyone tried and passed magmortar/infernape as a good deck, it seemas quite good, and no needed powers.
  20. doctormcdreamy

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    the posted lists look decent. go magmortar.

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